IPL 7, 23rd Match: Rajasthan Royals vs Delhi Daredevils – As it happened...

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Rajasthan Royals innings:

Over 18.3 || Score 156/3

Unadkat to bowl his final over. He began with a slower one which was picked by Nair who hit it over covers for a boundary! Just one needed now. Unadkat bowled another slow ball which ended up being a full-toss, and Nair hit it over point for the winning runs! Nair has carried his bat throughout the innings. It has been a stupendous knock!

Karun Nair 73* (50b) Shane Watson 16* (10b)


Over 18 || Score 148/3

Parnell to bowl his final over. His second ball was slightly wide and Nair played it past the keeper for a boundary! Parnell ended his spell with a length delivery and was punished by Watson who smacked it over deep midwicket for a Six! 12 runs from the over and Rajasthan now need just 5 runs off the next 12 balls.


Over 17 || Score 136/3

Unadkat to bowl his third over. Nair once again charged down the wicket off the fifth ball and cleared long-on for another Six! Nair has used his feet brilliantly today and he could be one of the upcoming stars for Rajasthan Royals, who believe in promoting young talent. 12 from the over, 17 needed from 18 now.


Over 16 || Score 124/3

Nadeem to bowl his final over. Watson charged down the wicket off the third ball and launched it over long-on for a Six! Nine from the over, 29 needed from 24 now.


Over 15 || Score 115/3

Shami to bowl his final over. Shami bowled an off-cutter to end his spell, Bhatia missed the line and it hit the stumps, Bhatia is OUT! Four runs from the over. Rajasthan now need 38 runs from the last five overs.

R Bhatia b Mohammed Shami 17 (13b)


Over 14 || Score 111/2

Parnell to bowl his third over. Parnell bowled one outside the off-stump and Nair played a fine late cut past third man for a boundary! Ten runs from the over.


Over 13 || Score 101/2

Sharma to bowl his third over. Bhatia charged down the wicket off the third ball and hit it high over long-on for a Six! Karun played a late cut off the last ball of the over which went past wide of third man for a boundary! Just when you thought what Bhatia was doing ahead of Watson, he slaps a few good looking strokes to control the required run-rate. 15 runs from the over.


Over 12 || Score 86/2

Unadkat has been brought back into the attack. Karun charged down the wicket to a ball which was slightly full, hit it over extra-cover for a Six! Ten runs from the over.


Over 11 || Score 76/2

Shami to bowl his third over. Rajat Bhatia has been promoted up the order. Five runs from the over.


Over 10 || Score 71/2

Nadeem to bowl his third over. Samson saw some flight off the fourth ball and he smashed it over the bowler's head for a straight Six! 11 runs from the over.

SV Samson st Karthik b Nadeem 34 (28b)


Over 9 || Score 60/1

Sharma to continue. Fourth delivery was overpitched and Nair hit it over extra-cover for a wonderful boundary! Both these players have played some superb shots already. Eight from the over.


Over 8 || Score 52/1

Nadeem to bowl his second over. Five runs from the over.


Over 7 || Score 47/1

Rahul Sharma has been brought into the attack. Nair played a late cut off the third ball which rushed past third man for a boundary! Nine runs from the over.


Over 6 || Score 38/1

Unadkat to continue. His third ball was slightly overpitched and Samson hit it straight down the ground for a Six! Seven runs from the over.


Over 5 || Score 31/1

Shami to bowl his second over. Good over from Shami, four runs from it.


Over 4 || Score 27/1

Jaydev Unadkat has been brought into the attack. It was proving to be a decent over before Unadkat bowled a short one to Samson, who slapped it past square leg for a boundary! Six runs from the over.


Over 3 || Score 21/1

Wayne Parnell has been brought into the attack. Fine leg was inside the circle, Parnell bowled one to Rahane at the pads and he worked in past the vacant area for a boundary! Parnell followed it with with an overpitched delivery which had width on offer, Rahane played a good looking drive but Murali Vijay took an excellent catch diving to his left at covers, Rahane is OUT! Seven runs from the over and a wicket for Parnell.

AM Rahane c Vijay b Parnell 12 (10b)


Over 2 || Score 14/0

Mohammed Shami has been brought into the attack. He offered width off the first ball and Rahane pounced on it and cleared the gap between point and covers for a boundary! Shami bowled one at Karun's pads and he flicked it past deep midwicket for another boundary! Good over for Rajasthan, nine runs from it.


