IPL 7: Delhi Daredevils vs Royal Challengers Bangalore - As it happened...

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Royal Challengers Bangalore Innings

Over 16.4 || Score 146/2

Nadeem is ready to bowl his third over. Kohli took a single of the first ball. In the next, Yuvi launched the bowler for a six over square leg. Third ball was again smashed towards fine leg for a boundary and with that Yuvi completed his fifty in style. Singles came in the next two balls. As nine runs came from the first four balls RCB sealed the match quite comprehensively by eight wickets, with 20 balls to spare. Yuvraj and Kohli added 82 runs for the third wicket to make sure that RCB won the match without much of a difficulty.


Over 16 || Score 132/2

Mohammed Shami has been reintroduced into the attack as RCB need mere 22 runs to seal the game in 30 balls. Two runs came from the first five balls and in the last, Yuvi smashed the bowler straight over his head for a six to collect eight from the over.


Over 15 || Score 124/2

Sharma is ready to bowl his third over. First ball, Kohli clobbered him for a maximum over long-on. Second ball over extra cover for another six. Single off the next. In the fourth ball Yuvi collected third six of the over towards long-leg. Twenty came from the over. Meanwhile, Yuvi-Kohli completed fifty runs stand for the third wicket.


Over 14 || Score 104/2

Neesham is ready to bowl his 2nd over. First, Kohli smacked the bowler out of the park and then in the last ball Yuvi launched the bowled for another six. Fifteen came from the over. Meanwhile, RCB crossed the mark of hundred runs.


Over 13 || Score 89/2

Kohli was first dropped of the first ball off Parnell's over and then in the last ball again he was dropped. Three runs came from the over. But DD have missed two simple caches that too off Kohli, within five balls.


Over 12 || Score 86/2

Jimmy Neesham has been introduced into the attack for the very first time. Kohli took a single in the first ball. Next ball was a dot. Off the next, Yuvraj dispatched the slower-one for a boundary towards square-leg. Seven came from the over.


Over 11 || Score 79/2

Rahul Sharma is ready to bowl his second over. Yuvraj launched the spinner for a six of his first ball. Four runs came from rest of the over, all in singles.


Over 10 || Score 69/2

Yuvraj is the new man in after the fall of Patel's wicket. Mohammed Shami is ready to bowl his third over. Shami bowled a bouncer to the costliest buy of this season but Yuvraj was lucky as he got the top edge of his bat and the ball ran towards the long-leg boundary. Six came from the over. Rusty start for Yuvi.


Over 9 || Score 63/2

Rahul Sharma has been given the ball for the first time in the match. OUT. And in the fifth ball he gave DD their second wicket in the form of Parthiv Patel. The southpaw danced down the wicket to smash the bowler out of the park but missed the line completely and it crashed into his stumps.

PA Patel b Sharma 37 (28b)


Over 8 || Score 60/1

Spinners from both the ends. Nadeem bowled two dot balls first up. In the third, Kohli collected two runs before placing the next for a single. Two came from the last three balls. Tight over by the slow-left arm.


Over 7 || Score 55/1

Duminy has been reintroduced into the attack. After bowling two dot balls, Kohli collected two runs of the next. Then came three singles of the last three balls. Five came from the over.


Over 6 || Score 50/1

Shahbaz Nadeem is being introduced into the attack. Patel welcomed him with a six of his second ball over squre leg. After a gap of one ball Patel once again smashed the bowler for a boundary towards on-side. Two singles came from the last two balls. Another good over for RCB as 13 runs came from the over. Meanwhile, RCB touched the mark of fifty runs within a flash.


Over 5 || Score 37/1

After bowling three dot balls, Kohli collected a boundary off the fourth off Parnell. Single came from the next. Patel scored the second boundary of the over by slapping the bowler towards point region. Nine came from the over.

==============================================================Over 4 || Score 28/1

Mohammed Shami is ready to bowl his second over. Patel who is never afraid of hitting some brave shots initially, collected two boundaries of the last two balls to score eleven from the over.

==============================================================Over 3 || Score 17/1

Wayne Parnell has been introduced into the attack as the first change. But the left arm quick leaked seven form the over. As Patel scored a boundary of his third ball towards mid-wicket.


