Rajasthan vs Bangalore: As it happened...

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Bangalore: Rajasthan Royals win by 59 runs. In spite of being the underdogs they were definitely the better of the two sides. They outclassed Bangalore in all departments of the game. Rahane led from the front with his spectacular century and it was well supported by seamers Pankaj Singh and Siddharth Trivedi. RCB on the other hand once again failed to put up a good show and their struggle in IPL 2012 continues.

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11:24 pm 20th over: 136 ALL OUT Amit Singh to bowl the last over. Aravind hits the first ball towards long-on where Owais Shah misjudges a catch and the ball goes for a boundary. The second delivery is smashed straight down the ground for another boundary. Murali hits one high over covers and is caught by the man of the moment-Ajinkya Rahane.

Muralitharan c Rahane b Amit Singh 6(8b)

Bangalore need 69 runs from 6 balls.

11:21 pm 19th over: 127/9 Pankaj Singh is back into the attack. Murali pulls one towards midwicket for a couple. It is followed by another heave towards the same area followed by a couple and an over throw. Pankaj Singh has been very impressive. He removed both the openers who were looking dangerous at one stage.

11:17 pm 18th over: 121/9 Hogg comes into the attack. Zaheer Khan departs, Zak tries to clear mid wicket, doesn’t connect well and the hero of the night Ajinkya Rahane picks up an easy catch. One run from the over.

Z Khan c Rahane b Hogg 0 (3b)

11:13 pm 17th over: 120/8 Amit Singh brought back into the attack and he picks up a wicket. Vinay Kumar who was living dangerously came down the track as a straight delivery crashed onto the stumps!

R Vinay Kumar b Singh 11 (9b)

11:06 pm 16th over: 108/7 Botha comes into the attack. With no more options, Kaif tries to clear long-on where Hodge takes a fine catch.

Kaif c Hodge b Botha 14(15b)

11:01 pm 15th over: 105/6 Trivedi to continue. And gets a wicket first ball! Tiwary too perishes trying to slog across the line. Trivedi has been bowling some great length and good variation. He has picked up three wickets, all of them bowled. And he gets another one. The skipper this time. Vettori tries to make room as the ball crashes to the stumps. Can Bangalore innings last for 20 overs? Trivedi is having a great day!

Saurabh Tiwary b Trivedi 17(16b)

Daniel Vettori b Trivedi 1(2b)

10:55 pm 14th over: 97/4 Hogg to continue. Good five balls. The fifth one was a full toss which Kaif smashed over deep midwicket for a DLF maximum!

10:50 pm 13th over: 91/4 Trivedi to continue. The home crowd finall has something to cheer about. Short delivery, clobbered over square leg for a six by Tiwary! That was right from the middle of the bat. Nine runs from the over.

10:46 pm 12th over: 82/4 Botha comes back in the attack. And bowls a good one. Three runs from it.

10:41 11th over: 79/4 Trivedi continues and scalps Virat Kohli! A huge blow for RCB! Kohli like de Villiers tries to play across the line without much foot movement. That ball also nipped back in and Kohli was clueless. Well that could be the final nail in the coffin for RCB.

Kohli b Trivedi 22(18B)

10:36 pm 10th over: 76/3 Hogg continues. An appeal of the last ball, rejected by the umpire. Replys show that the ball that turned in was outside leg stump.

Kohli 21*(16b) Tiwary 4*(5b)

10:30 pm 9th over: 71/3 Siddharth Trivedi comes into the attack! Tries to play across the line as he gets into the shot early, the stumps are rattled! Bangalore are in trouble now. Saurabh Towary is the new batsman. He hasn’t been in great touch of late. Pulls the last delivery which is brilliantly saved by Hogg. Great fielding. For sure, he has saved 2 runs for his team.

AB de Villiers b Trivedi 4(9b)

10:23 pm 8th over: 63/2 Brad Hogg comes into the attack. Cane he pick a wicket with his wrong one? Bowls a very accurate line. Four runs from it. Bangalore need some boundaries to make a match out of it.

10: 19 7th over: 59/2 Pankaj Singh continues with some great seam bowling. Just five singles from that over.

10:14 pm 6th over: 54/2 Amit Singh continues. Kohli shows his class by scoring two boundaries in that over.

10:10 pm 5th over: 42/2 Pankaj Singh continues and continues to swing the ball and deceive the batsman. Two dot balls were follwed by a boundary scored by Mayank. Mayank departs! Tries to clear extra cover, doesn’t time it and the ball lands into the hands of Owais Shah! And even the Big fish (Gayle) is OUT!! Pankaj is rewarded for some great seam bowling. Lack of foot movement from Gayle as he plays a delivery onto the stumps. Pankaj has removed both the openers in this over.

