IPL 2014: Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Delhi Daredevils – As it happened...

By Chaitan Papnai | Updated: Apr 25, 2014, 15:10 PM IST

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Delhi Daredevils Innings

Over 20 || Score 180/4

20 need off the last over of the match. Bhuvi has the ball in hand. First ball, Tiwary took a single. Second ball, Duminy is on strike. Bhuvi bowled a yorker and gave just a single. Good over so far. 18 needed off the last four. Third ball, Tiwary slapped the bowler for a boundary towards point region. Fourth ball, another single. Fifth ball, Duminy slapped the bowler straight over his head for a six. Six needed off the last ball. Bhuvi bowled another yorker and only two runs came from it. So finally, in a close encounter SRH beat DD by four runs in a high scoring match.


Over 19 || Score 165/4

31 needed of the last 12 balls. Steyn to bowl the penultimate over. First ball was a dot form the speedster. Off the next, Tiwary played a cheeky shot towards fine leg for a boundary. Single in the third ball. Off the fourth Duminy slapped the bowler over point region for the second boundary. In the fifth came a single. Sixth ball, Tiwary took a single. 11 from the over.


Over 18 || Score 154/4

Mishra is back. 49 required from 18 balls. Two sixes in the first four balls. First from Tiwary's bat and then from Duminy's willow. Mishra conceded 16 from the over. Meanwhile, DD crossed the mark of 150 runs.


Over 17 || Score

Steyn is ready with his third over. 56 needed in the last 24 balls. DK and KP are in the middle for DD. First ball, DK took a risky single. Second ball, KP slapped the ball over point region for a boundary. Third ball, Sammy stopped a boundary as single came from it. Fourth ball, Karthik Out! DK tried to hit the bowler out of the park but failed to connect it well and at deep mid-wicket Rahul took a simple catch. JP Duminy is the new man in.Double blow for DD KP got out off the next, as he tried to clear the long-on boundary and Sammy took the catch at deep. Steyn on hat-trick Single off the last.

KP Pietersen c Sammy b Steyn 16 (17b)

KD Karthik c Rahul b Steyn 15 (14b)


Over 16 || Score 129/2

Sammy to bowl the over. 66 runs needed int he last 30 balls. Two runs came off the first three balls. Fourth was a dot. Off the fifth came a single. In the last delivery KP smacked the bowler out of the park over cow corner. Ten from the over.


Over 15 || Score 119/2

Mishra with his third over. Mishra didn't give both the batsmen any loose ball to score a boundary and contain them well in the over. Only five came from it.


Over 14 || Score 114/2

Sharma to is ready to bowl his final over. The leg-spinner bowled a tight over as he conceded mere four from it, all in singles. Sharma ended up with an impressive figures of 4-23-1 with the ball.


Over 13 || Score 110/2

Sammy has been reintroduced into the attack. First ball went for a four as Vijay got the thick edge and the ball raced away for four. Vijay Out. Vijay tried to launch the bowler for a maximum but couldn't manage to connect it well and Steyn took a simple catch at long on. Both the openers are now back into the hut. Karthik is the new man in. Off the fifth ball, Karthik collected a boundary by playing a strange kind of switch hit. 11 from the over.

M Vijay c Steyn b Sammy 52 (40b)


Over 12 || Score 99/1

Karn Sharma is back into the attack. De Kock Out! Off the second ball, Kock tried to launched the bowler out of the park but at deep mid-wicket, Finch took a smart catch. Sharma gave his team the first breakthrough. KP is the new man in. One run came from the over and a wicket.

Q de Kock c Finch b Sharma 48 (30b)


Over 11 || Score 98/0

Mishra with his second over. Off the second ball, Vijay launched the bowler for a six over extra covers by playing an in-side out shot. Three singles came off the next three balls. Off the last, de Kock placed the ball towards deep point for a double. 12 from the over.


Over 10 || Score 86/0

Bhuvi has been brought back into the attack. Off the second, Vijay was lucky, as he got a thick outside edge of his bat, which flew away over wicket-keepers head. Then came two singles. Off the last two balls Vijay slapped the bowler over mid-wicket to collect two boundaries. 14 came from the over.


Over 9 || Score 72/0

Amit Mishra has been given the ball. He has to take wickets as well as contain runs from one end. In the first four balls came two runs, both in singles. Off the fourth De Kock collected a single. Vijay chipped the next over bowler head for another single. Last one was a dot. Three from the over.


Over 8 || Score 69/0

Sharma to continue. Once again de Kock collected two boundaries. First the southpaw played a reverse sweep and got the boundary towards third man and then off the last he slogged the bowler for the second boundary over mid-wicket. 12 from the over.


Over 7 || Score 57/0

Darren Sammy has been introduced into the attack for the first time. De Kock, welcomed the West Indian by hitting him for a boundary towards point region. Then in the fourth Kock collected his second obundary towards fine leg. And in the last ball Vijay played a cheeky shot towards fine leg for the third boundary of the over. Sammy conceded 13 in his first over. Meanwhile, DD also crossed the mark of 50 runs.


