Kings XI Punjab vs Rajasthan Royals: As it happened…

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Mohali: An allround show from Rajasthan saw them beating host Punjab by 43 runs at Mohali on Saturday.

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Here is how the match panned out:

Highlights from the Punjab innings

Over 20: That’s it! Rajasthan have broken their four-match losing spree and have defeated Kings XI Punjab at Mohali by 43 runs.

Shane Watson came in to bowl the last over of the match and he gave away 9 runs including a boundary off a full toss. Score: 134/8. Praveen Kumar(7*) and Abhishek Nayar(9*) remained unbeaten.

11:17 pm Over 19: Out! Shaun Tait gets his second wicket of the match in Ryan Harris who was easily caught by Johan Botha at long on. He departed after scoring 3. 4 runs and a wicket from the over. Score: 125/8

11:15 pm Over 18: Out! Shane Watson bowls a good yorker castling Piyush Chawla to end his innings at 5 that included a four off Watson’s second delivery. 5 runs and a wicket from the over. Score: 121/7

11:10 pm Over 17: Out! Finally Rajasthan have managed to hold on to a catch after dropping three. Gurukeerat tried hitting one down the ground but top edged it high in the air as bowler Johan Botha completed a catch. Gurukeerat had earlier hit his first two deliveries for consecutive boundaries. 12 runs from the over. Score: 116/6

11:06 pm Over 16: Dropped! Siddharth Trivedi must have been livid as two catches were dropped in his over. The first one by Chavan at fine leg and the second by keeper Yagnik. 7 runs from the over. Score: 104/7

11:01 pm Over 15: Out! Stuart Binny removes Azhar Mahmood who perished after getting bowled. Mahmood attempted a big shot but the ball sneaked past his bat to land on the stumps. He departed after scoring 24. 8 runs and a wicket from the over. Score: 97/5

10:57 pm Over 14: Dropped! Ankeet Chavan came back to bowl after conceding 18 runs in his last over. Azhar Mahmood played one in the air but didn’t time it correctly as Brad Hodge failed to hold on to it. 7 runs from the over. Score: 89/4

10:51 pm Over 13: Shaun Tait comes back into the attack and bowls a tight over giving away just 4 runs. Score: 82/4

10:46 pm Over 12: A much needed six for Kings XI Punjab. Trivedi bowled one outside off and Mahmood hits him over long-off for a maximum. 10 runs from the over. Score: 78/4

10:42 pm Over 11: Johan Botha is keeping it tight and gives away just three singles in his third over. The run rate is constantly on the rise for Punjab. They now need to score at 12.22 rpo. Score: 68/4

10:39 pm Over 10: Debutant Gurkeerat Singh is the new batsman joining Azhar Mahmood. Mahmood pulls Trivedi’s third delivery of the over for a boundary over the keeper’s head. 5 rund from the over. Score: 65/4

10:34 Over 9: Out! Johan Botha has removed dangerous Shaun Marsh. Marsh danced down the track but was beaten in the flight as the ball crashed on the middle stump. He departed after scoring 34. A wicket and 3 runs from the over. Score: 60/4

10:27 pm Over 8: Out! Siddharth Trivedi strikes in his first over and it is the big wicket of Punjab skipper David Hussey who has just walked in after the dismissal of Nitin Saini. It was a short one that Hussey tried pulling but failed to get it right and was caught by Brad Hodge at long-on. He departed after scoring 8. 6 runs from the over. Score: 57/3

10:22 pm Over 7: Shaun Marsh is looking in nice touch here as he punishes bowler Ankeet Chavan for a four, six and another four off successive deliveries. The first boundary was hit towards midwicket region, the six came after Marsh pulled a short one over midwicket region and then came the four that came via a drive to long-on after the batsman had skipped down the track. 18 runs from the over. Score: 51/2

10:18 pm Over 6: Out! Shaun Tait continues from the other end and strikes for his team. Shaun Tait completes a simple catch off his own bowling to end Nitin Saini’s inning at 2. Angled on his pads, Saini tried working one towards midwicket region but got a leading edge that was easily pouched by Tait. A wicket and 6 runs including a boundary from the over. Score: 33/2

10:13 pm Over 5: Spinner Johan Botha comes in to bowl his first over and gives away just 5 runs. Score: 27/1

10:08 pm Over 4: 9 runs from Shane Watson’s second over of the match including two boundaries hit by Shaun Marsh. The first of these cam in the second delivery that came off an edge and some sloppy fielding by Shaun Tait at third-man. The second was hit over bowler’s head for a four. 9 runs from the over. Score: 22/1

10:03 pm Over 3: Speedster Shaun Tait introduced into the attack and bowls two wide deliveries. ‘There is never a dull moment when Shaun Tait is bowling’ claims a TV commentator. 5 runs from the over. Score: 13/1

9:58 pm Over 2: Out! Shane Watson strikes for Rajasthan. Watson dropped one short and Mandeep Singh pulled but failed to clear Trivedi at mid on who completed a simple catch. He went after scoring 7. A wicket-maiden from Watson. Score: 8/1

9:53 pm Over 1: Ankeet Chavan opened the bowling for Rajasthan as left-handed Shaun Marsh and right-handed Mandeep Singh opened batting for Punjab. Chavan dropped one short and Mandeep latched on to it immediately dismissing it into the stands over long-on for a six. 8 runs from the over. Score: 8/0

Highlights from the Rajasthan innings

9:39 pm Over 20: Double wicket over! Both batsmen to depart were brilliantly caught by Australian Shaun Marsh. The over was an eventful one as it started off positively for Rajasthan when Hodge dispatched one from Harris over long-on for a maximum. The next was played over bowlers’s head for a boundary. The third one was a low full toss that Hodge(36) failed to connect properly and Shaun Marsh was brilliant in the outfield as he completed a superb diving catch at long-off. Next to depart was Stuart Binny who was caught again by Shaun Marsh at mid one. 11 runs and two wickets from the over as Rajasthan posted 177/6.

