IPL 2013: Bangalore vs Pune - As it happened...
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Last Updated: Tuesday, April 23, 2013, 20:43
IPL 2013: Bangalore vs Pune - As it happened... ====================================================================================

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PWI innings:

Over 20|| Score 133/9

Chris Gayle to bowl the final over. Murtaza scores a boundary off the second delivery via an edge. Gayle picks up his wicket as Murtaza charges down the track and wicketkeeper takes the bails off. Gayle takes another wicket off the fifth delivery castling Ishwar Pandey for a duck. Ashok Dinda takes a single off the final delivery and RCB have won this game by 130 runs!

Over 19|| Score 128/7

RP Singh to bowl the penultimate over. He too gets a wicket off his fifth delivery having Bhuvneshwar Kumar caught by wicketkeeper. He scored 6 (12b, 4X1). Just two runs from the over and a wicket too.

Over 18|| Score 126/6

Ravi Rampaul into his fourth and final over. Just two runs from it.

Over 17|| Score 124/6

Vinay is back. Vinay cleans up Mitchell Marsh. Marsh is on his way back to the dugout after scoring 25 (23b, 6X2). It was the second delivery of the over and Marsh went for a big swing, aiming for the midwicket region but only managed a thin inside edge. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the new batsman in the middle. The fifth delivery is short and Kumar bends down, top edges it over the keepers' head for a boundary. Five runs and a wicket from the over.

Over 16|| Score 119/5

RP Singh is back. Manhas collects a boundary off the third delivery lofting it over covers. Eight runs from the over that include a boundary, a couple and two singles.

Over 15|| Score 111/5

The required run rate seems impossible to be managed at the moment. A six over midwicket boundary off the final delivery by Marsh. 10 runs from the over. Required run rate is now 30.60

Over 14|| Score 101/5

Rampaul is back and he picks up the wicket of Steve Smith off his third delivery. A short one and Smith went for the pull. Mishit it and ultimately was caught by Dilshan at midwicket. He scored 41 (31b, 4X6). In walks Mithun Manhas. Just a single and a wicket from the over.

Over 13|| Score 100/4

Unadkat is back. He picked up two wickets in his first over of the innings. A couple off his first takes the total to 95. PWI add four singles off the next four deliveries. Another single off the final delivery takes the score to 100 runs. Seven runs from the over.

Over 12|| Score 93/4

Kumar to bowl his fourth over. Off the fifth delivery, Smith gets an inside edge that runs to the fine leg boundary. That four brought up the fifty-run partnership between Marsh and Smith. Eight runs from the over.

Over 11|| Score 85/4green

Kartik continues. A poor fielding by Unadkat off the third delivery allows Smith to collect his fifth boundary employing a sweep. Nine runs from the over. Pune need 176 runs off 54 deliveries with six wickets in hand.

Over 10|| Score 76/4

Vinay brought back. Third delivery is pulled to midwicket region for a boundary by Smith. Four more runs from the over collected via four singles. Eight runs from the over.

Over 9|| Score 68/4

Murali Kartik is back. Smith pulls the second delivery to deep midwicket for a boundary. Seven runs from the over. Time for a strategic break.

Over 8|| Score 61/4

Unadkat continues. Smith plays the first delivery over mid-off for a boundary that brings the 50 runs for the PWI. He pulls the fourth delivery to midwicket region for another boundary. Marsh deposits the sixth delivery over midwicket boundary for a maximum. 15 runs from the over.

Over 7|| Score 49/4

Vinay Kumar introduced into the attack. Just three runs from it. Mitchell Marsh and Steve Smith are in the middle. Can they do the impossible?

Over 6|| Score 43/4

Jaydev Unadkat introduced into the attack and he gets the wicket of Luke Wright. Wright was looking to smash it for a biggie but ended up mishitting it. AB de Villiers had to run back but managed to hold on to the catch. A big sigh of relief on his face is evident as he completes the catch. The next delivery is banged short and Yuvraj top edges it over wicketkeeper for a boundary. Yuvraj then was caught by Virat Kohli at mid-on off the next delivery. He had no other choice but to keep hitting every other delivery. That was a mishit pull by the southpaw. He scored 16 (14b, 4X2). In walks Steve Smith. PWI seem crumbling under the burden of the huge target.

Over 5|| Score 37/2

Rampaul continues and he nets the big fish! Finch has looking to go over mid off but Murali jumped and managed to hold on to the catch and then broke into wild celebrations. This is a big blow to Pune! Finch scored 18 (15b, 4X4). In walks Luke Wright. Rampaul fires one on to his ribs, manages an awkward pull and was nearly caught by Tiwary. He ended the over on a high depositing the final delivery over long off boundary for a maximum. 10 runs and a wicket from the over.