Over 1 || Score 5/0

Shahbaz Nadeem to bowl the first over, Ajinkya Rahane and Karun Nair will open the innings for Rajasthan. Good start from Nadeem, juts five from the over.


Delhi Daredevils Innings

Over 20 || Score 152/5

Kedar Yadav's rear-guard action drove the total pass 150 mark. His 28 runs came of mere 14 runs and with those of Duminy, now they can focus on defending the total.

Richardson, except Duminy's wicket off the third delivery of the over, resulted in 18 runs. His final over spell may well prove the decisive turn today.

For his part, Duminy planned his innings to near perfection before holing out square leg boundary, where Rajat Bhatia completed the catch on the run.

JP Duminy c Rajat Bhatia b Kane Richardson 39 (31b)


Over 19 || Score 134

Faulker completed his spell, giving away 26 runs for two wickets. 11 runs taken from his last over as both Yadav and Duminy found a boundary each.

In between, two relatively productive overs have helped Delhi cross 130 mark.


Over 18 || Score 123/4

Duminy is waging a war alone. The last over produced 11 runs as the South African batsman found two boundaries off Kane Richardson. Few more such hits will at least help the team post a fighting total.

From a slow start, Duminy has reached 28 off 27 balls, with three fours.


Over 17 || Score 112/4

Nine runs from Kulkarni's third over add some live to Delhi's barren patch. With three overs left in the innings, Delhi have posted 112 at the rate of 6.58.


Over 16 || Score 103/4

Second wicket for James Faulkner. The very expensive Dinesh Karthik perished trying to increase the run-rate. Stuart Binny took a simple catch at deep.

Dinesh Karthik c Stuart Binny b James Faulkner 12 (16b)

However, Kedar Jadhav, who arrived after the fall of Karthik, had a six in his account of a top-edge to end the over and thus 100 crossed.

If Tambe's spell wove a web of spin to dismantle Delhi's firepower, Faulker's has laid the foundation for such an attempt.


Over 15 || Score 94/3

Excellent Pravin Tambe completed his four overs, giving away a total of 27 runs. His spell, in all likelihood, has set-up a win here.

Delhi haven't hit a boundary for the last six overs. Really bad patch.


Over 14 || Score 89/3

Now, it's turn of Dhawal Kulkarni. The right-arm medium pacer from Mumbai conceded only three runs as the innings completed 14 overs.

Building a partnership for Delhi are Duminy on 7 from 12 balls and Karthik on 10 from 13 deliveries. For Delhi to post a reasonable total, either of these two experienced players will need to bat till the end.


Over 13 || Score 83/3

Rajat Bhatia operated with control and precision as Rajasthan continued to tighten the grip in the match. His third over went for six runs as both Karthik and Duminy seemed content rotating the strike.


Over 12 || Score 80/3

Kane Richardson made sure the advantage gained after that double scalp a couple of overs earlier is maintained by bowling yet another economical over. This time, he has given away only three runs. In the last three overs, the fielding side have exchanged 12 runs for two wickets. Not a bad bargain in T20 world.

For the hosts, Dinesh Karthik and Jean-Paul Duminy are in the centre, trying to resurrect the innings.


Over 10 || Score 71/3

One of the oldest players active around, Pravin Tambe rocked the Delhi batting line-up with a double wicket in the 10th over of the match. Until then, Daredevils were cruising alone nicely.

Quinton de Kock c & b Pravin Tambe 43 (33b)

Kevin Pietersen c Steven Smith b Pravin Tambe 14 (15b)


Over 5 || Score 35/1

James Faulkner struck with his first ball of the match for the visiting team. Watson completed an easy catch at mid-off after Murali Vijay spooned the length delivery.

Murali Vijay c Shane Watson b James Faulkner 13 (11b)


Over 1 || Score 9/0

The first over of the match, bowled by Roger Binny, resulted in nine runs as Quinton de Kock and Murali Vijay started the proceedings in earnest.



Rajasthan Royals skipper Shane Waton won the toss and elected to field against Delhi Daredevils.


Kevin Pietersen (C), Q de Kock, M Vijay, JP Duminy, Dinesh Karthik, K Jadhav, W Parnell, S Nadeem, Mohammed Shami, J Unadkat and R Sharma


Shane Watson (c), A Rahane, K Nair, S Samson, S Binny, S Smith, J Faulkner, D Kulkarni, R Bhatia, K Richardson and P Tambe