Mumbai Indians vs Deccan Chargers: As it happened...

Visakhapatnam: What a match it has been for the Mumbai Indians. They had their heart in their mouth till the penultimate delivery. Rohit Sharma has scored 73 runs from 50 balls.

Live scorecard MI vs DC

20th over Four first ball!! Franklin begins the over in style. Targets the straight boundary for a four, it was a half-volley! 14 from 5 now. Two runs from the second ball. Sloppy work from Dhawan. 12 needed from 4 balls. A bye from the third ball. Rohit Sharma survives as Patel misses the stumps once again! 11 needed from 3. Three boundaries or two sixes would do. Sharma is the man on strike. Christian is taking his time. Poor ball from Christian. Looking for the yorker, wide and full-toss and Sharma clobbers it over for six!!!! Six needed from 2 now. Down the ground he plays, throw is fired from long-off, but Sharma makes a full stretch to survive!! What a match it is turning out to be! A boundary needed of the last over! Sharma, the man in form, to face the last delivery! The replays show that the bat was in air when the bails were removed, but the third umpire thinks otherwise. Rohit Sharma survives again! Now can he use it and win a thriller for his side? Both the teams teaking their own time. A tie will lead to a super over here! Sharma just needs another boundary. It’s a SIX!!!!!!!!!!!! Whaadddaaa match it has beeen! Rohit Sharma is the hero, played a superb innings. He is surrounded by jubiliant Mumbai Indians cricketers!

19th over: 121/5 Steyn to continue. Mumbai need 23 runs from 12 balls. Express pace once again from Steyn. Four runs came off the first four balls. Parthiv Patel missed a run-out of the fourth ball. Steyn is changing fields here, using all his experience. Bowled him Steyn fires another delivery, straight and fast as Kartik plays it on to the stumps! Steyn is bowling a superb spell here, a match-winning one for sure. Just 5 runs from this crucial over. Mumbai need 17 runs from the final over.

Dinesh Karthik b Steyn 7 (6b)

18th over: 116/4 And he does! Down the wicket he goes and slams one over the bowlers head for a huge six. Fifty for Rohit Sharma! Sharma pulls another six towards midwicket boundary for a maximum. Good over for Mumbai, 14 runs from it.

Rohit Sharma will have to take the guard from here on.

17th over: 102/4 The danger man departs. Needless to say, its Pollard. Christian fires in a full-toss as Pollard tried to clear it for another DLF maximum but was easily caught by Dhawan at mid-on. Dinesh Kartik gets off the mark with a boundary at third man. Eight runs came of that over. The run-rate is increasing.

16th over: 94/3 Amit Mishra comes into the attack. Pollard hits another DLF maximum over extra cover!! No more damage done to the bowler.

15th over: 85/3 Steyn is back into the attack. He continues to bowl with extreme pace! Pollard gives respect to the number one fast bowler in the world. Steyn continues to bowl short and fast and Pollard fails to make any contact with the bat.

14th over: 83/3 White comes back into the attack. Steyn was the man waiting at long-on and he waited there till eternity, only to see the ball go back above his reach into the crowd. Massive hit again from Pollard. 14 runs from that over!

13th over: 69/3 The fireworks have begun. Short ball by Ankit Sharma and it was clobbered over deep midwicket! That was absolute power hitting!

12th over: 60/3 Mishra bowls a good over and picks up the wicket of Rayudu who hammered a googly towards fine fine leg and it was caught near the ropes by Dhawan. Pollard is the new batsman.
Ambati Rayudu c Dhawan b Mishra 19 (24b)

11th over: 57/2 A brilliant effort from Steyn at third mad. The ball was in the air and in spite of a full stretch, Steyn could not reach the ball. But that’s great commitment from the fast bowler!

10th over: 49/2 White comes into the attack. Five singles from that over.

9th over: 44/2 Christian comes back into the attack. Both the batsmen not hesitating in coming down the track. Poor fielding from Amit Mishra results into a boundary. Christian is disappointed, Mishra cannot believe what has he done. The ball came straight to him and went past him for four.

8th over: 37/2 Amit Mishra comes into the attack. Gives away five runs from his first over.

7th over: 32/2 Anand Rajan bowls a good over. Three runs from it.

6th over: 29/2 Rohit Sharma shows his elegance. The first ball went for a boundary of an inside edge. Christian bowled a half volley and Rohit Sharma clobbered it over the ropes over extra cover for a magnificent six! 14 runs from that over.

Rohit Sharma 14* (12b), Rayudu 7* (6b)

5th over: 15/2 Rayudu and Rohit Sharma are at the crease. A boundary scored by Rayudu. Five runs from that over.

4th over: 10/2 Steyn is spitting fire here! Brilliant yorker that uproots the middle stump of Richard Levi. No fireworks from him today. Mumbai have lost both the openers.

Richard Levi b Steyn 3(9b)

3rd over: 10/1 Ankit Sharma continues to bowl a tight line, just two runs from that over.

2nd over: 8/1 Steyn in action straight away. Sumar tried to hit it for a straight drive as the South African picks an excellent catch in his follow through. That stuck into his hands.