Over 6 || Score 44/0

Leg-spinner Karn Sharma is to bowl his first over. Off the second ball, De Kock waked his slightly short of length delivery towards mid-wicket for a boundary. But apart from that it was a good over by the spinner as he gave mere three singles in the remaining balls. Seven from the over.


Over 5 || Score 37/0

Steyn with his second over. Two singles came from the first four balls. Fifth was dot. Off the last De Kock played an interesting shot off Steyn as he flicked the bowler for six over fine leg. Eight came from the over.


Over 4 || Score 29/0

Venugopal Rao has been given the ball. Five runs came from the first five balls. Off the last Vijay played an inside-out to wack the bowler over extra cover for a boundary. Another good over for DD as nine came from it.


Over 3 || Score 20/0

Bhuvi with his second over. Off the second ball, Vijay collected his first boundary by playing the ball straight over bowlers head. Four came from rest of the over. Bhuvi conceded eight in the over.


Over 2 || Score 12/0

Dale Steyn is sharing the new ball with Bhuvi. First ball, de Kock slapped him for a four straight down the ground. In the next five balls came mere four singles. Steyn conceded eight off his first over.


Over 1 || Score 4/0

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is starting the bowling proceedings for SRH, whereas M Vijay and Quinton de Kock are opening the batting for DD. Good over first up by Buvi as he gave mere four in the opening over of the Innings.


Sunrisers Hyderabad Innnigs

Over 20 || Score 184/1

Unadkat is ready to bowl the final over of the innings. Four singles came from the first four balls. The next ball was a dot one. Off the last Finch smacked the bowler for a six over mid-wicket. Ten came from the last over. Both the Australians remained unbeaten – Finch 88 and Warner 58.


Over 19 || Score 174/1

Mohammed Shami is ready to bowl the penultimate over. First ball, full toss, Warner launched the bowler out of the park over fine leg. Off the next three balls came four runs. Fifth was a dot. Last ball, and Warner slaps the bowler straight past the bowler for another boundary. Meanwhile, Warner also completed his half century.


Over 18 || Score 160/1

Jaydev Unadkat is back to bowl at the death overs. Three came from the first two balls. Then came three boundaries and a six off the next four balls. All came from the bat of Finch. After collecting three consecutive boundaries he launched the bowler for six off the last. 21 runs from the over.


Over 17 || Score 139/1

Nadeem to bowl his last over. Off the third ball Warner smacked the bowler for a six over square leg boundary. 11 came from the over. Another good over for SRH.


Over 16 || Score 128/1

Parnell is back to bowl his final over. A boundary and six runs came from the over. But off the last ball Tiwary droppedhis second catch of the match when he put down a high catch of Warner. Ten from the over. From here on SRH must be eyeing to put up a toal of around 170.


Over 15 || Score 118/1

Shukla with his second over. Second ball was wacked for a six over long on by Finch. Off the next two balls Finch collected two more boundaries. One towards third man and second towards the cover region. With thatFinch completed his fifty. Big over for SRH as 19 came from it. Meanwhile, SRH also crossed the mark of 100 runs.


Over 14 || Score 99/1

Parnell to bowl the over. Three runs came in the first five balls. Off the last Warner convert the full toss for a boundary over square leg. That was the only bad ball in the over and was rightly punished. Seven came from the over. SRH are one shy of reaching the hundred run mark.


Over 13 || Score 92/1

Laxmi Shukla has been given the ball for the first time in the match. Five dot balls in the over. Off the second ball came two runs and that's the only scoring shot in the over. Runs are dried up for SRH in the last three to four overs.


Over 12 || Score 90/1

Shami is back with his third over. And the Indian seamer bowled an excellent over. He didn't give the batsmen much room to free their arms. Five came from the over, all in singles. At the moment, both the batsmen in the middle are finding it difficult to score runs in boundaries.


Over 11 || Score 85/1

Unadkat is ready to ball. Three came off the first three balls, all in singles. The next two deliveries were dot balls. Off the last came a single. A tight over by the left-arm seamer. An excellent display of good line and length, even when two hard-hitters -- Finch and Warner --are in the middle.


Over 10 || Score 81/1

Duminy to bowl his second over. In the first three balls came mere two runs. Off the next Finch, smacked the bowler out of the park over extra covers. What a hit! It's a typical T20 shot. Nine from the over.


Over 9 || Score 72/1

Nadeem is ready to bowl his third over. Tight over by the left-armer as he conceded mere five from the over.


Over 8 || Score 67/1

JP Duminy has been given the ball for the first time. After taking two singles of the first two balls, Warner launched the bowler for a maximum over long-on, in the third. Ten came from the over.


Over 7 || Score 57/1

Nadeem has been brought back into the attack. Dhawan Out! Off his second ball the left-arm slow gave DD their first breakthrough of the match. It was short ball on leg stump, Dhawan tried to play it over the short- fine leg fielder but got the top edge and KP took a simple catch. David Warner is the new man in.

S Dhawan c Pietersen b Nadeem 33 (22b)


Over 6 || Score 55/0

Jaydev Unadkat has been introduced as a second change bowler. In the first thee balls came two runs. Off the fourth, Dhawan collected his fifth boundary towards point region. Poor bowling by the DD seamers. They are offering too much room. Eight from the over. Good start by SRH.


