IPL 2016, Match 2: Kolkata Knight Riders vs Delhi Daredevils – As it happened...

KKR started their 2016 IPL campaign with a convincing 9-wicket win over Delhi Daredevils.

IPL 2016, Match 2: Kolkata Knight Riders vs Delhi Daredevils – As it happened...

Kolkata Knight Riders produced a clinical display to beat Delhi Daredevils by nine wickets with 35 balls remaining in the match.

After restricting DD to 98 runs, KKR chased down the target without breaking a sweat at Eden Gardens. An opening stand of 69 runs inside ten overs between skipper Gautam Gambhir and Robin Uthappa all but ended Delhi's chance of a comeback.


Over 14.1 || Score 99/1 (Gambhir 38; Pandey 15); Target 98

And a wide to start from Zaheer Khan, then a single to his rival captain Gautam Gambhir.

Thus Kolkata Knight Riders outclassed an 'exuberant' Delhi Daredevils side. A nine-wicket win for the two-time former champions, with 35 balls remaining in the match.

Over 14 || Score 97/1 (Gambhir 37; Pandey 15); Target 98

Kolkata need another two runs to win the match.

Gautam Gambhir started the over with a four, then Manish Pandey ended with two back-to-back fours. 13 runs from it.

Over 13 || Score 84/1 (Gambhir 32; Pandey 7); Target 98

Manish Pandey looked restless. After two dot balls, he walked across and picked the ball from middle stump, and no run. Pretty wasteful.

Then, another Nataraj shot, this time for a single.

Gautam Gambhir took a single, then Pandey slammed hard at the ball, but could get only a bottom edge, for no run.

Two runs from the over. This Chris Morris completed his spell, for figures of 4-0-21-0.

Over 12 || Score 82/1 (Gambhir 31; Pandey 6); Target 98

Nathan Coulter-Nile returned for his third over, and it started with a four. Gautam Gambhir played a perfect pull shot, for his fourth four.

Two singles and three dots to make it a six-run over.

KKR need another 17 runs from 48 balls. Just over 2 an over.

Over 11 || Score 76/1 (Gambhir 26; Pandey 5); Target 98

Nataraja shot is back in fashion. Manish Pandey picked the ball from the leg, and hooked-pulled behind square. The ball beat an onrushing Shreyas Iyer to the four. That happened off the third ball.

The over started with a dot ball, then a single. A single off the fourth and another off the last ball. Seven runs from Chris Morris' third over.

Over 10 || Score 69/1 (Gambhir 24; Pandey 0); Target 98

A break, and five wides to start the over from Amit Mishra. Wrong-un, and it befuddled even the wicket-keeper. A dot ball followed, than a big shout for an LBW as Robin Uthappa tried to sweep it. One run.

Another Single, and Uthappa gone. His lofted shot failed to traveled and ended up as a catch at long-off. Well taken by Chris Morris.

WICKET: Robin Uthappa c Chris Morris b Amit Mishra 35 (33b)

Manish Pandey is the new man. And he played out the remaining two balls for nought.

KKR need another 30 runs from 60 balls.

Over 9 || Score 62/0 (Uthappa 34; Gambhir 23); Target 98

A dot to start the over. Then a dropped chance, it looked. But 2 byes as umpire called it right. A kicking bouncer which almost got a nick off Gautam Gambhir's glove, and Quinton de Kock also missed it.

A single. Then, warning to Carlos Brathwaite for a beamer. The high full toss hit Uthappa's gloves. No ball, but only a dot ball from the free hit.

Of all the hard work for the fielding team and troubles for the batting team, Gambhir gently tapped the last ball for a four, behind square.

Nine runs from the over. And Time-Out.

Over 8 || Score 53/0 (Uthappa 33; Gambhir 18); Target 98

Some time coming. But never late than never. Amit Mishra on. He's Delhi's hope today.

A dot ball to Robin Uthappa, then two singles followed. Another dot ball to Uthappa again. A single, then another one. Four runs from the over.

Meanwhile, Kolkata crossed the fifty-run mark.

Over 7 || Score 49/0 (Uthappa 31; Gambhir 16); Target 98

Carlos Brathwaite on. The West Indian big man failed with the bat, but he has started with a good over with the ball. Only two singles, back-up by good fielding.

Kolkata need not take any risk. They need 50 more runs from 13 overs, at an rate of 3.84.

Over 6 || Score 47/0 (Uthappa 30; Gambhir 15); Target 98

Chris Morris continued for his second over, and witnessed another straight drive, of which many have said straight as an arrow. That happened in the fourth delivery.

Until then, it was all fine for Morris. He had conceded a single off the first three balls.

The fourth delivery was followed by two dots, the last one a well-directed bouncer. Five runs from the over, and Delhi need wickets, and lots of them.

Kolkata now need another 53 runs from 14 overs.

Over 5 || Score 42/0 (Uthappa 26; Gambhir 14); Target 98

Zaheer Khan brought himself. Change of ends for the skipper.

A dot to start the over. Robin Uthappa took a single, then Khan showed his repertoire. Two dot balls, mixing deliveries well and keeping quite his rival number.

Gautam Gambhir took a single off the next ball, then Uthappa ended the over with a four, beautiful straight drive. And Khan is not happy, with Uthappa. Understandable. Six runs from the over.

Over 4 || Score 36/0 (Uthappa 21; Gambhir 13); Target 98

Bowling change. Chris Morris on, and the South African started with a single to Gautam Gambhir. It was followed by two dot balls.

Then, Robin Uthappa whipped the fourth delivery for his fifth four. A dot ball, then a bouncer for wide.

