Kolkata Knight Riders vs Rajasthan Royals: As it happened...

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Kolkata: Shakib Al Hasan took three wickets before playing a crucial little innings to inspire Kolkata Knight Riders a 5-wicket win over Rajasthan Royals in an IPL league match at Eden Gardens on Friday.

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Here are the highlights of the match:

KKR Innings

11.18 pm Over 19.2: Ryan ten Doeschate heaves one from Chavan for a six!! Kolkata Knight Riders win the match by 5 wickets against Rajasthan Royals.

11.16 pm Over 19: Shakib heaves one for six but off the very next ball gets out himself trying to hoick another one from Amit Singh. Shakib made 16 off 10 balls. Pathan then cuts one for 4. Score are level. 15 from the over. KKR 131/4.

11.10 pm Over 18: Shakib sweeps one for 4 off Trivedi. 9 from the over. KKR 117/4.

11.05 pm Over 17: Manoj Tiwary was foxed by Hogg. He was stumped for 24 (18 balls, one 4, one six). 6 from the over. KKR 108/4.

10.59 pm Over 16: Trivedi gives away 7 runs in this over. KKR 102/3.

10.54 pm Over 15: Menaria’s left-arm spin does it for Royals as big-hitting Bisla was holed out at deep extra cover by Rahane for 29. Just 3 from it. KKR 95/3.

10.50 pm Over 14: Local lad Manoj Tiwary lofts one off Chavan for a straight six. 13 from Chavan’s over. KKR 92/2.

10.44 pm Over 13: 5 from Botha’s over. KKR 79/2.

10.39 pm Over 12: Tight over from Botha. Just 4 from it. KKR 74/2.

10.35 pm Over 11: Botha strikes for Royals, removes Kallis for 31. Only 2 runs from the over. KKR 70/2.

10.30 pm Over 10: Kallis slams Hogg for 4. 7 runs from the over. KKR 68/1.

10.25 pm Over 9: Bisla again hits a four. 9 runs from Siddhart Trivedi’s over. KKR 61/1. It’s time for strategic break.

10.20 pm Over 8: Hogg gives away 7 runs from his 1st over. KKR 52/1.

10.16 pm Over 7: Bisla slams one four off Chavan. 9 from this over. KKR 45/1.

10.12 pm Over 6: Kallis and Bisla hits a four each as KKR amass 10 from Amit Singh’s over. KKR 36/1.

10.7 pm Over 5: Ankit Chavan bowls a tight over. 4 from it. KKR 26/1.

10 pm Over 4: Gambhir run out for 11. Big blow for KKR. 4 from the over. KKR 22/1.

9.55 pm Over 3: Kallis hits a 4. Better over by Botha, 5 runs from it. KKR 18/0.

9. 50 pm Over 2: Good over by Amit Singh. Just 3 runs from the over. KKR 13/0.

9.45 pm Over 1: Good stat for Kolkata. Gambhir slams two fours. 10 from the first over bowled by Johan Botha. KKR 10/0.

Rajasthan Royals Innings:

9.30 pm Over 20: Hodge hoicks one over Balaji after Botha heaves one for 4. 15 runs from the last over of the innings. Kolkata Knight Riders restrict Rajasthan Royals for a decent 131/5 in the allotted 20 overs and give themselves a very good chance to win the second match in a row.

9.24 pm Over 19: Sunil Narine continues to impress, removes maverick Shah for 31. His over fetches jut 3 over, a brilliant performance considering the fact that it was the penultimate over of the match. RR 116/5.

9.18 pm Over 18: Balaji keeps it tight, giving away just 4 runs. RR 113/4.

9.14 pm Over 17: Shakib gets Goswami for 24. Third wicket for him. Another brilliant over from Shakib. 8 from the over. RR 109/4.

9.12 pm Over 16: Goswami hoicks one over deep mid-wicket. Shah also joins the boundary-hitting party with a four. 16 from this over bowled by Bhatia. RR 101/3.

9.4 pm Over 15: Sunil Narine bowls another tight over, contains Rajasthan only for 5 runs in the over. RR 85/3.

8.59 pm Over 14: Just 3 runs from this over bowled by medium pacer Rajat Bhatia. RR 80/3.

8.55 pm Over 13: Good over for KKR. Just 4 from this over from Sunil Narine. RR 77/3.

8.51 pm Over 12: Owais Shah and Shreevats Goswami hits two fours to make a good over for Rajasthan. Pathan gives away 11 runs in this over. RR 73/3.

8.48 pm Over 11: Another tight over from Shakib. Just 4 runs from this over. RR 62/3.

8.45 pm Over 10: Seven runs, including 4 bye runs, come from Yusuf Pathan’s over. RR 58/3.

8.39 pm Over 9: Shakib strikes again, picks up Rahul Dravid for 28. Another brilliant over from the Bangladesh allrounder, gives away only 3 runs. RR 51/3. Time for strategic time-out.

8.34 pm Over 8: Ashok Menaria run out for just 1. Just one run from the over from Yusuf Pathan. RR 48/2.

8.30 pm Over 7: KKR’s Bangladeshi recruit Shakib Al Hasan strikes with his first ball. In-form Rahane, who was looking dangerous during his 16-ball-19, was induced an edge which was caught by stumper Manvinder Singh Bisla. Just 2 runs from the over. RR 47/1.

8.24 pm Over 6: Rajasthan continues the trend of hitting at least one four an over. In fact, Dravid hits two and helps his team earn 12 from this over from Kallis. RR 45/0.

8.20 pm Over 5: Rahane hits two back to back fours to end the over which fetches 10 runs. RR 33/0.

8.16 pm Over 4: Dravid hits one for 4. 7 from Kallis’s over. RR 23/0.

8.13 pm Over 3: Dravid flicks one for a four. He seems to be in great touch. 5 runs from Balaji’s 2nd over. RR 16/0.

8.7 pm Over 2: Rahane’s imperious form continues as he starts off with a straight drive for 4. 7 from Kallis’ first over. RR 11/0.

8.4 pm Over 1: Rahul Dravid square cuts one off L Balaji for 4. RR 4/0.

7.30 pm: Rajasthan Royals captain Rahul Dravid win the toss and decide to bat first against Kolkata Knight Riders.

No Brett Lee for KKR. Balaji to replace him.


Rajasthan Royals team:

AM Rahane, R Dravid*, AL Menaria, J Botha, BJ Hodge, GB Hogg, AA Chavan, OA Shah, SP Goswami†, A Singh, SK Trivedi

Kolkata Knight Riders team:

JH Kallis, G Gambhir*, MK Tiwary, YK Pathan, RN ten Doeschate, Shakib Al Hasan, DB Das, R Bhatia, L Balaji, MS Bisla†, SP Narine

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