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IPL 7: Delhi Daredevils vs Kolkata Knight Riders - As it happened...

Zee Media Bureau/Chaitan Papnai





Delhi Daredevils Innings

Over 19.3 || Score 167/6

Six need from the last over. Chawla is ready to bowl the final over. First ball, a dot. Second ball, Neesham out. Neesham tried to hit a six but Pathan took a smart catch at deep mid-wicket fence. Third ball, Duminy launched the bowler out of the park and with that DD sealed the match by four wickets, with three balls to spare. The last winning shot also helped Duminy to complete his fifty in style. For his match-winning knock (52 runs off 35 balls), JP Duminy got the Man of the Match award.

JDS Neesham c Pathan b Chawla 8 (11b)


Over 19 || Score161/5

11 required from the last 12 balls. Narine to bowl the penultimate over. Single from the first three balls. Single off the next. Three from the next. Last ball, a dot. Five from the over.

Over 18 || Score 156/5

Morkel to bowl his last over. Duminy smacked the bowler over mid-off to collect a boundary off the third ball. Duminy then clobbered the bowler for two consecutive sixes. Two from the last ball. 21 from the over.


Over 17 || Score 135/5

40 need of the last 24 balls. It can still be anyone's game. Jimmy Neesham is the new man in. Chawla is ready to bowl his second over. One came from the first three balls. Single off the next. Neesham launched the bowler for a maximum in the next over long-off. Eight from the over as last one was a dot.


Over 16 || Score 127/5

Morkel is back to bowl his third over. Three came off the first four. Single off the next. Manoj Tiwary Out. Tiwary went for a big shot but was caught at deep third man, where Sunil took a well judged catch.

MK Tiwary c Narine b Morkel 8 (6b)


Over 15 || Score 123/4

Narine gave KKR a much needed breakthrough. Karthik Out.Karthik tried to play a reverse sweep but missed the line completely and was caught in front of the wicket. Manoj Tiwary is the new man in. Six for the over and a wicket.

KD Karthik lbw b Narine 56 (40b)


Over 14 || Score 117/3

Shakib Al Hasan has been brough back into the attack. Karthik smashed the bowler for a boundary in the 2nd ball to complete his fifty in style and then Duminy collected a boundary of the fifth. Good over for DD as 13 came from it.


Over 13 || Score 104/3

Narine to continue. KKR want Narine to pick wickets. But Karthik and Duminy are playing him cautiously and taking singles and doubles off his bowling. Seven from the over. Meanwhile, DD crossed the mark of hundred runs.


Over 12 || Score 97/3

Vinay Kumar has been reintroduced into the attack. After collecting four singles off the first four balls, Duminy played a cheeky shot for a boundary over fine leg. Single off the last. Vinay conceded nine from the over.


Over 11 || Score 88/3

Sunil Narine the mystery spinner is ready to bowl his first over. Three singles off the first three balls. Fourth was a dot ball. Then came a single on the last two balls. Good first over by Narine as four came from it.


Over 10 || Score 84/3

Piyush Chawla is the new bowler. Single from the first ball. Second a dot. Single off the next. Off the fourth, Karthik launched the bowler for a six over mid-wicket. In the next came a boundary. Thirteen from the over.


Over 9 || Score 71/3

Kallis to bowl the over. First ball a dot. And then came five singles off the next five balls.


Over 8 || Score 66/3

Shakib Al Hasan is ready with his second over. Three singles came form the first three balls. No runs conceded in the next two. Sixth ball, a wide. Single off the last. A decent over by the left-arm spinner as six came from the over.


Over 7 || Score 60/3

Jacques Kallis has been given the ball. Karthik welcomed him with a boundary towards fine leg region. Next two balls were dot. But off the next ball, Karthik smashed the bowler out of the park. Single off the next. Taylor Out. What a delivery! A length ball which nipped back in after pitching and went through the gates of Taylor. 11 runs and a wicket from the over.

LRPL Taylor b Kallis 6 (9b)


Over 6 || Score 49/2

Shakib Al Hasan has been introduced into the attack for the first time. Two singles from the first two balls and in the third came a boundary as Taylor slog the bowler towards deep square leg. Still it's a decent over for KKR, as mere six runs came from it.


Over 5 || Score 43/2

Ross Taylor is the new man in. Vinay Kumar bowled a tight over as he gave mere four runs in it.


