Rajasthan vs Kolkata: As it happened...

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Jaipur: 20th over: 142 ALL OUT Rajasthan Royals win by 22 runs on their home ground! It has been a great start to IPL 5 for them!

31 runs needed of the last over.

19th over: 134/9 Lee’s leg stump is uprooted by Cooper. End of a brave cameo from Lee. Narine comes in to bat and is bowled. This time his leg stump is uprooted. Cooper is ecstatic, what a find he has been for the Rajasthan Royals. He’s on a hat-trick!! Abdullah avoids the hat-trick. Cooper has become the highest wicket-taker in the tournament now with 7 wickets from 2 matches!

Lee b Cooper 25 (11)

34 needed from the last two overs, can KKR win it?

18th over: / Lee is getting into action. A boundary and a six of successive deliveries. Two sixes from that over! Can Lee bring in a twist here! 19 runs came off that over. Lee is playing a brilliant cameo here.

Tiwary 49* (41b), Lee 25* (10)

17th over: 112/7 Tiwary scored a boundary of the first ball. 14 runs came of that over.

Tiwary 48* (40b), Lee 7* (5)

Kolkata need 63 runs from the last four overs. Tiwary is the only set batsman playing on 40. Lee is capable of hitting some big ones. With three wickets in hand, Kolkata have a rare chance to win this one.

It’s the strategic time-out.

16th over: 98/7 Amit Singh is bowling a tight line making sure he doesn’t give any room to the Kolkata batsmen.

Lee is the new batsman.

15th over: 94/7 Shukla struck a huge sixc high over deep midwicket on the first ball. But he soon departed as he tried to clear the mid on boundary. The ball landed into the safe hands of Owais Shah.
Laxmi Shukla c Shah b Chavan 8(8b)

14th over: 86/8 Tiwary continues to impress with his strokes. Nine runs from that over with a boundary scored by Tiwary. They need more of such boundaries.
Tiwary 37* (30)

13th over: 77/6 Bhatia departs! Trivedi bowls a slower one and Bhatia plays it back to the bowler. KRR are in huge trouble.

Rajat Bhatia c & b Trivedi 8 (8b)

12th over: 77/4 Four runs of that over from Johan Botha.

11th over: 73/5 The danger man departs! Just when he was beginning to look dangerous, he got deceived by a touch slower ball from Trivedi and Hodge completes a good catch coming from square leg. Rajat Bhatia, the new batsman scored a boundary of the last ball.

Pathan c Hodge b Trivedi 15 (14b)

10th over: 65/4 Pathan hits the first one for a DLF maximum! He has been waiting for the spinners to come. Power hitting! The ball sailed over the long-on fence. 13 runs from that over.

Botha comes into the attack.

Time for a strategic time-out. Tiwary is punishing the lose balls, Pathan has been defensive so far.

9th over: 52/4 Fifty comes up for KKR. Two cheeky boundaries scored by Tiwary. No third man, Trivedi gives him width on the last two deliveries which were guided towards the empty area.

Manoj Tiwary 21* (17b), Pathan 08* (10)

8th over: 42/4 Eight runs from that over. Pathan and Tiwary continue to play on a defensive note. Tiwary guided one towards third man for a boundary.

Tiwary 12* (14b), Pathan 7* (7b)

7th over: 34/4 Cooper is chatting with Trivedi. Maybe he is telling how has he managed to pick up wickets every now and then. Tiwary and Pathan have a huge responsibilty ahead. At the moment, they are dealing in singles.

6th over: 27/4 Cooper to bowl. Cooper gets into action. Das gets an inside edge that crashes on to the stumps! Pathan comes in to back. He gave away 29 runs in two overs. Can he compensate it with a match-winning knock? On his day, he can single handedly snatch the macth from the opponents.

Das bowled Cooper 12 (14b)

5th over: 23/3 The first DLF maximum for Kolkata hit by Das. Down the wicket he charged and with perfect timing hit the ball straight over the bowler’s head for a six!

Das 11(11b), Tiwary 3(6b)

4th over: 13/3 First ball defended by Tiwary, no hat-trick. Three runs from that over. Pressure for Kolkata batsmen.

Singh to continue, he is on a hat-trick!

3rd over: 10/3 McCullum departs! Kolkata are collapsing. Three wickets have fallen in the last three balls. It’s a hat-trick of wickets for the team! Not that great bowling, but a poor shot selection from McCullum.

Brendon McCullum 2 (4b)

Chavan to continue

2nd over: 8/1 Kallis perishes, soft dismissalf. Got into the short very eary and the ball landed in the safe hands of Rahul Dravid. Big blow for Kolkata! Gambhir out first ball! Huge blow! Amit Singh is spitting fire here! He’s on a hat-trick!!

Jacques Kallis c Dravid bowled Singh 5 (8b)

Gautam Gambhir c Goswami bowled Singh 0 (1b)

Amit Singh to bowl.

1st over: 4/1 Good first over bowled by Ashok Chavan. Good line and legth, 4 runs from it.

Rajasthan Royals innings:

Kolkata Knight Riders need 165 runs in 20 overs. Well Rajasthan Royals have never lost a match after scoring 160 runs batting first. Kolkata have a strong batting line up.

20th over: 164/5 Cooper immediately takes a single to give Shah the strike. Second delivery was a dot ball, a single was scored of the third. Cooper scored two runs of the fourth ball and a single of the fifth. Shah on strike, last ball of the match. Slashes hard, ball goes past the man at point. Eight runs from the over, good stuff by Abdullah.
Shah, Cooper 23 (11b), Cooper 5 (5b)

Can Shah finish it off in style? Abdullah to ball the last over.

