Pune vs Chennai: As it happened...

Feroz Khan/Zeenews Sports Bureau

Pune: Ryder and Steven Smith forged a match winning partnership that drove Pune Warriors to their third victory of the IPL 2012 season by seven wickets.

Here is how the match panned out:

Highlights from the PW innings

11:30 pm Over 20: What a finish to the match! Steve Smith does it in style. He hits the first ball towards fine leg for a boundary and then dispatches the second one from Mahesh for a six. Great finish for Pune Warriors. Pune Warriors have won by 7 wickets.

11:26 pm Over 19: Back to back boundaries for Smith from the over. 12 runs from the over. 10 needed from the last over. Tense atmosphere!

11:19 pm Over 18: Steven Smith launches a low full toss from Dwayne Bravo for a six straight down the ground. He edged the next ball past keeper for a boundary and misses to make any sort of connection with the last two deliveries. 12 runs from the over.

11:14 pm Over 17: Kulasekara concedes just five runs. Excellent stuff from him.

11:09 pm Over 16: Jesse Ryder is the man-in-form for Pune Warriors as he carves Bravo over mid-wicket area for a six. 11 runs from the over. Pune need 39 runs from 24 balls with 7 wickets in hand.

11:03 pm Over 15: Six runs from the over. Something for the crowd to get on their feet as Smith and Ashwin exchange a few ‘pleasantries’ in the middle.

10:59 pm Over 14: Steven Smith hits a biggie! Raina’s second delivery sails into the crowd over mid-wicket for a six. 10 runs from the over and 100 up for Pune. Ryder and Smith are in the middle.

10:56 pm Over 13: Out! Mahesh bowls a short one and Samuels goes for a pull. The ball is a tad lower than he might have anticipated and skips past his bat to crash on the stumps. PW have lost their third wicket. Steven Smith walks in.

Earlier in the over, Jesse Ryder hit a first ball boundary towards midwicket to complete his fifty.

10:49 pm Over 12: Slow bowlers are keeping things under control as Raina completes yet another good over that goes for just 4 runs.

10:46 pm Over 11: Top shot from Jesse Ryder to end the over. Mahesh bowls outside off and Ryder dispatches it to backward point for a boundary. 9 runs from the over.

10:41 pm Over 10: Six singles from Raina's over as Pune's score moves to 72/2 after 10 overs.

10:36 pm Over 9: Out! Another run out and it is Sourav Ganguly who has to depart. PW lose their second wicket. A short and outside off from Ashwin and Ryder cuts it for a single. The fielder misses it and the batsmen can’t decide whether to go for a second or not. A late decision and some slow running results in Ganguly losing his wicket. 3 runs and a wicket from the over.

10:32 pm Over 8: Good over from Suresh Raina. Just two runs from the over.

10:29 pm Over 7: Tight over from Ashwin as he gives away just 5 runs.

10:26 pm Over 6: Dwayne Bravo into the attack and concedes 8 runs. Ryder manages to hit a boundary towards off side.

10:21 pm Over 5: R Ashwin into the attack and concedes just 5 runs.

10:17 pm Over 4: Sourav Ganguly opens his account with a boundary past covers. Ryder then flicks one towards fine leg for a four. 12 runs from Morkel’s second over.

10:12 pm Over 3: Out! A slight hesitation in the middle and Robin Uthappa who opened the batting today is runs out. Ryder played one to short mid-wicket and took a single. There was a bit of misunderstanding between Ryder and Uthappa whether to take the second or not. Meanwhile, the fielder picks up and throws the ball straight into the hands of Kulasekara who dislodges the bails. Third umpire adjudges it out.

Before the run out, Jesse Ryder looked on a roll here for Pune Warriors dispatching Kulasekara towards leg side for three consecutive boundaries.

However, the run out of Robin Uthappa has somewhat soured the mood.

10:07 pm Over 2: Uthappa dances down the track and hits Albie Morkel’s second delivery for a six over midwicket boundary. 10 runs from the over.

10:02 pm Over 1: Nuwan Kulasekara starts his over with a wide. For Pune Robin Uthappa and Jesse Ryder are opening the innings. 6 runs from the over.

Highlights from the CSK innings

9:41 pm Over 20: Out! Nehra strikes! And it’s the end of Jadeja’s innings. Nehra bowls it full and outside off. Jadeja launches it over long one. The ball gets the elevation but not the distance as calm and composed Steven Smith completes a catch there.

Frustration for the bowler as Dwayne Bravo edges the final delivery past the keeper for a boundary. Eight runs from the over and that’s the end of Chennai Super Kings innings. In their allotted 20 overs they have scored 155/5. Sourav Ganguly would be pretty happy to restrict the visitors top a decent total.