Over 4 || Score 39/2

Morkel to bowl the over. Agarwal played the first ball straight over the head of the bowler to get a boundary. Agarwal Out.Trying to sent the last ball off Morkel's over out of the park, Agarwal pull the ball but failed to connect it well and gave a simple catch to Chawla at short square leg.

MA Agarwal c Chawla b Morkel 26 (14b)


Over 3 || Score 31/1

Vinay to start his second over. Two came from the first ball. Five from the next, as four came from the over-throw. Off the fifth, Karthik clobbered the bowler over covers to collect his 2nd boundary. Good over for DD as 13 came from it.


Over 2 || Score 18/1

Morne Morkel is sharing the new ball with Vinay. Karthik collected his first boundary off the third ball by playing the ball over covers. Eight from the over.


Over 1 || Score 10/1

Murali Vijay and Mayank Agarwal are opening the innings for DD, whereas, Vinay Kumar is starting the bowling proceedings for KKR. First ball, single came off leg-byes. In the next two balls Mayank collected two boundaries. First over point region and the next towards mid-wicket. Vijay run out. Trying to steel a single but a direct hit from Manish Pandey and Vijay feel short of his crease. Skipper Dinesh Kathik is the new man in.

M Vijay run out 0 (2b)


Kolkata Knight Riders Innings

Over 20 || Score 166/5

Coulter-Nile to bowl the last over of the innings. First ball, wide. Next, a single. Second ball, a dot. Third, another single. Fourth ball, Yusuf Out. Yusuf tried to smash the ball out of the park but only managed an inside-edge and it crashed into his stumps. Suryakumar Yadav is the new man in. Fifth ball, dot. Next ball was a no ball, above the waist and with that came a boundary as well. Off the last ball came another boundary. So KKR put up a challenging total after winning the toss.

YK Pathan b Coulter-Nile 11 (8b)


Over 19 || Score 154/4

Mohammed Shami to bowl the penultimate over of the innings. Shakib Al Hasan smartly placed the first ball towards fine leg for a boundary. But then Shami came back strongly and gave mere six runs from the next five balls. Nine from the over. Meanwhile, KKR crossed the mark of 150 runs.


Over 18 || Score 144/4

Coulter-Nile is the to bowl his third over. Yusuf Pathan is the new man in. Yusuf muscled the first ball for four towards mid-wicket. Then came three singles off the next three balls. In the fifth Shakib collected a boundary square-leg. Coulter-Nile conceded twelve in his over.


Over 17 || Score 132/4

Unadkat to bowl his final over. Two singles came from the first two balls. Off the third, Uthappa collected his sixth boundary by playing the ball towards backward point. Two singles came from the next two devilries. Uthappa Out. Trying to up the run-rate, Uthappa went for another big shot but couldn't manage to clear the the fence and Unadkat took a simple catch at deep mid-wicket.

RV Uthappa c Taylor b Unadkat 55 (41b)


Over 16 || Score 124/3

Duminy is ready with his third over. Uthappa is looking dangerous. Off the second ball, Uthappa smashed a boundary towards short fine leg. In the next ball Uthappa again hit the bowler for a boundary towards deep square leg. Twelve came from it. From here KKR will look to set up a total of around 160.


Over 15 || Score 112/3

Neesham has been reintroduced into the attack. Uthappa first smashed the bowler for a six and then collected a boundary off the next. A good over for KKR as 13 runs came form it.


Over 14 || Score 99/3

Duminy bowled a tight over as he gave mere six runs at a time when both the batsmen are looking for big shots. KKR are just one run shy of their hundred.


Over 13 || Score 93/3

Nadeem went for runs in his third over. First Uthappa collected a boundary off his first ball and then Shakib launched him for a six off the fourth ball. Eleven came from it.


Over 12 || Score 82/3

Shakib Al Hasan is the new man in. JP Duminy is to bowl his first over of the innings. Uthappa collected a boundary off the fourth ball by reverse sweeping Duminy. Seven runs conceded by Duminy.


Over 11 || Score 75/3

Nadeem to continue. Pandey took a double off the first ball. Then came two single off the next two devilries. Pandey then smashed two consecutive boundaries off Nadeem in the same area -– mid-wicket. Pandey Out. Pandey missed the line completely and it went through his gates. Twelve came from the over.


