RCB vs DC: As it happened…

Feroz Khan/Zeenews Sports Bureau

Bangalore: AB de Villiers played blinder of an innings to guide Royal Challengers Bangalore to five-wicket win against Deccan Chargers on Sunday.

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Here is how the match panned out:

Highlights from the RCB innings

11:28 pm Over 19: That’s it! The mauling continues in this over as well as de Villiers takes Rajan to cleaners! He hits the first ball for a boundary over extra cover, the next straight down the gorund for another four and the third for a biggie. Syed Mohammad completes the formality with a boundary as RCB snatch a thrilling win against DC with 5 wickets remaining. Score: 185/5

11:26 pm Over 18: 6, 2,4,6,4 ,1 AB de Villiers is the man for RCB. He has been sent late in the innings and has destroyed his compatriot Dale Steyn! He pulls the first ball for a six to deep midwicket, the next goes for a couple, the third for a boundary, the fourth for another six over extra cover and the fifth for another boundary over short fine leg. What an over for RCB. 23 runs from it. Score: 166/5

11:17 pm Over 17: Out! An eventful over for both the teams! Reddy’s over began with a boundary that came via a reverse hit from the bat of AB de Villiers. Later on Agarwal sent the ball soaring high in the air over deep extra cover for a maximum. Ashish Reddy evened it out in his last delivery as he trapped Agarwal in front of the wicket. He left after scoring 18(6). Score:143/5

11:12 pm Over 16: Out! Dilshan has been bowled by VP Singh. The Sri Lankan had already hit Singh for a boundary off the first delivery towards the deep midwicket region. He attempted a biggie off the next but failed to connect as the ball sneaked past his bat to land on the stumps. He goes after scoring 71(54).

Mayank Agarwal walked in and dismissed the last two deliveries of the over for a six and a four. The former was hit over long-off while the latter to deep midwicket boundary. 17 runs from the over. Score: 130/4

11:04 pm Over 15: Dilshan survives a close run-out attempt after Cameron White found the timber. His survival is crucial for RCB. 8 run from Rajan’s third over. Score: 113/3

10:57 pm Over 14: Double wicket over from Amit Mishra Brilliant stuff from Dale Steyn who has plucked a superb catch by timing his jump to perfection just in front of the wide long-off boundary. Virat Kohli played a nice cover drive off the first delviery but Steyn surprised him with a superb catch. He goes after scoring 9.

Next to depart was Asad Pathan who was sent ahead of AB de Villiers. He played one in the air but couldn’t time it perfectly to be caught by Dale Steyn. He goes after scoring 4. Score: 107/3

10:52 pm Over 13: Ashish Reddy has bowled a good over here conceding just one boundary and a single. The four came from the bat of Virat Kohli towards deep square leg boundary. Score: 102/1

10:48 pm Over 12: Good over from Mishra as he concedes just 4 runs. DC however missed a chance to get Dilshan run-out in the over. Score: 97/1

10:45 pm Over 11: Out! Just after being hammered by the big-hitting Jamaican for a huge six as the ball landed outside the stadium, Rajan came back strongly to knock down his stumps. Gayle walked down the track trying for another biggie but completely missed the ball as it landed on the stumps. A wicket and 10 runs from the over. Score: 93/1

10:38 pm Over 10: Amit Mishra was blowing fine from over the stumps as his first five deliveries went for just 3 runs. However, he came around the stumps to bowl the last delivery and Gayle latched on to it dismissing it over deep square leg boundary for a six. 9 runs from the over. Score: 83/0

10:34 pm Over 9: Ashish continues and his second over goes for 8 runs. It could have been 9 but for Akshath Reddy who dived and managed to keep the ball away from touching the rope. Score: 75/0

10:28 pm Over 8: Leg spinner Amit Mishra comes in to bowl his first over of the match. Dilshan pulls his third delivery for a boundary to deep midwicket region and completes his fifty. 10 runs from the over. Score: 66/0