Over 4|| Score 27/1

RP continues. Finch plays the first delivery over covers for a boundary. He plays the third delivery through point and scores another boundary. Eight runs from it.

Over 3|| Score 19/1

Third over and third new bowler. Ravi Rampaul has been thrown the ball. Yuvraj scores a boundary off the third delivery via an edge to third man region. Eight runs from the over - all to Yuvi.

Over 2|| Score 11/1

Left-arm medium pacer RP Singh to bowl the second over. Just two runs from it - one each to Finch and Yuvraj.

Over 1|| Score 9/1

A humongous task awaits Pune batsmen as they look to chase RCB target of 264 runs. Kohli tosses the ball to Murali Kartik. So, a spinner to start the proceedings. And Uthappa is gone! The second delivery of the innings and Uthappa top edges a reverse sweep that is easily caught by RP Singh. He goes back to the hutch for a duck. In walks Yuvraj Singh at No. 3. Finch is on strike and he scores consecutive boundaries off the third and fourth delivery. A wicket and nine runs from the over.

RCB innings:

Over 20|| Score 263/5

Dinda will bowl the final over. Gayle smashes the first delivery over long-off for another maximum. He takes a single off the next. Tiwary scores a couple off the next. He gets caught at long-off by Marsh off the next. He scored 2 (2b). Ravi Rampaul is the new man in the middle. He is caught by Marsh off the final delivery as RCB end their innings at 263/5. End of an incredible RCB innings led by Chris Gayle who has broken the record for the highest individual score in T20 cricket and returns unbeaten at 175* (66b, 4X13, 6X17). Oh and he has also hit the fastest ever century across all formats as well. Stunning!

Over 19|| Score 253/3

Mitchell Marsh is back. 4,6 and 6. De Villiers takes Marsh to the cleaners. Gayle takes a backseat as de Villiers unleashes his strokes. The four was hit sqaure of the wicket, the six was a result of a scoop over fine leg while the second six was over deep midwicket. Off the fifth delivery, De Villiers gets caught by Manhas at point. He scored 31 (8b, 4X3, 6X3). Saurabh Tiwary is the new man in the middle. 19 runs and a wicket from the over.

Over 18|| Score 234/2

B. Kumar returns. Though he hasn't taken a wicket today, still he has managed to keep RCB batsman quiet. However, now even he is not being spared as Gayle hits a boundary off the first delivery of the over to midwicket. He takes a single off the next and Pandey cannot stop the ball from crossing the fence as de Villiers collects another boundary. He takes a single and now it is Gayle's turn to make some killing (he has been doing since the beginning of the innings!). A low full toss and Gayle smashes it past the non-strikers' end for yet another boundary. Meanwhile, Gayle has become the man with the highest ever individual score in T20 cricket. 15 runs from the over.

Over 17|| Score 219/2

Dinda is back. Kohli makes his presence felt with a six over midwicket boundary off the first delivery. OUT! And Kohli is livid with himself as he has been caught short of his crease by Dinda and has to depart. A good delivery from Dinda, Kohli plays it to his on side, sets off for a quick single. Dinda is quick and finds the timbers at the non-strikers' end. Kohli scored 11 (9b, 6X1). In walks AB de Villiers. The fifth delivery is a low full toss and de Villiers plays it to midwicket region for a boundary. He follows that it with a maximum over long-off.

Over 16|| Score 201/1

MS Dhoni on Twitter: Life is all about taking the right decision,seeing Gayle bat today I think I took the right decision of being a wicket keeper.

Luke Wright into his final over. He gives away just five runs. A successful spell comes to an end. His figures: 4-0-26-1

Over 15|| Score 196/1

Spin returns in Ali Murtaza. The first produces a single. He goes wide off the next and the result is a boundary. The third has been launched high over the roof of the stadium over long on for another maximum. The next is a wide. The fourth delivery is deposited over midwicket region for a six. The fifth is a boundary while off the last the big man reaches his 150 with another huge six. He is 153*. Kohli is all praise. This is magic! 28 runs from the over.

Over 14|| Score 168/1

Wright continues. Off the second delivery, Gayle unleashes a powerful drive through covers for a boundary. He takes a single off the next. Dilshan is on strike and he has been caught by Murtaza at extra cover. He was looking to go over that region but failed in his endeavor. He scored 33 (36b, 4X5). In walks Virat Kohli. A wicket and seven runs from the over. Finally some respite for Pune Warriors.

Over 13|| Score 161/0

Mitchell Marsh is back. The first five balls produce just four singles. Gayle ends the over with a huge six as the ball lands over the roof of the stadium. The big man has now 13 sixes to his name in this innings. How far will he go?

Over 12|| Score 151/0

Wright continues. Starts with a slower one, Gayle defends it back. Off the second, attempts a pull but misses it. The third delivery is full and he loosens up a bit and swings it high over long off for another huge six. 11 runs from the over the include two wides as well.