19th over: RR 156/5 Lee bowsl the last over. First ball hit over sweeper cover for a DLF maximum! Second ball past mid-off for a boundary. A single was scored of the third ball. Menaria tried to make some room as a straight delivery by Lee uprooted his middle stump! A great innings by Menaria comes to an end! He thoroughly entertained the crowd. Cooper tried to make some room as Lee fired the fifth ball which was a dot ball. Cooper scored a single off the last ball, umpires signals it to be a NO BALL!! Owais Shah is now on strike. He has hit Lee for a six and a boundary in this over, can he add one more to the list? No, he doesn’t, manages to score two runs of the last ball.

Ashok Menari bowled Lee 40 (30b)

18th over: RR 141/4 Great placement by Maneria. A little width offered by Kallis and he scores a boundary in the off side. Shah got an inside edge as the ball went to square leg fence for a boundary. Menaria got a full toss from Kallis, the last ball of the over, which he smacked over long-on for four. Both these batsmen are hitting some superb strokes!

Menaria 40*, Shah 6*

Owais Shah is the new batsman

17th over: RR 127/4 Strange dismissal for Hodge, Lee strikes first ball! Trying to flick that over third man with a reverse sweep, length ball by Lee, mistimed and caught by McCullum. Soft dismissal. Lee has got a major breakthrough here. End of a good innings from Hodge. Lee is mixing his deliveries here. Not bowling half vollies at all, making sure that the batsmen have to reach out for the ball. An appeal of the last ball for a LBW, the umpires isnt interested.

Brad Hodge c McCullum b Lee 44 (29b)

16th over: RR 125/3 Nine runs from that over bowled by Sunil Narine. Menaria hit the last ball for a boundary.

Menaria 30*, Hodge 44*

15th over: RR 116/3 Hodge is looking dangerous. He moves to 34 from just 21 ball. Back-to-back boundaries by Hodge. Another half volley clobbered towards mid wicket for a boundary. 11 runs from that over. Menaria is hardly getting the strike as Hodge continues to hit brutal blows.

Kallis to bowl. Can he pick a wicket here?

Rajasthan need some more overs like that. KKR have a very strong batting line up. Rajasthan should try and score atleast 180 runs for some fight.

Time for strategic time-out.

14th over: RR 105/3 Hodge strikes the first ball for a six! Length ball and clobbered by the Australian and that almost disappered out of the ground. Second ball cut away for four. Pathan gives some width and Hodge guides it towards a boundary. Another massive six off the fourth ball. Pathan is bowling an ordinary length here and Hodge is sending them for DLF maximums! 17 runs of that over! Power hitting by Hodge.

Pathan back into the attack. He gave 11 runs in his first over.

13th over: RR 88/3 Great fielding from on the leg side by Deba Das. Saved two runs for his side. Hurt his finger in that great attempt, got some treatment and he is fine now.

12th over: RR 81/3 Narine continues to bowl a tight line. Seven runs from that over.

11th over: RR 74/3 Menaria scored a boundary on the leg side. Six runs from that over. Rajasthan batsmen are careful in their approach and they are not taking any risks for the time being.

Bhatia to continue

10th over: RR 68/3 Six runs from that over. Good one by Narine who is mixing his deliveries pretty well.

Sunil Narine comes back into the attack.

Time for the strategic time-out

Brad Hodge is the new batsman.

9th over: RR 62/3 Goswami out! Good yorker by Bhatia, Goswami trying to hit the ball towards third man as the ball crashed with the stumps.

Shreevats Goswami bowled by Bhatia 23

8th over: RR 57/2 Menaria finished the over in style by hitting Pathan over long-off for a DLF maximum!

Yusuf Pathan to bowl

Ashok Menaria is the new batsman

7th over: RR 46/2 Goswami made some room and scored a boundary in the off side. He is definitely releasing some pressure off his skipper. He is managing to pick up boundaries at regular intervals. But Goswami called for two as Iqbal Abdullah fired in a accurate throw and Dravid is gone. Two wickets and both of them run-outs.

Rahul Dravid run out 26

Rajat Bhatia comes into the attack

6th over:RR 37/1 Goswami gets into the attack. He hit back to back good strokes, one for a boundary. Eight runs from that over.

Iqbal Abdullah comes into the attack

5th over: RR 29/1 Narine begins with four dot balls. Lot of variety. But the fourth ball was swept away for a six by Dravid who played the last ball for a single.

Sunil Narine into the attack. He has been impressive for the West Indies

4th over: RR 22/1 Seven runs from that over.

3rd over: RR 15/1 Lee to continue. Huge six hit by Rahul Dravid! Brilliant shot pulled away for a massive six! Dravid cuts another delivery for a boundary. Got a little width and cracked it towards the off side.

Shreevats Goswami is the new batsman

2nd over: RR 4/1 Great fielding by Gautam Gambhir as Rahane was run out. It was drivern towards mid off by Dravid who wanted a quick single, Rahane immediately responded but could not manage to get at the srtikers end on time. Big blow this. Rahane had scored 98 runs for his side in the first match.

Ajinkya Rahane (0) run out by Gambhir

1st over: RR 1/0 Brett Lee began the proceedings and both the openers managed to score just one run from that over. Good pace from Lee.

Kolkata Knight Riders captain Gautam Gambhir won the toss and elected to bowl first against Rajasthan Royals on Sunday.

After a rollicking start to their IPL V campaign, Rajasthan Royals will look to continue the winning momentum when they face Kolkata Knight Riders, who would be equally keen to bounce back from a humiliating defeat in their opening match against Delhi Daredevils.