IPL is absolutely clean: Modi

London: Suspended IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi may have his back against the wall but he doesn`t regret the Twitter post that boomeranged to trigger his own downfall.

It was Modi`s tweet that opened a can of worms, inviting income-tax raids, leading to union minister Shashi Tharoor`s resignation and Modi`s own suspension from IPL top post.

The irrepressible administrator, however, has no regrets about the tweet.

"I don`t regret at all what happened or what I sent. As chairman of the IPL I was uncomfortable about something and I was being pushed around and I had no choice but to put it in the public domain," said Modi, presently in Rome.

The Mumbai-based industrialist conceded his aggressive way of functioning probably earned him more enemies than friends but insisted he always worked for the game`s interest.

"I may have rubbed people up the wrong way because of how we operated but we operated for the best interests of the league. We have always worked for the best of cricket and we have successfully done that over the years," Modi told `The Daily Telegraph`.

Modi lost his job as IPL Commissioner after he triggered a political storm by putting out the ownership pattern of the new Kochi franchise on his twitter page.

The tweet revealed that former junior foreign minister Thraoor`s close aide Sunanda Pushkar had sweat equity worth Rs 70 crore in the franchise.

Both Tharoor and Modi lost their jobs after a bitter war of words and the scandal also cast a shadow over IPL`s integrity with speculation over the ownership patterns of other teams.

It was alleged that Modi had proxy holdings in three IPL teams, a charge he denies.

He also rubbished speculation that IPL matches could have been fixed.

"There is absolutely no match-fixing in the IPL and the allegations being floated are just motivated by people to find ways and means of undermining all over the world what we have done," he said.

"The IPL is an extremely competitive tournament. All the owners want to win. All the players want to win. We have zero doubts about their integrity," he added.

Modi was also optimistic that IPL would weather the current storm.

"The IPL is a strong product. It has strong owners. We have in place a good system and it is here to stay," he said.

"The IPL is absolutely and totally clean, there are no doubts about that. All the investigations are going on and they have not come up with anything and they are not going to because it is absolutely clean," he added.



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