Over 2 || Score 10/1

Ashok Dinda is sharing the new ball with Duminy. Patel took a single off his first ball. Next three balls were dot. Out. Maddinson tried to pull the next ball which was slightly short but he couldn't manage to connect it and Karthik took a simple catch behind the wickets. Virat Kohli is the new man in. And he collected a boundary of the first ball he faced. Five came form the over.

NJ Maddinson c Karthik b Mohammed Shami 4 (6b)


Over 1 || Score 5/0

Parthiv Patel and Nic Maddinson are opening the innings for RCB, whereas, Duminy is bowling the first over for DD. Patel took a single in the fourth ball to open his as well as teams account. Maddinson steeped down the ground to collect a boundary of the first ball he faced. Last ball was a dot. Five came from the first.


After a poor start, JP Duminy and Ross Taylor played good cricket as they added 110 runs for the fifth wicket to put up a challenging total in front of RCB. Now it's time for DD bowlers to defend the total. But it wouldn't be an easy task as RCB have a solid batting line up.


Delhi Daredevils Innings

Over 20 || Score 145/4

Virat is showing enough confidence on expensive Dinda as he is ready to bowl the final over. First ball and Taylor collected a boundary. Three runs in the next three balls. Then in the fifth Duminy clobbered him for a six and then a four off the last delivery. Seventeen runs came from the last over.


Over 19 || Score 128/4

Starc is ready to the penultimate over. First Taylor collected two boundaries off his second and fourth ball and then Duminy smashed a boundary off his last ball. Another good over for DD as 13 runs came from it.


Over 18 || Score 115/4

Duminy charged Dinda, when he came to bowl his third over. The southpaw first smacked the bowler for a six over long-off and then in the next scored a boundary. Good over for DD as 14 runs came from it. Meanwhile, Duminy completed his fifty.


Over 17 || Score 101/4

Starc has been brought back into the attack. First ball was a no ball as the bowler over-stepped. Free-hit. But Duminy failed to capitalise on that as only one run came from the next. Both the batsmen are trying hard to play some big shots but the bowlers are bowling at a tight line. Meanwhile, DD crossed the mark of 100 runs.


Over 16 || Score 93/4

Duminy launched the first ball of Yuvraj's over for a six. But the bowler came back strongly and gave mere five runs of the next five deliveries. But a good over for DD as 11 runs came from it.


Over 15 || Score 82/4

Chahal has come up to bowl his final over. He bowled a wonderful last over as he conceded mere three runs off it. And with that the leg-spinner ended up with the outstanding figures of 4-0-18-1.


Over 14 || Score 79/4

Virat Kohli has given the ball to Yuvraj Singh. And the left-arm slow bowler conceded five runs from his first over. All the runs came in singles. Both the batsmen are set their eyes now and they should now go for some big shots.


Over 13 || Score 74/4

Dinda is leaking runs. In his second over too he conceded eleven runs. Taylor collected his first boundary of the fourth ball by glancing the ball fine towards leg side.


Over 12 || Score 63/4

Chahal has been bowling well as he is not giving any room to both the batsmen to open their arms. Five runs came from his third over. Now it's time for DD to start scoring runs briskly.


Over 11 || Score 58/4

Ashok Dinda has been introduced into the attack for the first time. He leaked nine runs from his first over. In the first thee balls came three singles and then in the last three balls Duminy collected two runs each. And with that DD crossed the mark of fifty runs.


Over 10 || Score 49/4

Duminy and Taylor are dealing in singles and doubles at the moment. Chahal gave four runs in the first four balls of his second over. But in the next two deliveries he leaked five runs. Nine came from the over.


Over 9 || Score 40/4

Ross Taylor is the new man in. Taylor took a single in the first ball off Aaron's third over. Next two deliveries were dot. In the last three deliveries came three singles. Total four runs came from the over.


Over 8 || Score 36/4

Chahal has been introduced into the attack for the first time. Opener Vijay Out. The bowler took a wicket of his first ball. Murali tried to guide the ball towards third man but completed missed the line and it crashed into his stumps. Murali got out after scoring 18 runs of 20 balls. One run came from the over. DD are in deep trouble.

M Vijay b Chahal 18 (20b)


Over 7 || Score 35/3

Aaron bowled another economical over as he gave mere five runs from his second over. After the end of seventh over, DD have scored 35 runs from the Run Rate of five runs per over and have lost three wickets.