9:36 pm Over 19: Out! Jadeja greets Dinda with a boundary towards deep square leg and Dinda responds with the wicket of MS Dhoni from his last delivery. Dhoni (26) launched Dinda’s last delivery that was full and outside off but caught at long off by Ashish Nehra.

9:31 pm Over 18: A big hit over long on by Jadeja. Full and outside off, Jadeja quickly latches on to it and hits it for a six. 11 runs from the over. 50-run partnership between the two.

9:26 pm Over 17: Excellent stuff from Ashok Dinda under the circumstances. Just four runs from the over. Pune Warriors have been excellent on the field today barring one or two occassions. There were nearly two chances of running batsmen out there.

9:21 pm Over 16: 11 runs from Nehra’s third over. The first five deliveries produced seven runs. The last ball of the over and Jadeja swung hard. The ball flies past the wicketkeeper for a boundary.

9:17 pm Over 15: Marlon Samuels was bowling a tight over and had just conceded only 4 runs off his five deliveries. However, Jadeja punched his last delivery, a full toss, to extra cover for a boundary. 8 runs from the over.

9:10 pm Over 14: Nehra keeps it tight and concedes just 6 runs.

9:05 pm Over 13: Kartik back into the attack and Jadeja gets into the act with a hit over long off for a boundary. The next shot is even better and disappears into the crowd for a six over wide long on. 12 runs from the over. 100 up for Chennai.

9:01 pm Over 12: Out! Rahul Sharma has struck again for CSK. He pitches it full and Suresh Raina (20) plays it to clear long on boundary. Steven Smith stretches his arms and catches it nicely. 4 runs from the over. Ravindra Jadeja comes in.

8:55 pm Over 11: Ashok Dinda back into the attack and his second delivery is a short one. MS Dhoni pulls it away to fine leg. Poor effort there from Nehra andthe ball sneaks past him for four. Dinda, however, bowled two no balls but CSK batsmen couldn’t make use of the free-hits. 13 runs from the over.

8:47 pm Over 10: Out! Rahul Sharma has struck for Pune in his first ball right after timeout! And it’s dangerous Faf du Plessis (43) who has been stumped who charged down the track but was beaten by the pace and bounce. In comes captain MS Dhoni. Just four runs from the over. Halfway down the innings CSK are 71/1

8:41 pm Over 9: Two back to back boundaries for Suresh Raina. The first came via an outside edge past third man boundary. The second was punched to deep extra cover fence and bowler Mathews looks disappointed. Raina is looking in good touch. 12 runs from the over.

8:35 pm Over 8: Samuels is keeping the Plessis thinking with his faster ones. Meanwhile, little mind games are being played in the middle between Plessis and Samuels. 5 runs from the over.

8:30 pm Over 7: Out! Sri Lankan all-rounder Angelo Mathews has given his captain the breakthrough from his first ball. Murali Vijay’s poor form continues as he is caught by Dinda. Meanwhile, Plessis is unaffected as plays a nice cover drive off Mathews for a boundary. Suresh Raina is in the middle. Score: Chennai 49/1.

8:25 pm Over 6: West Indian allrounder Marlon Samuels into the attack and keeps Plessis quiet. He is varying the pace intelligently. The over goes for just 4 runs.

8:22 pm Over 5: The treatment fast bowlers are being subjected to by du Plessis has prompted Ganguly to introduce Rahul Sharma. Plessis uses his feet and dispatches the fourth delivery past the bowler for a boundary. 8 runs from the over.

8:18 pm Over 4: Nehra introduced into the attacks and in-form Plessis creams his first over for 18 runs. Any width and Plessis charged on to it. He collected three fours and a six from the over. 18 runs from the over.

8:13 pm Over 3: Kartik is keeping it tight. He is not giving any room even as the batsmen are trying hard to play the big shots. 5 runs from the over.

8:08 pm Over 2: Faf du Plessis swings it hard and gets the maximum result. Ashok Dinda bowls it short and Plesis pulls it away over deep midwicket for a six. 7 runs from the over.

8:05 pm Over 1: A nice start from Murali Kartik. He is bowling round the stumps, concedes just a single.

Chennai captain MS Dhoni won the toss and elected to bat first against Pune on Saturday.


Pune Warriors: Jesse Ryder, Sourav Ganguly(c), Marlon Samuels, Robin Uthappa(w), Angelo Mathews, Mithun Manhas, Steven Smith, Murali Kartik, Rahul Sharma, Ashish Nehra, Ashok Dinda

Chennai Super Kings: Faf du Plessis, Murali Vijay, Suresh Raina, S Badrinath, Ravindra Jadeja, MS Dhoni(w/c), Dwayne Bravo, Albie Morkel, Vijaykumar Yo Mahesh, Ravichandran Ashwin, Nuwan Kulasekara

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