Taylor eyeing return to IPL after undergoing arm surgery

Wellington: New Zealand skipper Ross Taylor is set for a rapid return to the Indian Premier League after undergoing an arm surgery.

“I said I`d be available for the game on the 16th. Whether I`m picked or not is obviously up to the coaches, but obviously I`m doing everything I can possible to try and play,” a website quoted Taylor, as saying.

He said the operation helped to speed up his recovery and added that the wrist was now close to being completely healed.

"I don`t think I would have been able to be here if it hadn`t been for the operation. The body is a funny thing. I was fortunate that I recovered quicker than perhaps I or other people, thought [I could],” he added.

Taylor said he would be happy to slot into the batting order whenever he was required, but said his preference was the middle order.

I`ll bat wherever the coach and the captain want me to bat. At Rajasthan, I was the designated finisher, so No 4 or 5 is probably my spot."

Taylor`s deal with Delhi is worth 1.21 dollar million per season, but will miss out on tens of thousands of dollars every time he is unavailable or is not selected as IPL players are paid on a strict pay-as-you-play basis.

Taylor said that limited TV coverage in previous seasons had prevented the IPL from capturing the imagination of Kiwi sports fans.

"Last year the IPL wasn`t live [in New Zealand] and I don`t think even the highlights were [on television]. The time slots are a little bit different, it`s little bit tough to watch. The games are live now. I think every year the New Zealand cricket public will grasp it a little more. I`m sure in two years`` time, if it is live, the New Zealand public will have a better perception of it,” he added.