9:34 pm Over 19: Azhar Mahmood’s last over of the match has produced 16 runs including a six from the second ball and a boundary off the last ball. The six was hit by Hodge over long off and the four by Johan Botha off a full toss towards cover region. Score: 166/4

9:29 pm Over 18: Praveen Kumar’s last over goes for 9 runs including a boundary by Brad Hodge. Score: 150/4

9:24 pm Over 17: Azhar’s over was ruined when Johan Botha struck a boundary off his last delivery. 8 runs from the over. Score: 141/4

9:19 pm Over 16: Out! Chawla removes Menaria. It was the last ball of the over and Chawla tossed it up. Ashok Menaria (34) played that one towards midwicket region where Gurkeerat Singh completed a simple catch. 7 runs and a wicket from the over. Score: 133/4

9:15 pm Over 15: Awana completes his spell by giving away just 7 runs in his last over. His bowling figures for the match are: 4-0-34-0. Score:126/3

9:10 pm Over 14: Out! Ryan Harris strikes for Punjab and removes Rajasthan’s skipper Rahul Dravid. Harris bowled one outside the off stump and Dravid went for a drive but the ball flew past the keeper and the third man Awana caught it safely to end his innings at 46. Just 3 runs and a wicket from the over. Score: 119/3

9:06 pm Over 13: Parvinder Awana has been successful in keeping the batsmen quiet. He bowls another good over that goes for just 6 runs. Score: 116/2

9:02 pm Over 12: Ashok Menaria has smoked Piyush Chawla for two consecutive sixes! The first one was played straight down the ground and the second over midwicket region. 14 runs from the over. Score: 110/2

8:58 pm Over 11: A tight over from Parvinder Awana. Just 2 runs from it. Score: 96/2

8:53 pm Over 10: Dravid goes on the backfoot and hits Chawla’s penultimate delivery for a boundary towards cover region. 7 runs from the over. Score: 94/2

8:48 pm Over 9: Ashok Menaria walked in and scored a boundary off the first ball he faced from Azhar Mahmood. It was bowled outside off and Menaria played it through point for a boundary. The next four in the over came from the bat of Dravid that was cut past the point fielder. 9 runs from the over. Score: 87/2

8:43 pm Over 8: Out! Spinner Piyush Chawla has got the wicket of dangerous Shane Watson who looked in fine touch. Shane Watson had already hit Chawla’s fourth delivery for a six over long-on but on the next was caught brilliantly at long-off by Ryan Harris. Shane Watson goes after scoring 36(17). 10 runs and a wicket from the over. Score: 78/2

8:39 pm Over 7: Azhar Mahmood comes in to bowl his first over of the match. Dravid manages to score a boundary that came via a pulled shot towards midwicket region. Just 4 runs from the over. Score: 68/1

8:35 pm Over 6: Parvinder Awana introduced into the attack and Shane Watson takes him to the cleaners! Awana’s last three deliveries went for 14 runs (4, 6 and4). The first was a lofted shot over mid-on, the second even better that disappeared into the stands over long-on for a six and the third a boundary straight past the bowler. 19 runs from the over. Score: 64/1

8:30 pm Over 5: Rajasthan Royals are on the top here. Praveen Kumar’s first ball was pulled by Watson for a boundary. The last two deliveries produced the same result except that the batsman on this occasion was Rahul Dravid. Both were brilliantly driven through extra cover and cover region for boundaries! 15 runs from the over. Score: 45/1

8:25 pm Over 4: Rahul Dravid on song here! He has hit Ryan Harris for three consecutive boundaries. The first one was punched through square leg, the second a classical cover drive and the third thorugh cover region. Excellent stuff here from Dravid. 15 runs from the over. Score: 30/1

8:20 pm Over 3: Australian allrounder Shane Watson has scored a boundary off Praveen Kumar. 7 runs from the over. Score: 15/1

8:14 pm Over 2: Out! Ryan Harris gets the better of Ajinkya Rahane. The Orange cap holder has departed after scoring just 5. Harris’ first delivery was hit for a boundary by Rahane towards point. The Australian came back strongly as the batsman edged a short one while attempting a cut that was caught by the keeper Saini. 5 runs and a wicket from the over. Score: 8/1

8:07 pm Over 1: Nice start from Praveen Kumar. Just 3 runs from the over. Score: 3/0

7:45 pm Rajasthan Royals captain Rahul Dravid won the toss and elected to bat first against Kings XI Punjab on Saturday at Mohali.

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