Rajasthan vs Bangalore: As it happened...

Vineet Ramakrishnan

Jaipur: 11.22 pm Over 20 RR: 143/7 OUT!!! Harshal Patel end the match with a wicket of the last ball as RCB thump Rajasthan at home by 46 runs.

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11.18 pm Over 19 RR: 135/6 Just five runs off the 19th over bowled by Zaheer Khan.

11.14 pm Over 18 RR: 130/6 Vinay kumar comes on to bowl. Binny on the other hand trying to salvage the innings, hits a FOUR!!!down the ground.

11.08 pm Over 17 RR: 121/6 Copper scores two FOURS!!! before being holed out at mid off. Zak gets a wicket. RR 6 down.

11.04 pm Over 16 RR: 110/5 Vettori bowls another tight over, 7 runs off it.

11.00 pm Over 15 RR: 103/5 OUT!!! Harshal Patel scalps Brad Hodge and with that, effectively Rajasthan’s run chase as well. Hodge had all the intentions to go after the rookie but a slower one got the better of Hodge.

10.55 pm Over 14 RR: 93/4 OUT!!! Big wicket, Rahul Dravid perishes after playing good hand of 58 off 41 balls, and it’s that man again. KP Appanna, 4 wickets for him. The ball turned viciously as Dravid went back and tried to reach for the ball, only to scoop it up to extra cover. Appanna ends his spell with figures of 4-0-19-4.

10.52 pm Over 13 RR: 91/3 Fine over by Daniel Vettori as the required run rate for Rajasthan goes over 13 rpo.

10.48 pm Over 12 RR: 88/3 DOUBLE WICKET OVER!!! Appanna strikes; he first removes Owais Shah, as the England player charged down the track, gets stumped. Left hander Sreevats Goswami walks in to counter the left armer Appanna but even he perishes getting holed out at deep square leg trying to slog sweep his way. In between Dravid got another FOUR!!!.

10.44 pm Over 11 RR: 80/1 Owais Shah at bay against the pacers and he flicks the length delivery from Patel over square leg boundary for a SIX!!!. Dravid brought up his FIFTY with a punch off the backfoot through extra cover.

10.38 pm Over 10 RR: 67/1 Dravid hits another four, this time a classic drive through extra cover. 8 runs off the over.

10.33 pm Over 9 RR: 59/1 Asking rate going up each ball as Harshal Patel bowls his first over.

10.28 pm Over 8 RR: 57/1 OUT!!! Appanna takes the valuable wicket of Ajinkya Rahane for 13. He had been struggling all along but Dravid going strong.

10. 22 Over 7 RR: 56/0 Vettori bowls a tight over. 8 runs off it.

10.16 pm Over 6 RR: 48/0 Big over for Rajasthan as Dravid dispatches Vinay Kumar for two consecutive FOURS!!!. followed by another FOUR!!! for Rahane. 13 runs off it.

10.12 pm Over 5 RR: 35/0 Vettori into the attack and gives away just 4 runs off his first over.

10.08 pm Over 4 RR: 31/0 Close call for LBW for Rahane and he survives. 6 runs off the over.

10.04 pm Over 3 RR: 25/0 Dravid taking the charge once again as he cuts elegantly for another FOUR!!!.

10.00 pm Over 2 RR: 18/0 Up-ish drive from Rahane and it falls short of Dilshan to point. Next ball, short delivery, Dravid goes back to the backfoot and crashes it for FOUR!!! over midwicket.

9.55 pm Over 1 RR: 8/0 Streaky FOUR!!! for Dravid as he plays an up-ish push between point and cover. 8 runs off the over.

Thunderous hitting in the death overs by AB de Villiers 59 off 23 balls and Dilshan 76 runs off 58 balls elevated the Royal Challengers total to a rather formidable one of 189 runs against Rajasthan Royals at Jaipur.

9.37 pm Over 20 RCB: 189/3 Kevon Copper bowls the final over and Dilshan gets two FOURS!!! of the last two balls as RCB get to 189 for 3 in 20 overs.