Over 11|| Score 140/0

Ishwar Pandey back into the attack. Dilshan welcomes him back with a boundary to backward square leg region. I wonder whether anyone remembers that Dilshan is in the middle as well. This has been a total Gayle show. Pune camp wearing a stunned look at the moment. After the next four deliveries are taken for a single each, Dilshan scores another boundary to backward square leg region. 12 runs from the over.

Over 10|| Score 128/0

Fellas! We're back. Luke Wright into the attack. Can he put a full stop on Gayle-storm that has engulfed M Chinnaswamy stadium? A quiet over this. Just four from it. Believe it or not, Gayle has actually let one go past him!

Over 9|| Score 124/0

Dinda is back. Dilshan places the first delivery past the bowler for a boundary. He takes a single off the next. Gayle is on strike. The crowd is waiting in anticipation. He misses the third delivery. Takes a single off the next. Dilshan is on strike. He takes a single off the next and Gayle comes back on strike. Meanwhile, umpire signals it as no ball. Gayle launches this delivery out of the stadium for a huge maximum! 112 metres!!! This is the fastest century in the history of the IPL. 102 off 30 deliveries. This is murder! Time for a much needed strategic break. Ask Finch how much he needed that!

Over 8|| Score 109/0

Captain takes the charge and it is Aaron Finch who will be bowling now. Dilshan takes a single off the first and the rest as they say is history! He hasn't spared the captain either destroying him for 29 runs made with the help of four sixes and a boundary straight over the bowlers' head. Gayle is now on 95 off just 27 deliveries! Can he break the record for the fastest ever century in any format of the game?

Over 7|| Score 80/0

Left-arm spinner Ali Murtaza into the attack. And the plundering continues. The first delivery goes past short third man fielder for a boundary. The second delivery swung over midwicket boundary for a maximum. The fifth delivery is met with the same treatment and is deposited into the stands over deep midwicket boundary. There was an appeal for a catch off the final delivery but replays clearly showed that it had bounced off the track before wicketkeeper Uthappa claimed the catch. 18 runs from the over.

Over 6|| Score 62/0

An excellent over from Kumar under the circumstances. Just one run from it and that too off a wide delivery. It is another fact that Dilshan and not Gayle was on strike.

Over 5|| Score 61/0

Oh Dear! Mitchell Marsh won't forget this over for a very long time. Four Sixes and a boundary - all from the blade of Gayle. The first of them came off the first delivery over long-on, the next over cover, the third delivery went for a boundary, fourth went for no run while the fifth and sixth delivery went for maximum! Gayle has reached his half-century in just 17 deliveries.

Over 4|| Score 33/0

That expensive first over has forced Finch to replace Pandey with Ashok Dinda. Dilshan scores a boundary off the fourth delivery through cover region. Five runs from it.

Over 3|| Score 28/0

Kumar continues. Dilshan manages a boundary from the over employing paddle scoop off the fifth delivery. Just four from the over.

Over 2 || Score 24/0

And we're back people! The rain has stopped. The Gayle-storm continues. The burly Jamaican has taken Pandey to cleaners. He has creamed him for 21 runs that include five boundaries.

Over 1.2 || Score 11/0

Ishwar Pandey to make his debut. The first ball is full and wide for Gayle and he smashes that through covers for a boundary! The second ball is short and wide again and Gayle bisects the gap between point and cover for another boundary!

And just when you thought that the Gaylestorm had arrived, the play has been interrupted due to rain! Ishwar Pandey won’t mind that.

Chris Gayle 9* (5b) Tillakaratne Dilshan 2* (3b)


Over 1 || Score 3/0

Bhuvaneshwar Kumar to bowl the first over, Gayle and Dilshan to open for RCB. Good start for Pune, just three from the over.


Aaron Finch will once again lead the Pune Warriors.

TOSS: Virat spins and Finch wins it who decides to bowl first.


Pune Warriors India have shown some teeth in the last couple of matches but they will have to come with all guns blazing against the Royal Challengers Bangalore who have some of the most hard-hitting batsmen. Luke Wright was a star player for them with the bat in their last game but he also became the villain towards the end as David Miller won the game for Kings XI Punjab in the final over. Aaron Finch led them in the previous match and also slammed a fifty that strengthened his chance for becoming a regular skipper.

For RCB, a Gaylestorm is due and it could be seen on their home ground once again and the Kohli-led side haven’t lost a game this year in front of the home crowd. Gayle has been well supported by the in-form Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers. Bangalore have found a good pace bowler in Ravi Rampaul who has got them crucial breakthroughs and his team would want him and Vinay Kumar to once again deliver on the home ground.

First Published: Tuesday, April 23, 2013, 20:43

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