Agarwal c Owais Shah b Pankaj Singh 34(21b)

Chris Gayle b Singh 8(9b)

10:04 4th over: 38/0 Amit Singh comes into the attack. And Gayle comes into the attack. Hits the second delivery high down the ground for half a dozen! That was a skier! Gayle makes some room and Dravid drops Gayle at short midwicket That was a tough chance and Dravid has hurt his finger.

10:00 pm 3rd over: 28/0 Botha to continue. Gayle gets off the mark with a single of the first ball. Mayank hits Botha for a DLF maximum of the fourth ball! Great timing from the right-hander. Comes down the track and hits Botha over mid-off for a boundary. Ends the over with a SIX! Length delivery bowled by Botha and Mayank easily clobbers it over midwicket! He is looking in great touch! 17 runs from that over!!

09:56 pm 2nd over: 11/0 Pankaj Singh comes into the attack. Mayank Agarwak clears the front leg and hits him over deep extra cover for a boundary of the second ball! Some swing from Pankaj Singh. Good over by Pankaj, four runs from it.

09:51 pm 1st over: 7/0 Botha to begin proceddings for Bangalore. And the first DLF maximum comes off the very first ball! A little short and Mayank Agarwal smacks it over square leg for a DLF maximum! Its raining sixes at Bangalore! The crowd welcomes Gayle with a roar. He quietly defends the last two balls for no runs.

113 runs came of the last 7 overs! Rajasthan were well short of what they achieved. Rahane and Shah have produced some of the most brutal hitting in the history of Indian Premier League. But the match isn’t over. With the likes of Gayle, Kohli and de Villiers, RCB would definitely fancy their chances of winning the match.

09:33 pm 20th over: 195/2 Vinay kumar comes into the attack and he cannot stop the boundaries. Rahane moves to 97, charges down the track and smacks one over Kumar’s head for a boundary! Good shot to begin with! Five balls to go! This has been an incredible innings from Ajinkya Rahane. Brings his century in style!!!! The crowd in on their feet, all the players of both the teams join them, as Rahane completes his century!! What an innings it has been. Comes down the track and Kohli at long-on is mere a spectator! 101 runs from just 58 balls! Rahane to face the final ball of the innings. Well he has already played a magnificent knock! Rajasthan have scored 195 runs as a result of some terrific hitting from Rahane and Shah. One of the best IPL knocks one can ever witness!

Ajinkya Rahane 103* (60b) Brad Hodge 1*(2b)

09:24 pm 19th over: 184/2 Zaheer Khan comes into the attack. A dot ball to begin with. Can he bowl more of them. A yorker has been played for a boundary! Shah departs! Zak bowls a slower one, hits him hard towards long-on and is caught inches inside the boundary. Take a bow Owais Shah! Terrific innings comes to an end!

Owais Shah c Vinay Kumar b Zaheer 60(26b)

09: 18 pm 18th over: 175/1 Shah welcomes Murali with a boundary! Rahane charges down the track, hits Murali inside out for a six!! What a shot! Over the bowler’s head for a boundary now. Even Murali can’t contain the boundaries. 17 of it.

Rahane Shah 92* (54) 56* (22)

09:15 pm 17th over: 158/1 Vinay Kumar comes into the attack. Hostile welcome by Rahane, smashes him out of the ground, needless to say, for a SIX!! A little delay, as they need a new ball. Now Shah smashes one over deep midwicket for a SIX!!! And another SIX!! Over the bowler’s head. This is incredible hitting!! Boundary of the fifth delivery. 24 runs from that over!!

09:09 pm 16th over: 134/1 Gayle comes into the attack! SIX of the first ball! Hits him over wide long-on for a massive DLF maximum!! Shah can be dangerous at such times, we all know. Another SIX hit by Shah. Another great over for Rajasthan! Both of these batsmen are heading towards a formidable total. Shah is moving a lot inside his crease. Ends the over with another boundary! Huge over once again. Gayle might keep a record of the sixes that have been hit, specially the ones of his own bowling.

Shah 33* (15b)

09:03 pm 15th over: 115/1 Vettori comes into the attack. Shah smacks him straight down the ground for another boundary. Seven boundaries have been scored of the last 7 balls for Rajasthan. Nine runs from the over.

09:00 pm 14th over: 106/1 Aravind comes into attack. Rahane welcomes him with a boundary straight down the ground for a boundary and also completes his fifty. The second ball is dispatched for another boundary by Rahane. Three back to back boundaries for Rahane! Fine leg is in, a little shorter delivery flies pass the empty region for another boundary. Its four boundaries in a row for Rahane! He is hitting all of them from the middle of his bat. Vettori going to the bowler. And now five in a row! This is a massive over! 20 runs have been scored of the first 5 balls. Six consecutive boundaries for Rahane!!! Whaddaplaayaa!!

