Rajasthan beat Punjab by 31 runs

Jaipur: Rajasthan Royals won by 31 runs. Their heroes of the night were Ajinkya Rahane and the debutante Cooper.

11:23 pm 20th Over OUT!!! Now a run out by Cooper! A dream IPL debut for him! At the end of 20 overs, Punjab fell short of 31 runs . KXIP 160/9

Punjab need 39 runs to win of the last over.

11:19 pm 19th Over OUT!!!Cooper continued to impress. He became the fourth bowler after Shoaib Akhtar to have picked up 4 wickets in his IPL debut. Piyush Chawla was deceived by a slower one and was clean bowled. Chawla was back to pavilion for 10. Praveen Kumar smacks Cooper for a DLF maximum straight down the ground. KXIP 151/9

11:14 pm 18th Over The over had nothing special apart from a magnificent six hit by Piyush Chawla that went the distance. KXIP 142/8

11:10 pm 17th Over Clever bowling from Botha as he gave away just 5 runs. KXIP 132/7

Time for strategic time-out. The required run rate is beyond 16 and Punjab need a miracle now.

11:02 pm 16th Over DOUBLE WICKET OVER!!! Both set batsmen were out trying to hit boundaries. Bipu Sharma (18) and Mandeep Singh (34) were out in matter of three deliveries bowled by Chavan KXIP 127/7

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10:58 pm 15th Over Cooper has been mixing his deliveries and has been very impressive! He gave away just 5 runs. KXIP 117/5

10:54 pm 14th Over Another good over for Kings XI Punjab. Mandeep Singh and Bipul Sharma scored two boundaries from it. KXIP 112/5

10: 49 pm 13th Over Mandeep Singh took the charge as he scored two boundaries in the over. The over yielded 12 runs. KXIP 99/5

10: pm 12th Over OUT!!!It’s difficult to keep Cooper out of action today. David Hussey didn’t middle a ball and was easily caught by Cooper at long-on. Hussey departed for 12 KXIP 87/5

10: pm 11th OverGood over for Punjab as Mandeep Singh scored two boundaries from it. KXIP 85/4

10:37 pm 10th OverPunjab batsmen look like they are in no hurry by dealing in singles as the required run rate is soaring. KXIP 74/4

10:32 pm 9th Over A good over bowled by Ankeet Chavan. It yielded just 7 runs. KXIP 68/4

10:27 pm 8th Over DOUBLE OVER WICKET!!!Cooper struck twice in the over! Marsh is unable to overcome his rough patch with the bat. Abhishek Nayar pulled Cooper for a six but soon perished trying to repeatedly sweep the bowler. Nayar gone for 10. KXIP 61/4

10:18 pm 6th Over OUT!!! Kevon Cooper bowled two dot balls followed by a boundary scored by Valthaty. Valthaty (13) tried to clear the gully area of a full toss and was caught by Amit Singh in his second attempt. Valthaty asked the umpires if the bowl was waist high. After watching the replay, umpires conformed that the right-handed has to leave. 5 runs from that over. KXIP 45/2

10:11 pm 5th Over OUT!!!Amit Singh struck and pick up the wicket of the danger man Gilchrist. Gilly was caught between mid-on and mid-off by Cooper! Gilchrist scored 27 runs of 18 balls. KXIP 40/1

10:06 pm 4th Over Gilchrist pulled Botha for a magnificent six of the second ball. Good over for Punjab, it yielded 17 runs. KXIP 35/0

Punjab have scored just six runs of the last two overs.

10:02 pm 3rd Over DROPPED!!!Gilchrist was dropped as he tried to clear mid-on. Amit Singh the bowler bowled an accurate line as the over produced just three runs.KXIP 18/0

09:57 pm 2nd Over Botha bowled a brilliant second over and gave away just 3 runs! KXIP 15/0

09:53 pm 1st Over Gilchrist got his side to a good start. He scored two boundaries as the over produced 12 runs. KXIP 12/0

Rajasthan would be very proud with Rahane’s innings. Gilchrist will have to play a vital innings to make a match out of it.

09:33 pm 20th Over OUT!!!Faulker is deceiving them with his slower ones. Rahane was bowled as he tried to clear mid-off. End of a spectacular innings from Rahane, 98 of just 66 balls. This is the highest score by a Rajasthan batsman against Kings XI Punjab. New batsmen Cooper got off the mark with a six! The over yielded 13 runs. RR 191/4

09:29 pm 19th Over Even the experience of Pravin Kumar could not do much for Punjab as Owais Shah scored two boundaries from it as Kumar went for 13 runs! RR 178/3

Rahane is 4 runs short of a brilliant century.

09:23 pm 18th Over OUT!!! Hodge smacked the first ball for a six over long-off but was deceived with a slower one by Faulkner and was clean bowled! Faulkner made a good comeback after being hit of the first ball for a DLF maximum. Nine runs from that over. RR 165/3

09:18 pm 17th Over Chawla came back into the attack and was targeted by Rahane. Using his feet brilliantly, Rahane scored three boundaries in a row. 18 runs came of that over! Rahane is batting on 95! RR 156/2

09:07 pm 15th Over Bipul Sharma yielded 9 runs in that over which had 5 extras. RR 127/2

09: 03 pm 14th Over Rahane continued to play brutal blows with a straight bat as he scored a six and a boundary of successive balls. 16 runs of that over! RR 118/2

09:00 pm 13th Over Rahane Charged down the track and played the best shot of his innings by hitting the ball straight over the bowlers head for a boundary. RR 102/2

08:56 pm 12th Over Seven runs came of that over bowled by Bipul Sharma. RR 95/2

08:52 pm 11th Over OUT!!! New batsman Menaria was bowled for a duck of a full length ball. Brilliant shot was played by Rahane of the first ball of the over. The boundary also brought his fifty. Six runs came of that over. RR 88/1

08: 48 pm 10th Over OUT!!! Dravid perished trying to accelerate the innings after scoring 27 runs of just 24 balls. Harmeet Singh got the first breakthrough for Punjab. The over produced 9 runs. RR 82/1

08:40 pm 9th Over The highlight of the over was a boundary scored by Dravid which he smacked straight over bowlers’ head for four. The over produced 9 runs for Rajasthan. It’s time for the strategic time-out. The openers are looking well set. RR 73/0

08:37 pm 8th Over Harmeet Singh bowled a brilliant over and gave away just three runs. RR 64/0

08:32 pm 7th Over Bipul Shama bowled a good over and the openers could not score a boundary of it. RR 61/0

08:28 pm 6th Over Pravin Kumar was brought back into the attack but he could not dry the runs as he went for 10 runs. RR 56/0

08:25 pm 5th Over Spinners came into action as Piyush Chawla bowled an over that yielded just 6 runs including a boundary scored by Rahane.RR 48/0

08:21 pm 4th Over Dravid joined the party by scoring two boundaries of the first two balls. There was an appeal for lbw of the third ball which was refused by the umpire. The over yielded 10 runs. RR 42/0

08:16 pm 3rd Over Rahane continued to impress as he scored three successive boundaries of the bowling of Pravin Kumar. The over yielded 16 runs! RR 32/0

08:12 2nd Over Rahane scored two boundaries in the over as the over yielded 11 runs. RR 16/0

08:07 pm 1st Over Rahane and Dravid carefully played the first over without taking any risk. RR 5/0

Dravid and Rahane to open the innings, Pravin Kumar to bowl.

TOSS Kings XI Punjab Adam Gilchrist won the toss and decided to field first.