IPL 7: Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Chennai Super Kings - As it happened...

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RCB won by five wickets with a ball remaining.

RCB Innings:

Over 20 || Score 142/5

Bangalore batsmen kept their cool to win an important match. Yuvi started the final over with a six, then a two and single. But with only one required, Rana went extravagant only to see McCullum plucked one from the air.

Sachin Rana c Brendon McCullum b David Hussey 1 (2b)

But Abu clobbered one towards the long-on boundary for a four, thus securing a win a two points.

With the win, RCB have climbed to the fifth position.


Over 19 || Score 129/4

Jadeja produced a superb over, conceding only 4 runs in his final over. It's still anybody's game. Bangalore need 10 off the last over. But most importantly for the batting team, Yuvi is out there.


Over 18 || Score 125/4

It seemed AB de Villiers has got the match in control for Bangalore. But after hitting a six and four of the first two balls of Hussey's over, ended up offering his wicket. Running in from long-on boundary, Jadeja took a great catch as AB's intended slog sweep ended with his wicket.

AB de Villiers c Ravindra Jadeja b David Hussey 28 (14b)

Bangalore still require 14 runs from 12 balls, as Yuvraj and Rana took the centre stage.


Over 17 || Score 110/3
Ashwin, in his last ball of the final over, got the better of Gayle. The West Indian just hit a huge six the previous ball, Should have played safe.

Chris Gayle b R Ashwin 46 (50b)

Earlier, AB also played an exquisite six over square leg boundary.

Target 29 from 18 balls.


Over 16 || Score 96/2

David Hussey on for Chennai. It seemed the off-break bowler was doing just enough to slow down the scoring rate, but the final ball of the over went for a huge six off the bat of AB.

With those ten runs, Bangalore now need 43 runs from 24 balls. Still a big task.


Over 15 || Score 86/2

WicketKohli's poor form continues. Stumped off a turning delivery from Jadeja. Quick glove work from the Chennai skipper.

Virat Kohli st MS Dhoni b Ravindra Jadeja 27 (29b)

AB, who arrived after Kohli's departure survived the first two balls he faced in uncharacteristic fashion, first stumping and a drop catch by Ashwin at mid-wicket.

The over ended with a dot to Gayle, but the West Indian had already hit a four and six of consecutive deliveries towards midwicket boundary and over long-on boundary.


Over 14 || Score 75/1

Raina completed his spell. In his four overs, conceded 21 runs to give Chennai a realistic chance to return in the match.

In his final over, Raina gave away only four runs, all in singles.


Over 13 || Score 71/1

Finally, Dhoni fall back to Mohit Sharma and the medium pacer did what the captain asked for by conceding only five runs.

Besides restricting the run flow, Chennai will need wickets to win the match as the target becomes smaller with each passing over.

68 more runs from 42 balls for Bangalore to win the match.


Over 12 || Score 66/1

Another relatively better over for the batting side. Eight runs came of Raina's third over. And Gayle, thanks to a four in the over, has reached 26 from 34 balls. His partnership with Kohli is now worth 52 runs from 51 balls.


Over 11 || Score 58/1

Kohli class on show here in Ranchi. Played an exquisite cover drive, coming down the pitch, albeit for a different result, a six.

Three balls earlier, Gayle started Jadeja's second over with a four. And after six balls, Bangalore have accumulated 13 crucial runs to the total.

81 still required from 54 balls.


Over 10 || Score 45/1

A diving effort from Mohit, the bowler, stopped a certain from Gayle. But after five inconsequential balls, Kohli took a four, coming down the pitch, towards the long-on boundary. Raina's second over went for six runs.

Now, after 10 overs the target is 94.


Over 9 || Score 39/1

Dhoni has enough slow bowlers in his team, and now it's the turned of Jadeja to web his magic. The slow-left arm bowler gave only three runs to take the initiative from the batting team.

Gayle has consumed 24 balls for his 14 runs, while Kohli is on eight from 16 balls.


Over 8 || Score 36/1

Raina called into the action and Dhoni continues to stick with slow bowlers. And the all-rounder started off with a three-run over. Good outing today for Raina.

Bangalore require another 103 runs, with the partnership into the 20s.


Over 7 || Score 33/1

Finally, after 18 balls, or three overs, Gayle found the middle of bat and the ball sailed over the mid-on boundary for a huge six. The bowler at the receiving end is his comaptriot, Badree.

Badree's worries compounded further with a four, thanks to a leg-bye, four singles and two. The over went for 16 runs.

Now, the target is 106 from 13 overs.


Over 6 || Score 17/1

Ashwin is on song. Bowled a maiden-over, that too against Gayle, to an euphoric applause from the Ranchi crowd.


Over 5 || Score 17/1

In the battle of West Indians, Badree is enjoying an upper hand as Gayle continues to struggle against slow bowlers.