9.32 pm Over 19 RCB: 174/3 De Villiers on the attack as he dispatches a slower one from Trivedi over long on. He gets to his FIFTY as well , the second fastest in IPL courtesy an outside edge towards third man and he ends the over with a huge SIX!!!. Short ball, AB climbs on to that and bludgeons it over deep midwicket. 21 runs off the over.

9.25 pm Over 18 RCB: 153/3 Another big over for RCB as de Villiers hoists Copper for a flat SIX!!! over long off, then reverse paddles a low full toss for a FOUR!!! past short third man.
9.20 pm Over 17 RCB: 136/3 Dilshan, de Villiers milking runs now, 14 off his one, courtesy two FOURS!!!

9.16 pm Over 16 RCB: 122/3 SIX!!! and a FOUR!!! from Dilshan as the right hander gets a move on with a well played 50. 15 runs off the over.

9.12 pm Over 15 RCB: 107/3 Welcome FOUR!!! for RCB as Cooper gives only 8 runs of the over.

9.09 pm Over 14 RCB: 99/3 FOUR!!! for Dilshan as he pierces the leg side field with precision. 10 runs off the Hogg over.

9.05 pm Over 13 RCB: 89/3 AB de Villiers strikes two massive SIXES!!! to disturb Chandila’s figures. First one was a long hop and the South African pounces on to that and the ball sails over deep midwicket. Next ball, he chargers down the track, did not get to the pitch of the ball but manages to put it over the boundary. 14 runs off it.

9.00 pm Over 12 RCB: 75/3 OUT!!!, big blow as Gayle departs, Hogg gets the wicket and he puts in the Ganguly-esque celebrations. It was the wrong’un, gayle went for the cut, LBW out.

8.55 pm Over 11 RCB: 64/2 Gayle walks in at No. 4, apparently he threw up minutes before going out to bat. Chandila though concedes just 2 runs off the over.

8.42 pm Over 9 RCB: 57/1 Dilshan picks up another boundary off a short ball as Trivedi concedes 7 runs of the over.

8.38 pm Over 8 RCB: 50/1 Pankaj Singh’s final over and he again bowls it short and Mayank Agarwal gets a FOUR!!!over mid off. Next ball, a quick bouncer and Agarwal gets a lucky FOUR!!! over the keepers head.

8.33 pm Over 7 RCB: 40/1 Siddharth Trivedi into the attack and concedes just 3 runs.

8.28 pm Over 6 RCB: 37/1 Dilshan cracks Pankaj Singh for two FOURS!!!. 10 runs off it.

8.23 pm Over 5 RCB: 27/1 DROPPED It was good over by Cooper but Mayank Agarwal got a reprieve as Stuart Binny dropped a dolly at extra cover.

8.18 pm Over 4 RCB: 25/1 OUT!!! Virat Kohli gone for 16 runs. Good running catch from Brad Hodge as Kohli tried in vain to clear the deep extra cover boundary. Mayank Agarwal comes into bat, why no Gayle???

8.13 pm Over 3 RCB: 23/0 Dilshan comes down the track and clears mid on with ease to get a FOUR!!! 8 runs off the over.

8.08 pm Over 2 RCB: 15/0 MISFIELD by Ajit Chandila and first FOUR!!! for RCB and Kohli through backward point. Kohli gets another boundary, as he dispatches a short and wide delivery over extra cover.

8.04 pm Over 1 RCB: 5/0 SURPRISE! SURPRISE! SURPRISE! first up. No Gayle in the middle. Virat Kohli and T Dilshan open the batting for RCB as offie Ajit Chandila has the new ball in his hand for Rajasthan.

Toss: Rajasthan Royals captain Rahul Dravid won the toss and elected to bowl first against Royal Challengers Bangalore at the Sawai Mansingh stadium, Jaipur here on Monday.

Rajasthan Royals

A Rahane, R Dravid, O Shah, B Hodge, S Binny, K Cooper, S Goswami, B Hogg, Pankaj Singh, S Trivedi.

Royal Challengers Bangalore

T Dilshan, C Gayle, M Agarwal, V Kohli, AB de Villiers, S Tiwary, D Vettori, Vinay Kumar, Z Khan, H Patel, KP Appanna