Kolkata vs Deccan : As it happened

Cuttack: 12.33 pm Over 19.1 JP Duminy bowls the last over, with 1 run needed off six balls. AND THERE IT IS, WIDE DOWN THE LEGSIDE AND KKR WIN BY 5 WICKETS KKR: 127/5

12.32 pm Over 19 Tiwary down the track lofts the flighted delivery back over the bowlers head and FOUR!!! for Manoj Tiwary. 10 runs from the over. KKR: 126/5

12.28 pm Over 18 DROPPED!!! Das was under pressure and he tried heaving on over mid off, Anand Rajan makes a mess off it. Adding insult to injury, Das gets a FOUR!!! off the last ball of the over. 11 runs needed from 12 balls. KKR: 116/5

12.20 pm Over 17 Steyn into the attack, last roll of the dice by Sanga but not a good start, Kallis gets a genuine edge first up and the ball races to the third man boundary for a FOUR!!! . But next ball, THAT’S OUT!!! . Cross seamed delivery, the ball held its line, Kallis poked at it, edge straight to keeper Sanga. Kallis departs for 23. Styen then rattles Tiwary but he hangs on. 20 needed of 18 balls. KKR: 107/5

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12.14 pm Over 16 Tiwary looked jittery in the over, lobbing the ball just short of Ankit Sharma and going for an unnecessary sweep shot. 4 runs off the over. KKR: 101/4

12.08 pm Over 15 Veer Pratap into the attack once again and concedes 7 runs. KKR: 97/4

12.04 pm Over 14 Tiwary dances down the track and reaches for a widish delivery lifting it over extra cover and wide of long off, FOUR!!! off the first ball of the over. 9 runs off the over. KKR: 90/4

12.01 pm Over 13 Tight over from Ankit Sharma. 3 runs off it. KKR: 81/4

11.58 pm Over 12 Manoj Tiwary and Kallis playing sensibly as Anand Rajan produces a good over. 5 runs off it. KKR: 78/4

11.50 pm Over 11 Massive SIX!!! by Yusuf Pathan first ball over mid off but he is OUT!!! the next ball. Wild swing of the bat, fails to connect with the ball and leggie Ankit Sharma rattles PAthan’s stump. KKR 4 wickets down. Will KKR make a mess of the easy run chase? KKR: 73/4

11.45 pm Over 10 OUT!!! Gambhir departs for a well made 30. He drives a pitched up delivery in the air and a simple catch at mid off. KKR: 65/3

11.40 pm Over 9 Good over by Amit Mishra. 6 runs off it. KKR: 58/2

11.36 pm Over 8 Cameron White chances his arm and bowls his leg breaks. Concedes 8 runs off the over. KKR: 52/2

11.32 pm Over 7 Amit Mishra into the attack and Manvinder Bisla is OUT!!! . Top sing from the leggie, Bisla played all around it, the ball hits the top of middle stump, KKR lose their second wicket. KKR: 44/2

11.27 pm Over 6 FOUR!!! each for Gambhir and Bisla as ineffective Veer Pratap Singh gives away 10 runs off the over. KKR: 42/1

11.21 pm Over 5 third over of Dale Steyn as he gives away 5 runs. Bisla nudges a leg side delivery wide of wicketkeeper Parthiv Patel and gets a FOUR!!! . KKR: 32/1

11.17 pm Over 4 Lanky pacer Veer Pratap Sing comes into the attack and Gambhir picks up two FOURS!!! , add to that a WIDE as he concedes 9 runs off the over. KKR: 26/1

11.09 pm Over 3 After a cracking shot for FOUR!!! Brendon McCullum OUT!!! . low bounce for Steyn as ball hits McCullum down on his pads umpire raises his finger. KKR: 17/1

11.05 pm Over 2 Left arm spinner Ankit Sharma bowls the second over and concedes just 4 runs. KKR: 9/0

11.00 pm Over 1 Dale Steyn starts the proceeding for Deccan with Brendon McCullum and Gautam Gambhir. Gauti gets his first FOUR!!! as caresses a good length delivery to the extra cover fence. KKR: 5/0

Playing at a different home venue, Deccan Chargers failed to rectify their past gaffes imploding once again after a steady start to end up with a mediocre score of 126 for 7 against Kolkata Knight riders in a rain soaked Barabati Stadium at Cuttack here on Sunday.

Shikhar Dhawan as usual top scored for the Chargers, but his 50-ball 50 runs failed to provide the impetus needed by the Chargers in the latter part of innings courtesy another spell of tight bowling by the KKR bowling unit lead by Brett Lee (4-0-15-1), ably supported by Sunil Narine (4-0-26-2) and Rajat Bhatia ((4-0-26-1).

Deccan Chargers innings

10.45 pm Over 20 SIX!!! for Dale Steyn first ball as he charges down the track and hoists Sunil Narine for a straight six. Next ball, Steyn attempts same shot, does not get to the pitch of the ball this time, Manoj Tiwary takes a good catch at mid on. Steyn OUT!!! . Deccan Chargers manage only 126 runs for the loss 7 wickets in their alloted 20 overs.