Virat Kohli, who arrived after the fall of Patel, is on 1 from four balls, while Gayle is on 6 from 12. Certainly, not a batting paradise.

They need 122 runs more from 15 overs.


Over 4 || Score 16/1

Wicket, Parthiv out.

The opener tried to play smart, sweeping a straight one from Ashwin. The ball, instead, flew to first slip where Raina completed the rite.

Parthiv Patel c Suresh Raina b R Ashwin 10 (14b)


Over 3 || Score 14/0

Its spin web operating from both the ends in Ranchi. Samuel Badree did enough to keep quite the openers. The over meant only fours for the batting side, all in singles.

Gayle did try to damage the spinner, stepping down and lift one over, straight, but his attempt stayed low for a nought.


Over 2 || Score 10/0

As expected Ashwin shared the new ball. Considering Gayle's record against the off-break bowlers and also the slowness of the pitch.

The over gave enough confidence to the fielding side to alter some fielding positions like the close-in ones. The fourth delivery did enough to flummoxed Patel, who tried to play a reverse sweep.

And most importantly, it gave away only one run.


Over 1 || Score 9

Parthiv Patel timed to perfection the third ball from Mohit Sharma for a straight four. Earlier, Gayle took a single to give the former wicket-keeper the strike.

Then the dimunitive batsman picked one from the leg for a boundary. The over ended with a dot ball, but it has already produced nine runs from the first five balls.


CSK Innings:

Over 20 || Score 138/4

It seems, Dhoni's decision to bat first has backfired. But its only the one half of the game.

Starc finished the innings with a seven-run over. His spell of four overs conceded 23 runs, and he surely returned a happy one, despite failing to take a wicket.

Raina-Jadeja partnership yielded 23 runs from 25 balls, certainly not the type T20 followers wished for. In the last five overs, Chennai scored only 31 runs, that's again, not good enough to say the least. And there was no boundary in the last 22 balls.


Over 19 || Score 131/4

Ahmed completed his four overs, conceding only 18 runs. Superb stuff from him. Even the set batsman in Raina has failed to take on his slower, well directed deliveries. Eight runs from the last over.


Over 18 || Score 123/4

Another superb over in the death from Starc, has conceded only six suns, all coming in singles. Chennai batsmen are surely having a tough time in the centre.

The Aussie bowler has completed his third over, giving away only 17 runs. Amidst the ruins, Raina is batting beautifully at 55 from 41 balls. But it seems, his contribution will not be enough for his team today. The overall is too small to call a target.


Over 17 || Score 117/4

Dhoni gone. A rather soft dismissal for the skipper. He slapped the short ball from Abu, only to find Gayle taking an easy catch at the point.

MS Dhoni c Chris Gayle b Abu Ahmed 7 (6b)

In the centre, Ravindra Jadeja is giving company to Raina, who just completed his fifty with a single off the first delivery of the over.

After his third over, Abu's figure reads an splendid 10 for 1 wicket, at 3.33 run rate.

With only three overs left and the score in the lower side, Chennai will need some hitting to post a respectable total against Bangalore's batting line-up which has the likes of Gayle, Kohli and AB.


Over 16 || Score 114/3

Chahal also completed his four over spell, conceding 27 runs but without any wicket. Menawhile, Raina is one short of his fifty, and has played 34 balls with six fours and one six.

Dhoni is on seven from five balls, with a four.


Over 15 || Score 107/3

Murali made amends for his sloppy fielding effort by taking the wicket of Hussey. Lanky Starc a good catch after his compatriot played a pull shot off a shortish delivery from Murali.

David Hussey c Mitchell Starc b Muttiah Muralitharan 25 (29b)

And with the wicket, arrived in the centre is home-town hero MS Dhoni. Murali completed his spell of four over, conceding 29 runs with a wicket in return.


Over 14 || Score 101/2

Virat introduced his sixth bowler with Sachin Rana bowling the 14th over, just after the second time-out. The right arm medium bowler conceded nine runs, including a four, which should have been stopped by Murali.


Over 13 || Score 92/2

Hussey started the 13th over with a six off Chahal to cover up his deficit. The over ended with a six, this time by Raina. After a long time, both the batsmen have opened up and the result is good returns for their shots.

Chahal has finished his third over, conceding 21 runs, with the last over alone resulting in 15.


Over 12 || Score 77/2

The partnership has reached 48 off 44 balls, with Raina contirbuting 32. Murali has completed his third over, for 23 runs without any return of wicket. In his third over, the veteran gave away 10 runs, which included a four off the second ball by Raina.


Over 11 || Score 67/2

Majestic Raina on. Dispatched Varun for two successive fours with relative ease. And suddenly the batting side looked comfortable. The over yielded 12 runs, one of the better overs for the batting team for sure.