10:23 pm Over 7: Ashish Reddy introduced into the attack. First three deliveries go for naught. Dilshan manages to play the fourth delivery to mid-off for a boundary. The next is even better as he sweeps one past square leg boundary for a flat six. 11 runs from the over. Score: 57/0

10:18 pm Over 6: Anand Rajan comes in to bowl his first over and Dilshan plays his copyright ‘Dilscoop’ off the second delivery for a boundary. Chris Gayle finally sends one for a boundary flicking the last delivery of the over for his first of the match. 10 runs from the over. Score: 46/0

10:13 pm Over 5: Dilshan charges down the track and smashes the ball hard over VP Singh`s head for a six. 10 runs from the over. Score: 36/0

10:08 pm Over 4: Superb stuff from Dale Steyn! On strike is one of the dangerous striker of the cricket ball and Steyn has bowled fabulously to keep Chris Gayle quiet. He is bowling fast and short, forcing the Jamaican to duck on numerous occasions. Maiden over Score: 26/0

10:03 pm Over 3: Right-arm medium pacer Veer Pratap Singh replaces Shikhar Dhwan. His first four deliveries produce four singles until the fifth one that Dilshan punches past Shangakkara for a boundary. 8 runs from the over. Score:26/0

9:58 pm Over 2: Right-arm pacer Dale Steyn comes in to bowl his first over. His second delivery played towards midwicket gives Dilshan a couple. The fourth one has been dropped short and Dilshan pulls it for a boundary. 7 runs from the over. Score: 18/0

9:53 pm Over 1: Right arm bowler Shikhar Dhawan began the proceedings for Deccan Chargers as Chris Gayle and Tillakaratne Dilshan opened up the batting for Royal Challengers Bangalore. It didn’t work well for the visiting side as a charging Dilshan hit him for two consecutive boundaries towards deep square leg region. 11 runs from the over. Score: 11/0

Highlights from the DC innings

9:35 pm Over 20: Out! RCB have broken up a superb stand of 82 runs between White and Dhawan with the wicket of the former. Parameswaran, who was given the ball to bowl the last over of the innings, bowled one wide that White top edged and the ball ballooned up high in the air and Parameswaran completed a good catch. White departed after scoring 45(24) with an outstanding strike rate of 188!

Skipper Kumar Sangakkara walks in and smashed the first ball he faced to mid-off for a boundary. He faced the last ball of the over and smoked it deep into the stands over wide long on. 14 runs and a wicket from the over. With this Deccan Chargers innings ends at 181/2

9:28 pm Over 19: Dropped! Zaheer Khan misses a catch off his own bowling. It was the last delivery of the over and Dhawan hit it straight back to the bowler. Difficult chance it was though. Earlier in the over Cameron White had deposited Zaheer’s fourth delivery over deep midwicket boundary for a six. 11 runs from the over. Score: 167/1

9:22 pm Over 18: Parameswaran first delivery has been pulled for a boundary to fine leg. The next goes for two runs. The third one has been hit into the stands over fine leg. The next he gets beaten and the final two produce two singles. 14 runs from the over. Score: 156/1

9:16 pmOver 17: Cameron has smoked Mithun’s last three deliveries for a two fours and a six. The first of them, a six, came off a full delivery that was dispatched over deep midwicket, the next two fours were hit towards deep square leg and over extra cover resp. 16 runs from the over. Score: 142/1

9:12 pmOver 16: Finally Deccan Chargers have managed to hit Murali for a boundary. Shikhar Dhawan went inside out to lift the ball over extra cover for another boundary. 9 runs from the over. With this Murali completes his quota of 4 overs giving away just 18 runs. Score: 124/1

9:07 pm Over 15: 50 for Shikhar Dhawan. He tried pulling the first ball from Parameswaran but missed it. However, the next two deliveries went for four towards third man and deep midwicket resp. The second boundary brought up his fifty. Another good over for the Chargers. 10 runs from it. Score: 115/1