Over 10 || Score 63/2

Unadkat is ready with his third over of the innings. Two runs from the first ball. Single from the next. Unadkat is bowling with lot of variations. Third ball was dot. Single came from the next. Manish played a straight shot down the ground to collect a double of the fifth. Single off the last. Seven came from the over.


Over 9 || Score 56/2

Shahbaz Nadeem has been introduced into the attack for the first time. Both the batsmen are happy in taking singles and doubles, at the moment. Six runs from the first over by the slow-left arm bowler.


Over 8 || Score 50/2

Unadkat to bowl the over. The medium-pacer bowled a decent over as he gave mere six from it. Meanwhile, KKR touched the mark of fifty runs as well.


Over 7 || Score 44/2

Jimmy Neesham is ready with his first over. First ball was a wide. In the second, Manish clobbered him towards mid-wicket for a boundary. In the fifth ball Manish played a cracking cover drive to collect second boundary of the over. 13 came from it, a good one for KKR.


Over 6 || Score 31/2

Jaydev Unadkat has been introduced into the attack as the first bowling change. Three singles came from his first three balls. Next two balls were dot. And single came from the last. So a good over first up by the left-arm medium, who gave mere four in his opening over.


Over 5 || Score 27/2

In the last two overs bowled by Coulter-Nile and Mohammed Shami, respectively, came eleven runs. Coulter-Nile gave mere two runs but Shami leaked nine from his third over.


Over 3 || Score 16/2

Robin Uthappa is the new man in. Shami is ready with his second over. First was a dot ball. But next was again a wide from Shami. Fourth ball was a wide too. Five came from the over.


Over 2 || Score 11/2

Nathan Coulter-Nile is sharing the new ball with Shami. One run came from the first three balls. Gambhir Out.Gambhir tried to work the ball towards fine leg but a fielder was placed just for that shot and Duminy took the catch. Second consecutive duck for Gambhir. One run came from the over.

G Gambhir c Duminy b Coulter-Nile 0 (4b)


Over 1 || Score 10/1

Jacques Kallis and Gambhir Gambhir are opening the innings for KKR, whereas, Mohammed Shami is opening the bowling proceedings for DD. First bowl was a wide down the leg-side. Kallis Out. Length ball from Shami and it got the outside edge of Kallis' bat and flew to first slip, where Taylor did no mistake. First ball duck for Kallis. Manish Pandey is the new man in. Super wide from Shami and it went for a four as Karthik couldn't stop it. Ten runs came from the first over.

JH Kallis c Taylor b Mohammed Shami 0 (1b)


Toss: KKR have won the toss and elected to bat first. KKR are going with the winning combination, so unchanged team for them. Whereas, DD have done two changes. Nathan Coulter-Nile and Jaydev Unadkat have replaced Wayne Parnell and Rahul Sharma respectively.

KKR would be high on confidence after winning their opening match against Mumbai Indians. Whereas, DD, who lost their first match to RCB, would look to win their first match of the tournament here tonight.


Delhi Daredevils are gearing up to get their campaign back on track amid uncertainty over the availability of their best batsman Kevin Pietersen for the Indian Premier League match against Kolkata Knight Riders who will look to continue their winning momentum in the 2nd match of the day.

While the Daredevils were beaten black and blue by Royal Challengers Bangalore in their opening match, the Knight Riders kicked off their campaign in the best possible manner, posting a thumping 41-run win over defending champions Mumbai Indians.

In the event of Pietersen missing out on another game, the Daredevils will again have to rely heavily on their two other overseas stars, J P Duminy and Ross Taylor. Both batted beautifully in their opening game and revived the team from a tottering 17 for three to 145 for four in 20 overs.

After a miserable outing against RCB, Mayank Agarwal, Dinesh Karthik, who led the side in the absence of Pietersen, and Manoj Tiwary will need to pull their socks up come.

Like Agarwal, opener Murali Vijay, who got out after settling in with a four and a six, will need to provide a better start to Daredevils` innings.

On the other hand, the Knight Riders will be high on confidence after the big win against Mumbai. Old warhorse Jacques Kallis once again showed that age can`t wear him down, with an enterprising knock, which set up the game for the Knight Riders.

Having started the tournament with an equally brilliant half century, Manish Pandey will also look to continue in similar vein.

On the lookout for runs will also be skipper Gautam Gambhir, who was dismissed for a nought on Wednesday.

Yusuf Pathan, who is back in India for the birth of his baby boy, might miss the game though.

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