Over 10 || Score 55/2

Hussey survived a close call, a lbw appeal from Chahal. He was caught in front, with the ball hitting the front pad straight, probably from a googly. But the umpire deemed it not out.

Thus ended another exceptional over from the spinner. Mere three runs form it.


Over 9 || Score 52/2

Another super over from the fielding team. Ahmed just completed his second over, giving away only four runs. His two overs meant only seven runs.

For Chennai, who had enjoyed great starts from their openers, found themselves in a rather situation after the quick dismissals of McCullum and Smith. They will require a working, if not an explosive, partnership to resurrect the innings.


Over 8 || Score 48/2

Chahal replaced Starc for Bangalore. The 23-year-old leg-break bowler started with a superb over, conceding only three runs.

Hussey has consumed 13 balls for his seven runs, while Raina has 10 from seven deliveries. And they are looking to build a partnership.


Over 7 || Score 45/2

Muralitharan returned for his second over, started a dot, faced by Hussey. Then, followed it with a wide. A dull moment for the veteran.

The Aussie batsman then found a lucky boundary, but the following four deliveries yielded only a single. Still six runs from the over.


Over 6 || Score 39/2

And Raina quickly gets into his act. Two successive fours off Starc, surely gave him enough elbow room to settle in.

David Hussey, who came in as a replacement for the injured Dwayne Bravo, also opened his account with a single.

10 overs from the over helped Chennai reached 39 after the end of power-play period.


Over 5 || Score 29/2

McCullum, who was looking to take on the bowlers in this power-play overs, lofted the first delivery off Varun's second over and the ball trickled down the mid-wicket boundary for a four. But the trying to play a similar shot, perished trying to hit for a six. A well judged catch at mid-wicket boundary by Starc.

Brendon McCullum c Mitchell Starc b Varun Aaron 19 (13b)

Then two balls later, McCullum's opening partner, Smith got himself holed out at cover. An easy catch for AB.

Dwayne Smith c AB de Villiers b Varun Aaron 9 (15b)

Thus arrived CSK's man-friday Suresh Raina and David Hussey, who is playing his first match of the tournament.


Over 4 || Score 25/0

Virat introduced a new bowler, in the form of Abu Ahmed. Splendid start from the 25-year-old medium fast bowler, as he conceded only four runs against the best opening pair in the tournament.


Over 3 || Score 21/0

The imperious Dwayne Smith face the first ball from Varun and dispatched the short ball to third man area with disdain, but resulted only one run. It was followed by a dot, then a single. Then the West Indian returned to hit a straight four. The over ended with a huge six, clubbed over fine leg boundary by McCullum.

Good over for CSK.


Over 2 || Score 8/0

Mitchell Starc shared the new ball with Murali. But unlike the previous over, it turned out to be a very very good one, giving away only one run.


Over 1 || Score 7/0

Spin wizard, Murali started the proceedings for the Bangalore franchise. First three balls meant only a run but the fourth ball saw McCullum lofting one over boundary for a six. It was still a cautious start from the batting team.



Chris Gayle, Parthiv Patel (wk), Virat Kohli (capt.), AB de Villiers, Yuvraj Singh, Sachin Rana, Mitchell Starc, Muttiah Muralitharan, Yuzvendra Chahal, Abu Ahmed, Varun Aaron


Dwayne Smith, Brendon McCullum, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni (capt.& wk), Ravindra Jadeja, David Hussey, Mithun Manhas, Ravichandran Ashwin, Iswhar Pandey, Mohit Sharma, Samuel Badree

Toss:MS Dhoni won the toss and Chennai will bat first.


High flying Chennai Super Kings will look to consolidate their position atop when they meet a desperate Royal Challengers Bangalore who need a victory when the two sides clash in an IPL match, starting within few minutes from now.

The heavyweights are clashing for the first time in this season`s IPL and it promises to be a battle of batsmen. Both sides have a brutal batting line-up and both teams will look to score aplenty atop.

Chennai`s opening duo of Dwayne Smith and Brendan McCullum are in supreme form and will look to continue in the same vein. On the other hand RCB`s Yuvraj Singh has shown signs of his vintage self in the last two innings and will look to replicate the same when his side faces CSK at the JSCA International Cricket Stadium.

On paper RCB look threatening but given their poor form they go as the underdogs against the most successful side in IPL. Dhoni`s men have lived up to expectations so far and are nearing a semifinal berth for the seventh consecutive season. RCB will hope a big knock from Chris Gayle at the top but its the bowling they need to work on.

RCB won their last match against Delhi Daredevils in a convincing manner and will hope they hit the same note in Dhoni`s hometown. With the crowd behind the local lad, CSK have the edge they need to see this one through.

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