10.41 pm Over 19 Ankit Sharma is OUT!!! , undone by a slower one by Balaji. 5 runs off the over. DC: 115/6

10.36 pm Over 18 Finally a FOUR!!! for Duminy but Jaggi gets OUT!!! immediately after as he top edges one to the orbit, McCullum completes a simple catch at straight-ish mid off. Narine also concedes just 8 runs off the over. DC: 111/5

10.32 pm Over 17 New batsmen Ishank Jaggi plays three dot balls before getting a single and JP Duminy manages zero of the last two balls. Just one run off it. DC: 103/4

10.29 pm Over 16 OUT!!! Shikhar Dhawan implodes and gets holed out at deep extra cover. He scored 50 off 50 but failed to provide the impetus for the Chargers getting out at the wrong time once again. DC 4 wicket down. Bhatia finishes another tight spell, conceding just 26 runs in 4 overs and getting the big wicket of Dhawan. DC: 102/4

10.24 pm Over 15 OUT!!! Lee bangs it short Cameron White takes on the challenge with a pull, doesn’t middle the ball, D Das takes a well judge running high catch at the edge of deep midwicket boundary. DC lose third wicket and White flatters to deceive once again. DC: 95/3

10.13 pm Over 14 White cuts well and earns a FOUR!!! past a diving short third man, Yusuf Pathan. Nudging one and two won’t do good for DC. The need to push harder. KKR bowlers keeping the stranglehold intact courtesy the accurate medium pace of Bhatia. DC: 95/2

10.09 pm Over 13 Sunil Narine into the attack and concedes just 3 runs. Deccan squandering a solid start yet again. DC: 87/2

10.04 pm Over 12 OUT!!! Parthiv Patel perishes owing to a confusion in the middle. He was playing well scoring 23 off 19 balls. Patel hits it hard to Kallis at deep extra cover, Patel goes for the second run, is promptly sent back by Dhawan, but before Patel could make his ground a soild throw from Kallis reaches Bhatia in a flash, Patel walks off loathing. DC: 84/2

9.57 pm Over 11 Smart flick over short fine leg by Patel and he gets a much needed FOUR!!! for his team. It was leg side delivery from Balaji. Cheeky shot from the diminutive keeper. 9 runs off the over. DC: 76/1

9.53 pm Over 10 Rajat Bhatia into the attack and concedes just 6 runs. DC: 67/1

9.47 pm Over 9 Patel uses his feet and spanks Kallis over extra cover for a FOUR!!! 8 runs off the over. DC: 61/1

9.42 pm Over 8 FIFTY up for Chargers as Parthiv Patel flicked one towards deep square leg to get couple of runs off Balaji. 4th ball, slower ball from Balaji foxes Patel as a leading edge falls wide of a sprawling McCullum at short cover. DC: 53/1

9.38 pm Over 7 Kallis provides width and Dhawan slashes and slashes hard, earns a FOUR!!! wide deep point. DC: 48/1

9.32 pm Over 6 OUT!!! Laxmipathy Balaji plucks out skipper Kumar Sangakkara’s middle stump. The Sri Lankan charged down the track missing the line of the ball and gets castled. Sanga goes for 12 runs. DC: 39/1

9.27 pm Over 5 mystery man Sunil Narine into the attack ad Dhawan picks up a boundary coming down the track, manages to reach the pitch of the ball, lifts it over mid on. 5 runs off the over. DC: 35/0

9.23 pm Over 4 FOUR!!! for Dhwan as he pulls a rising delivery with ease towards fine leg boundary. Dhawan then cracks another FOUR!!! of the fourth ball dispatching the length ball through extra cover. DC: 30/0

9.17 pm Over 3 First SIX!!! of the day as Dhawan comes down the track, and hoists the ball over long on boundary followed by a majestic FOUR!!! by skipper Kumar Sangakkra. DC: 21/0

9.13 pm Over 2 Brett Lee into the attack and Shikhar plays a couple of dot balls. Just 2 runs off it. DC: 8/0

9.05 pm Over 1 So the game finally starts after one hour delay. It would be a full 20 overs game. Kumar Sangakkara and Shikhar Dhawan in the middle with Yusuf Pathan opening the bowling for KKR. 6 runs off the over. DC: 6/0

8. 47 pm covers are coming off.

Rain god playing hide and seek as it rains again and covers are on the pitch once again.

Deccan Chargers

I Jaggi, S Dhawan, P Patel (wk), C White, K Sangakkara (C), J Duminy, Anand Rajan, Ankit Sharma, A Mishra, D Steyn, V Pratap Singh

Kolkata Knight Riders

B McCullum, G Gambhir (C), MS Bisla (wk), J Kallis, M Tiwary, Y Pathan, R Bhatia, D Das, S Narine, L Balaji, B Lee.

Toss: Kolkata Knight Riders Captain Gautam Gambhir won the toss and decided to bowl first against Deccan Chargers at Cuttack.