Over 5 || Score 47/0

Parnell with his second over. Again a short and wide ball first up and Dhawan cut the ball towards point region for a boundary. Off the next, Dhawan smacked the bowler over fine leg for a six. In the next, Dhawan collected another boundary. He is one a roll here. Dropped! In the next, Manoj Tiwary dropped a simple catch of Dhawan at point. Fifteen came from the over.


Over 4 || Score 32/0

Mohammed Shami is ready with his second over. First ball was over-pitched and Finch samshed the bowler over mid-off for a boundary. Off the fifth, Shami smack the short and wide ball towards third man to collect his second boundary. Ten came from the over.


Over 3 || Score 22/0

Wayne Parnell has been brought into the attack in the third over. Dhawan welcomed the bowler by hitting his second ball for a boundary, once again on the on-side. Apart from the boundary, three runs came from the over.


Over 2 || Score 15/0

Mohammed Shami is sharing the new ball with Nadeem. Five singles came of the first five balls. Shami has picked up a good line and length from the first over. But he bowled a wide and short ball to Dhawan and got punished as the southpaw slapped a four towards cover region. Nine came from the over.


Over 1 || Score 6/1

First three balls were dot by Nadeem. Off the fourth came a single. Sixth ball of the match was a wide. In the last ball Finch placed it towards on side to collect the first boundary of the match. Six from the opening over of the match.


Shikhar Dhawan and Aaron Finch are in the middle to open the innings for Sunrisers Hyderabad, whereas, spinner Shahbaz Nadeem has the new ball in hand to start the bowling proceedings for Delhi Daredevils.


Toss: Sunrisers Hyderabad won the toss and elected to bat first. Good news for DD fans as KP is playing in the match. One change in SRH, Irfan Pathan has been replaced by Naman Ojha, whereas, there are three changes in DD playing XI. Quinton de Kock, Wayne Parnell and Laxmi Shukla are in for DD.

Within a few minutes Sunrisers Hyderabad will lock horns with Delhi Daredevils at Dubai International Cricket Stadium in the 12th match of the Indian Premier League`s seventh edition.

After two back-to-back defeats, Sunrisers Hyderabad will be eager to bounce back against Delhi Daredevils, who are likely to be boosted by the return of their regular skipper Kevin Pietersen.

In their first match SRH lost to Rajasthan Royals by four wickets and then were thrashed by KXIP by 72 runs.

Delhi, also started off their campaign on a poor note as they lost their opening game by eight-wicket to Royal Challengers Bangalore. But in the next game, they bounced back against Kolkata Knight Riders to win their first game of the season. In the third match, a batting failure saw them suffer an embarrassing 93-run loss to Chennai franchise CSK.

In the absence of Kevin Pietersen, who was nursing an injury on his little finger, DD looked nothing more than a mediocre side.

The former England skipper is hopeful of leading the Delhi outfit in today`s encounter which will also give a big boost to their batting as well.

Hyderabad whose batting line up looked top heavy with three big-hitters Shikhar Dhawan, Aaron Finch and David Warner, in their side, haven't really exploded with the bat.

The middle-order too have failed with the likes of Lokesh Rahul and Y Venugopal Rao struggling to keep the scoreboard ticking.

Though their bowlers had done well against Rajasthan when they took the game down to the wires, Dhawan`s bowlers could not withstand the Maxwell tide on Tuesday. Also their fielding was not upto the mark against Punjab.

Pace duo of Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Dale Steyn has been pretty consistent so far with the former blooming under the South African`s guidance as he went on to pick four wickets in two matches.

Amit Mishra has snapped two wickets in each match, though he was at the receiving end of Maxwell in their last game and a lot would depend on the leg-spinner tomorrow.

For Delhi, Mohammad Shami has been the spearhead of their pace attack, while Jaydev Unadkat too has done well to take four wickets in the two games he played so far.

But they would be effected by the absence of Australian quick Nathan Coulter-Nile, who suffered a hamstring injury when diving to field a ball during the game against Chennai.

But Delhi spinners have disappointed as neither Shahbaz Nadeem nor JP Duminy could do much to stop the rival batsmen so far.

Teams: (From)

Sunrisers Hyderabad: S Dhawan (C), S Anirudha, A Ashish Reddy, RK Bhui, AJ Finch, MC Henriques, JO Holder, MC Juneja, B Kumar, CV Milind, A Mishra, NV Ojha?, P Parameswaran, Parvez Rasool, IK Pathan, AG Paunikar, KL Rahul, DJG Sammy, I Sharma, KV Sharma, DW Steyn, BRM Taylor, Y Venugopal Rao, DA Warner

Delhi Daredevils: MA Agarwal, NM Coulter-Nile, Q de Kock, JP Duminy, KM Jadhav, KD Karthik (C), S Kaul, Milind Kumar, Mohammed Shami, S Nadeem, JDS Neesham, WD Parnell, KP Pietersen, HS Sharath, R Sharma, LR Shukla, R Shukla, LRPL Taylor, MK Tiwary, SS Tiwary, JD Unadkat, M Vijay, J Yadav