Kolkata Knight Riders vs Pune Warriors - As it happened...

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Kolkata Knight Riders completed a comfortable 34-run win against Pune Warriors in the latter`s final game in this year`s Indian Premier League.

The victory will take Kolkata to the second position in the points table. On the other hand, Pune Warriors have now lost nine consecutive matches in this year`s IPL.

Over 18.3: Parnell out! Wickets tumbled and Pune trembled. Good length ball angled across just outside off from Balaji, Parnell hit it to long off, where Shukla took a good catch. Parnell c (sub)Shukla b Balaji 3(5)

Over 17.5: Harpreet Singh out! Good length, Harpreet tried to play it leg side, but ended up giving the catch to the bowler Sunil Narine. Pune`s chase as good as over. Harpreet Singh c and b Narine 6(6)

Over 16.6: Ferguson out! Pune in a spot of bother. Lost their sixth wicket. Ferguson mistimed a good length ball and handed it to Kallis at wide long on. Ferguson c Kallis b Bhatia 12(18)

Pune need 50 runs in 24 balls

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Over 15.5: Majumdar danced down the track and looked to slog it across the line, but the ball turned away, missed completely and stumped. Anustup Majumdar st Brendon McCullum b Shakib Al Hasan 17(22)

Over 14: Sunil Narine back into the attack. As usual, he finished the over giving away just 4. Asking rate shot up above 10 runs. Pune 76/4 (14.0 Ovs)

Over 12: Pune needed 73 runs in 54 balls after 12 overs. Majumdar and Callum Ferguson on the crease. Iqbal Abdulla back in the attack. Tight over that. 4 runs. Pune need 70 runs in 49 balls. Pune 67/4 (11.5 Ovs).

Over 10.4: Ganguly out! Shakib trapped him in front of wicket. Pitched on the middle, went straight and hit his pads. Ganguly lbw b Shakib Al Hasan 5(8)

Over 9.2: Ryder out! Pathan struck again. On the middle, Ryder tried to pull it away, but turned away from the bat. Ryder missed it and lost his stumps. That brought Anustup Majumdar to the crease. Pune 61/3 (10.0 Ovs). Pune need 76 runs in 60 balls.

Ryder b Yusuf Pathan 22(24) [6s-2]

Pune 52/2 (8.0 Ovs)

Over 7.5: Clarke out! Wide delivery down the leg side, Clarke tried to push it to leg side but missed the ball. McCullum was quick enought to whip off his bails in a flash. Michael Clarke st Brendon McCullum b Yusuf Pathan 13(18)

Over 7: Balaji came in for his second spell. Ryder and Clarke rotated their strike to let the scoreboard ticking. 6 runs. Pune need 91 runs in 78 balls. Pune 46/1 (7.0 Ovs)

Over 6: Ryder handled the dangerous Sunil Narine nicely. 5 runs came off that over. Pune need 97 runs in 84 balls. Pune 40/1 (6.0 Ovs)

Over 5: Super stuff from Ryder, Iqbal bowled outside the off stump, Ryder came down the track heaved it over long off for six in the second ball. 14 runs. Pune need 102 runs in 90 balls. Pune 35/1 (5.0 Ovs)

Over 4: Shakib continued but Jesse Ryder smoked the second ball to deep mid wicket for six. Shakib bowled just outside off Ryder charged down the track smashed it to deep mid wicket. Pune need 116 runs. Pune 21/1 (4.0 Ovs)

Pune 13/1 (3.0 Ovs)

Over 2.2: Uthappa out! Bowled a tossed up delivery on the stump, Uthappa ended up chipping it tamely to cover to Tiwary. Uthappa c Manoj Tiwary b Iqbal Abdulla 8(8) [4s-1]

Over 2: Shakib Al Hasan into the attack. Good over that. 2 runs. Pune need 126 runs. Pune 11/0 (1.5 Ovs)

Over 1: Robin Uthappa sliced a full delivery to third man for a boundary to start their chase. Pune 9/0 (1.0 Ovs).

Kolkata innings

Riding on McCullum and Shakib`s efforts with the bat, Kolkata Knight Riders managed 136/4 against Pune Warriors in an IPL match on Saturday.

Over 20: Good over from Parnell to finish the innings. KKR managed just 8 runs off that over. Kolkata 136/4 (20.0 Ovs)

Over 19: Ganguly saved a couple of runs with a brilliant attempt off Nehra`s over. Tiwary tried lift over mid wicket but found Ganguly`s right hand on the way. Yusuf Pathan found a boundary in the next ball and followed it up with another in the fourth one as well. 9 runs. Kolkata 127/4 (19.0 Ovs)

Kolkata 117/4 (18.0 Ovs)

Over 17.5: Extra ordinary from Bhuvneshwar Kumar saw off Shakib Al Hasan. Yorker on the off stump finished a good innings. Shakib Al Hasan b Bhuvneshwar 42(30) [4s-3 6s-2]