TL Suman c & b Steyn 5 (9b)

1st over: 2/0 Good over to begin the proceedings by Ankit Sharma, two runs from it.

Deccan Chargers: Dhawan provided them with a brisk start and they haven’t been able to capitalise on that. 139 could be too easy for Mumbai Indians. Levi and Suman to open the innings.

20th over: 138/9 Pollard finishes it off in style. Two wickets for Pollard as well. Mumbai need 139 runs to win in 20 overs!

19th over: 130/7 Two wickets for Malinga in that over!

Ravi Teja b Malinga 4 (2b)

Amit Mishra c Patel b Malinga

18th over: 123/4 Good over by Munaf Patel. Bowling the yorkers at the right time. Pressure for building up, Christian tried to clear it for a six as the ball landed into the safe hands of Kieron Pollard. Four runs from the over and a wicket. Munaf Patel gets his fourth wicket. He deserves the credit for some wonderful bowling.

Christian c Pollard b Patel 39 (36b)

17th over: 119/4 Monstrous hit by White! Width offered by Malinga and it has been over Malinga’s head for a biggie! Ten runs from that over. Deccan will require some more big hits from the two Australians at the crease.

16th over: 109/4 Ojha has been hit for another DLF maximum! 13 runs from that over. Good one for the Deccan Chargers!

15th over: 96/4 Bhajji was hit for a six first ball! Ten runs from that over.

14th over: 86/4 Good run from Ojha. Three runs from it.

13th over: 83/4 Munaf Came back into the attack. Munaf bowls a length ball that gets an inside edge from Sangakkara’s bat and hits the stumps, then hits Karthik’s gloves and hits back the stumps. The square leg umpire says that its not out as the ball hit the stump after it came off the gloves of the wicket-keeper. Sanga is given not out but Harbhajan Singh and Munaf get into an animated conversation with both the umpires as they watch the replays and it is then referred to the thurd umpire. Now Sangakkara walks to the umpire to have a little chat. But he is out and now he has to go back to the pavilion. Not good spirit from the Mumbai Indians skipper as the umpire was not willing to refer it upstairs.

Kumar Sangakkara b Patel 14 (19b)

12th over: 80/3 Christian gets into action! Slaps Pollar over extra cover for a six! Pollard changes the line, bowls a wide. Another big over. Christian joins the party, hits Pollar for another boundary. Christian is getting in form here. Confusion there. Leading edge lands safely Christian got a leading edge that went high in the air as Harbhajan came in running but the ball landed in no man’s region. Pollard is baffled!

Christian 22* (20b), Sangakkara 14* (17b)

11th over: 65/3 Harbhajan is getting good spin from the wicket. Finishes the over with a flat yorker.

10th over: 61/3 One boundary in that over by Sangakkara. He came down the wickets and flicked the ball towards fine leg for a boundary. Six runs from that over. The fireworks have stopped after Dhawan’s dismissal.

9th over: 55/3 Ojha brought back into the attack. Good comeback after he went for three sixes in his first over.

Chrsitian 8* (13b) Sangakkara 4* (6b)

8th over: 50/3 Good start by Pollard. Just four singles from the over.

Pollard comes into the attack.

7th over: 46/3 Good comeback from Malinga, gives away just one runs and picks the wicket of the danger man Dhawan! Pollard holds on to a good catch!

Shikhar Dhawan c Pollard b Malinga 41* (24)

6th over: 45/2 Ojha deposited for a six first ball! Dhawan is the man who has hit all three of them! Positive approach from the left-hander. Pressure on Ojha. Ojha is going for plenty here! Swept away for another boundary. Another SIX of the last ball!!! Huge over for Deccan Chargers! Brilliant batting from Dhawan. 18 runs from it!

5th over: 27/2 He is Lasith Malinga. Dhawan continues to hit those DLF maximums! Just a touch short and smacked over for a six over deep midwicket, superb Timing by the left-hander! Nine runs from that over.

Dhawan 24* (16) Christian 1* (3b)

4th over: 18/2 Pressure created by Bhajji works! Patel gets a wicket first ball! Chipli Tried to hit it over mid on, didn’t middle it and was caught by Malinga. Dhawan pulled Patel for a massive six! Nine runs came off that over.

Chipli c Malinga b Patel 1 (6b)

3rd over: 9/1 The skipper continues to bowl with an accurate line and length. Just two runs from that over.

2nd over: 7/1 Short delivery by Munaf patel, cut away for four! Dhawan welcomes Munaf with a boundary. Munaf gets the first breakthrough for Mumbai Indians. Parthiv Patel tries to guide the ball over Rohit Sharma who is standing in the slips, but the balls goes straight to Sharma who takes it in the second attempt. Six runs from that over and a wicket.

Parthiv Patel c Sharma b Patel 1 (5b)

1st over: 2/0 Great start from Harbhajan Singh, very tight line and length, two from that over.

Harbhajan Singh to begin the proceedings.

Toss: Deccan Chargers won the toss and decided to bat first. Tendulkar once again misses the match due to his finger injury.

After suffering reverses in their respective previous encounters, both Mumbai Indians and Deccan Chargers would look to get their campaign on track when they meet in an Indian Premier League (IPL) on Monday.