9:02 pm Over 14: Cameron White opens up his shoulders sending the third delivery of Syed Mohammad 3rd over for a huge six towards deep midwicket area. 12 runs from the over. Score: 105/1

8:58 pm Over 13: Chris Gayle gets a huge cheer from the crowd as he comes in to bowl his first over. Bowls a decent over until Dhawan reverse sweeps him for a boundary to third man off the last ball. 6 runs from the over. Score: 93/1

8:54 pm Over 12: Out! Heartbreak for Harris as he has to depart as the result of a mix-up with his partner Dhawan that has cost him his wicket and a half-century that he has missed by just 3 runs. He was run-out after running down half the track as Dhawan had played one towards cover and taken a few steps forwards. By the time, Harris was halfway down the pitch and Virat Kohli’s sharp throw to the bowler found him well short of crease. Harris was looking good as he had already dispatched Syed Mohammad’s first delivery into the stands for a six over deep midwicket. He goes after scoring 47(41). 10 runs and a wicket from the over. Score: 87/1

Over 11: Murali has been successful in keeping the Chargers quiet. The two batsmen are trying their best to score off the spinner but the maximum they can extract is a single. Just 3 runs from the over. Score: 77/0

Over 10: Left-arm spinner Jamaluddin Syed Mohammad comes in to bowl his first over. His first over goes for just five runs including a couple. Score: 74/0

8:40 pm Over 9: Harris is having a hard time reading Murali’s doosra. Another good over from the Sri Lankan. 4 runs coming off it. Score: 69/0

8:39 pm Over 8: Just to show the impact Murali can make in this match and how crucial his spell can prove to be for the RCB has been made clear in Tillakaratne Dislhan’s first over. His over has been creamed for 17 runs by the DC. Harris has opened up his shoulders collecting two sixes, both towards deep midwicket boundary and a four towards fine leg off his consecutive deliveries. Score: 65/0

8:34 pm Over 7: The magician from Emeral Isle, Muttiah Muralitharan has been introduced into the attack and bowls an excellent first over that goes for just 2 runs. Score: 48/0

8:31 pm Over 6: Left-arm medium Prasanth Parameswaran has been introduced into the attack and his first three deliveries produce just one runs. Dhawan has survived third run-out chance. Undeterred, he flicks Parameswaran to deep midwicket boundary for his fifth boundary. 7 runs from the over. Score: 46/0

8:25 pm Over 5: Just as one would have thought Zaheer was pulling things back, Harris has hit him over square leg boundary for the first six of the match. It was a short delivery from Khan and Harris pulled it to deep square leg boundary for a maximum. 8 runs from the over. Score: 39/0

8:21 pm Over 4: Shikhar Dhawan is not missing any opportunity to score runs as he goes after a short and wide delivery from Mithun playing it to the backward point for another boundary. Meanwhile, Dhawan has survived another run-out chance the next delivery he faced after hitting a four. 7 runs from the over. Score: 31/0

8:17 pm Over 3: Good comeback from Zaheer Khan as he mixes up his deliveries well enough to keep the batsmen guessing. There was chance of a run-out as Dilshan came in from point but missed the stumps at the striker’s end. Just 2 runs from the over. Score: 24/0

8:12 pm Over 2: In comes right-arm pacer Abhimanyu Mithun and Dhawan greets him with a boundary flicked to deep midwicket. Harris joins his partner and smashes a boundary towards the cover region off the fourth delivery of the over. 11 runs from the over. Score: 22/0

8:07 pm Over 1: Zaheer Khan has started the proceedings for RCB as Daniel Harris and Shikhar Dhawan open up for Deccan Chargers. It has been quite a positive start for the Chargers as in-form batsman Dhawan has scored two boundaries off the left-arm pacer. The first one was a length delivery that was easily flicked away to deep backward square leg boundary while the next one came off an inside edge. 11 runs from the over. Score: 11/0

7:53 pm: Royal Challengers captain Virat Kohli won the toss and decided to bowl first against Deccan Chargers on Sunday.