Over 17: Some brilliant work on the field by Clarke and Ali Murtaza saw some runs saved in that over. 6 runs. Kolkata 113/3 (17.0 Ovs)

Over 16.1: Breakthrough for Pune. McCullum out! Parnell bowled outside off, McCullum mistimed and went straight to Ryder at extra cover. Brendon McCullum c Ryder b Parnell 41(43) [4s-5]

Over 16 : Partnership between Shakib and McCullum helping KKR in a big way. Nehra failed to make any breakthrough. 6 runs. Kolkata 107/2 (16.0 Ovs)

Over 15 : Special batting display from Shakib. Run rate shot up for KKR. McCullum off teh strike in the first ball, Shakib smashed past mid wicket for a boundary and edged past the keeper for another four to third man. 10 runs. Partnership 61(38). Kolkata 101/2 (15.0 Ovs)

Over 14 : Ganguly back in the attack, looking for breakthrough. But runs continue to leak. McCullum pulled a short delivery on the leg side towards fine leg for four. Shakib sliced one to fine leg for another four in the last ball. 11 runs. Kolkata 91/2 (14.0 Ovs)

Over 13 : Shakib Al Hasan on fire as Kolkata amassed 20 runs off Clarke`s over. Two sixes and a four came in that over. However, he was dropped by Parnell in the fourth ball. Kolkata 80/2 (13.0 Ovs)

Over 12: Kolkata batsmen trying hard to break the shackles. Much needed boundary came in the fifth ball from McCullum off Ashish Nehra when he pulled one to fine leg for four. Followed it up with another over midwicket. Expensive over that with 11 runs. Kolkata 60/2

Over 11: Another good over from Clarke, just 4 runs this time. Kolkata 49/2

Over 10: Bhuvneshwar Kumar was back in the attack. McCullum worked it to long on for single to start the over. Run out chance missed in the fourth ball, McCullum cut one to sweeper cover and looked for double, Majumdar responded quickly. But it would have been out had it been a direct hit. 5 runs. Kolkata 45/2 (10 ovs)

Shakib Al Hasan on the crease.

Over 8.4: Kallis out! Clarke continued his spell, struck in the fourth ball. Bowled it straight and cleaned him up. Two runs. Kolkata 40/2 (9.0 Ovs). Kallis b Michael Clarke 13(18) [4s-1]

Over 8: Captain Sourav Ganguly brought himself in, started with a good length ball, Kallis pushed it to extra cover. bowled a no ball in the third, Kallis worked it to long off and rotated the strike. McCullum mishit in the free hit and just managed a singe. Slow pace working in Pune`s favour. 5 runs Kolkata 38/1 (8.0 Ovs)

Over 6: Bhuvneshwar Kumar brought into the attack. After two dot balls, Kallis drove a full outside off past extra cover for four. Gave away just 5 runs. Kolkata 27/1 (6.0 Ovs)

Over 5: Parnell finished a good over for Pune, just 1 run and a big wicket. Kolkata 22/1 (5.0 Ovs)

Jacques Kallis on the crease

Over 4.3: Big wicket for Pune, Gambhir out! Parnell bowled it straight, Gambhir drove it but found Nehra at mid on as he failed to get the elevation. Gambhir c Nehra b Parnell 10(12)

Over 4: Just 6 runs off that over as Murtaza continued his good spell. A four came off that over though, when Gambhir cut a short delivery past extra cover. Kolkata 21/0 (4.0 Ovs)

Over 3: Wayne Parnell started with three dot balls, Gambhir worked it to short fine leg to get off the mark in the fourth ball. McCullum charged down again but made no difference as Parnell bowled it short, McCullum pushed it to covers. Kolkata 15/0 (3.0 Ovs)

Over 2: Ali Murtaza came into attack. Good job by Murtaza giving just 5 runs. Kolkata 13/0 (2.0 Ovs)

Over 1: Brendon McCullum and Gambhir at the crease. Brendon McCullum was on strike. Nehra opened the attack for Pune. Nehra started off well but McCullum slapped a length delivery to deep extra cover for four in the fourth ball. In the fifth, danced down the track and smashed another four with a lovely flick towards long on. Kolkata 8/0 (1.0 Ovs)

Pune: Toss: Kolkata Knight Riders Gautam Gambhir won the toss and decided to bat first against Pune Warriors on Saturday.

Steve Smith and Angelo Mathews sat out of the Pune team, while Jesse Ryder and Michael Clarke were back in the side.

Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (c), Brendon McCullum (w), Jacques Kallis, Yusuf Pathan, Shakib Al Hasan, Manoj Tiwary, Debabrata Das, Rajat Bhatia, Iqbal Abdulla, Sunil Narine, Lakshmipathy Balaji.

Pune Warriors: Sourav Ganguly (c), Jesse Ryder, Michael Clarke, Robin Uthappa (w), Callum Ferguson, Anustup Majumdar, Harpreet Singh, Wayne Parnell, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ashish Nehra, Ali Murtaza.