Rahane 72* (46b)

08:50 pm 12th over: 75/1 Murali continues. Rahane has had enough, down the wicket he comes and smashes him over long on for a maximum off the first ball! Huge hit! Murali makes a good comeback and gives away just three runs of the next five balls.

08:47 pm 11th over: 66/1 Vettori continues. Dravid gone. Pressure was building up and Dravid had to take his chances. He came down the wicket and the ball passed his bat and pad and de Villiers had no problems. Owais Shah is the new batsman. Five runs and a wicket from that over.

Rahul Dravid st de Villiers b Vettori 25 (32)

08:42 pm 10th over: 61/0 Murali continues. Another good over, just four runs scored.

Time for the first strategic time out.

9th over: 57/0 Vettori continues. Lots of variation from him. Both the batsmen in spite of several attempts, cannot find a boundary.

Rahane 35*(24b) Dravid 23*(29b)

08:34 pm 8th over: 52/0 Murali comes into the attack. 50-run-partnership between the two players. Rahane and Dravid are very watchful while playing the spin legend.

08:31 pm 7th over: 47/0 Vettori comes into the attack. He’s a bit out of form but undoubtedly one of the best in the business. Good start for Vettori, four runs from it.

08:27 pm 6th over: 43/0 Vinay Kumar comes into the attack. Dravid scores a boundary in the cover area.

08:23 pm 5th over: 34/0 Zaheer continues and so do the dot balls. Three dot balls followed by a single. Rahane doesn’t take much time in hitting another SIX!! Down the wicket he comes, flicks a length delivery over square leg for another DLF maximum!

Rahane 26* (16) Dravid 8*(14)

08:19 pm 4th over: 26/0 Arvind continues. The fine leg was in the circle. Bowling short to Dravid isn’t the wisest of things to do. Arvind bowls one short and Dravid welcomes him with a boundary off the first ball. Bowls short again as Dravid manages to score just one. Rahane hits a SIX! Down the wicket he charges, hits it from the middle off the bat, the ball flies over long-on for a DLF maximum! Another short delivery, Rahane pulls it towards deep midwicket for a boundary. Rahane once again becomes the orange cap holder, surpassing Faf Du Plessis (171 runs).

It was the fifth maiden of IPL 2012!

08:14 pm 3rd over: 11/0 Zaheer continues. The idea is not to give any width to Rahane to free his arms. Four dot balls in a row. Rahane tries to pull one with an aggressive shot, fails to connect. Five dot balls so far. It’s a maiden from Zaheer!

2nd over: 08:10 pm 11/0 Arvind comes into the attack. Rahane gets off the mark in style. A little width offered by the bowler and Rahane smashes it towards deep backward point for a boundary. Rahane once again manages to pierce thorugh the off-side, another boundary, another superb placement. Nine runs from it.

08:05 pm 1st over: 2/0 Rahul Dravid got an inside edge of the third delivery that was restricted to just two runs by Muralitharan at the boundary. Not that confident start by Dravid who would have faced Zaheer so many times. Great start by the bowling spearhead.

Dravid and Rahane will open for the Rajasthan Royals. Zaheer Khan to begin the proceedings for Bangalore.

Changes: Pankaj Singh comes in for RR.

Sreenath Arvind and Mohammad Kaif come in for RCB.

7:34 Toss: Rajasthan won the toss and decided to bat first.

In spite of having the big guns on their side, Royal Challengers Bangalore were stunned by a 7- ball 28 scored by Albie Morkel, which snatched the match from them in the penultimate over against Chennai Super Kings. When they meet Rajasthan Royals at their home ground in Bangalore on Sunday, skipper Daniel Vettori and his boys would like to bury the past and put up a good show.

Meanwhile Dravid-led Rajasthan Royals have also suffered two successive defeats. The same has happened with Bangalore as well.

Both the teams lost faced their last defeats while playing in away games and thus Bangalore could use the crowd support in their favour while playing at the home turf.

It’s a big game for RCB skipper Daniel Vettori who was criticized for his captaincy when he asked Kohli to bowl the penultimate over against Chennai Super Kings which cost them the game. In spite of being one of the best bowlers in shorter format of the game, he hasn’t made a significant contribution with the bowl so far. Thus the left-handed spinner would be looking forward to come up with a good show to silence his critics.

Players to look out:

Rajasthan Royals: Ajinkya Rahane, Owais Shah, Brad Hodge

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli, Muttiah Muralitharan