Over 6 || Score 30/3

Opener Vijay is still in the middle and he collected a boundary of the first ball off Morkel. In the next came two runs and then a single in the next. JP Duminy collected the second boundary of the over in the fourth ball. Total 13 runs came from the over. A good over for DD.


Over 5 || Score 17/3

Varun Aaron has been introduced into the attack as the first change. Out. And Aaron gave his team another breakthrough off his first ball. Manoj Tiwary the new man in tried to glance the ball towards fine leg but only managed a fine edge as wicket-keeper took a simple catch. It's a maiden wicket for Aaron. DD are on the back-foot.

MK Tiwary c Patel b Aaron 1 (3b)


Over 4 || Score 17/2

Dinesh Karthik, the skipper of DD is the new man in. Vijay took a single of the second ball. Out. Morkel bowled an absolute beauty! It just kissed the outside edge of DK's bat and went inside the gloves of the wicket-keeper. First ball duck. Two runs came from the over.

KD Karthik c Patel b Morkel 0 (1b)


Over 3 || Score 15/1

In the second ball of the over, Vijay smacked Starc for a six over square-leg. What a hit! Next ball was a dot. Single in the fourth by Vijay. Maynak OUT. In the last ball Mayank tried to hit the bowler out of the park but couldn't manage to connect the ball well and gave a simple catch to Kohli at short square leg.

MA Agarwal c Kohli b Starc 6 (10b)


Over 2 || Score 7/0

South African Albie Morkel is sharing the new ball with Strac. Mayank took a single of the first ball. Second was a dot one and in next Vijay placed the bowler towards deep square leg to open his account with a single. Mayank took a single off the fifth ball as only three runs came from it.


Over 1 || Score 4/0

Second ball was a wide from Starc which opened the account of DD. Mayank place the next towards deep third-man to collect two runs. In the fourth came a single. And last two deliveries were dot. So good first over by Starc as fours runs came from it.


Murali Vijay and Mayank Agarwal are in the middle to open the Delhi Daredevils innings, whereas, Mitchell Starc is opening the bowling proceedings for RCB.

Nic Maddinson, Mitchell Starc, AB de Villiers and Albie Morkel are four overseas players playing in RCB's XI, whereas, Ross Taylor, Jimmy Neesham, Wayne Parnell and JP Duminy are in for DD.

There is a sad news for all the RCB fans. Chris Gayle is not playing in the today's game.

Both the teams haven't lifted the IPL trophy yet. In the seventh edition of the league, they will be eying for their maiden title. And for that they will love to start off their campaign with a win. In the absence of DD's skipper Kevin Pietersen, RCB certainly have an upper hand in the match.

Toss: RCB won the toss and elected to bowl first.

Sharjah: It will be another high-profile match in the Indian Premier League as Virat Kohli-led Royal Challengers Bangalore will take on Dinesh Karthik-led Delhi Daredevils in the second match at Sharjah Cricket Stadium.

Daredevils would be slightly disheartened as their skipper Kevin Pietersen has been ruled out of the first match due to a finger injury. While Dinesh Karthik will lead the squad in the absence of the flamboyant English right-hander, the pressure would be on Daredevils to start their campaign on a winning note, after a forgettable show last year.

The Delhi think thank decided to make a fresh start to the tournament, considering which they retained none of their players. While they bought Pietersen for a sum of 9 crores, they splurged a whopping 12.5 crore on Dinesh Karthik, who represented Mumbai Indians in the previous edition.

In the bowling department, they have bowlers like Mohammed Shami, Jaydev Unadkat and Nathan Coulter-Nile who are expected to do a decent job.

Royal Challengers Bangalore on the other hand are a star-studded team where they have world class cricketers in Virat Kohli, Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers and Yuvraj Singh. While the first three have been an integral part of the squad for quite some time, Yuvi was bought for a whopping sum of 14 crores, which made him the costliest buy at IPL 7 auction.

Despite having a strong batting line-up, RCB lack the firepower in the bowling department. They do have bowlers like Mitchell Starc, Ravi Rampaul and Muttiah Muralitharan, but none of them are in their best of form at the moment. Thus, the onus will be once again on their batting line-up, which is probably the best on papers compared to all the teams.