Uthappa than blocked the final ball, dropping it, for a single.

Another good over for Kolkata. Seven runs from it and they now need another 63 runs from 16 overs. Required run rate under 4.

Over 3 || Score 29/0 (Uthappa 16; Gambhir 12); Target 98

Nathan Coulter-Nile continued for his second over. Two dot balls, then a single to Gautam Gambhir, who played towards square leg. A dot ball, then a thick edge went for a four. No second slip in place.

Then another four. This time

Nine runs from the over. Brilliant drive from Uthappa.

Over 2 || Score 20/0 (Uthappa 8; Gambhir 11); Target 98

Gautam Gambhir vs Zaheer Khan. Former team-mates and two seasoned players. As of now, the Kolkata skipper in on song. He has taken 

The over started with a wide. It was followed by a four, through square leg. Then a 2.

A dot ball followed, but it was covered up by a four, this time behind square. Brilliant timing. A single, then, Robin Uthappa played a good looking cover drive for the third four of the over.

16 runs from the over. KKR need 79 more runs from 18 overs, just under five an over.

Over 1 || Score 4/0 (Uthappa 4; Gambhir 0); Target 98

So the chase has begun. Robin Uthappa played out the first five deliveries, and creamed the final ball for a four through mid-wicket.

Nathan Coulter-Nile's first over leaked four runs.


Over 17.4 || Score 98 all out (Coulter-Nile 7)

Zaheer Khan did hit a four, off the third ball into mid-wicket boundary, but the very next ball, he got himself out. A wild swing and an easy catch at cover by rival skipper Gautam Gambhir.

WICKET: Zaheer Khan c Manish Pandey b John Hastings 4 (9b)

Impressive stuff from Aussie Hastings. His figures: 2.4-1-6-2.

Over 17 || Score 93/8 (Coulter-Nile 6; Zaheer 0)

Nathan Coulter-Nile took a single off the second ball, then Zaheeer Khan survived the remaining four deliveries. T20 cricket can still be bowler's game.

One run from Piyush Chawla's last over. His figures: 4-0-21-2.

Over 16 || Score 92/8 (Coulter-Nile 5; Zaheer 0)

Never seen someone enjoying cricket so much. Brad Hogg is fun. Second wicket-maiden of the day, this time for the seasoned Australian.

He set-up Amit Mishra and the Delhi batsman poked at the ball, and a good catch at slip by skipper Gautam Gambhir.

WICKET: Amit Mishra c Gautam Gambhir b Bradd Hogg 3 (9b)

Thats happened off the fourth ball. Delhi skipper Zaheer Khan is the new man.

In the previous over, Piyush Chawla conceded three singles.

Over 14 || Score 89/8 (Coulter-Nile 4; Mishra 1)

Brad Hogg got his second wicket with the first ball of the over. Caught behind.

WICKET: Sanju Samson c Robin Uthappa b Brad Hogg 15 (13b)

Amit Mishra is the new man. Nathan Coulter-Nile, certainly an all-rounder by all rights, hit the fifth ball for a four. It traveled, and beat the man at long-off. Five runs and a wicket from the over.

Over 13 || Score 84/7 (Samson 15; Coulter-Nile 0)

Another wicket for Piyush Chawla. Brilliant bowling of leg-spin.

The over started with two dot balls to Chris Morris. Then the  third ball was hit for a four, through extra cover.

Chawla, then, produced a dream delivery to bowl Morris, between bat and pad.

WICKET: Chris Morris b Piyush Chawla 11 (9b)

New man athan Coulter-Nile played the two remaining deliveries for nought. Four runs and a wicket.

Over 12 || Score 80/6 (Samson 15; Morris 7)

Brad Hogg continue and he was welcome with a four, reverse sweep by Chris Morris, over the point.

Two singles off the next four balls and five wides. A single to end the over. 12 runs from the over.

Over 11 || Score 68/6 (Samson 14; Morris 1)

It's one way traffic in Kolkata.

Piyush Chawla sent back dangerous Carlos Brathwaite to the pavilion. The West Indian just lofted the second ball for a huge six, then three balls later he failed to pick the line and was adjudged LBW.

WICKET: Carlos Brathwaite lbw b Piyush Chawla 6 (4b)

13 runs and a wicket from the over. South African utility man Chris Morris is the new man.

Over 10 || Score 55/5 (Samson 13; Brathwaite 0)

Wily old fox Brad Hogg on for Kolkata. And what a way to start. Outfoxes Pawan Negi with a chinaman. Worth a shout, but it was a bit high. His approach, claims, it's still fresh. And he is 45.

Two singles, alternately, from the next four balls, then the wicket of Negi.

WICKET: Pawan Negi st Robin Uthappa b Bradd Hogg 11 (19b)

The youngster came down, and missed the ball. Easy stumping for Robin Uthappa.

That happened off the last ball of the over. Two runs and a wicket.

Thus arrived Carlos Brathwaite.

Over 9 || Score 53/4 (Samson 12; Negi 10)

Umesh Yadav on for his third over. Four runs from it.

Sanju Samson started with a single, played with soft hands toward deep mid-wicket. Pawan Negi responded with a 2, played towards same spot.

Then the multi-crore signee ate up the remaining four singles to add a single more to Delhi's total. First tim-out.

Over 8 || Score 49/4 (Samson 11; Negi 7)

Colin Monro can also also bowl. His batting is well documented, but bowling, it's a surprise. Right arm medium pace.

A single to start the over, then two dot balls with Pawan Negi  trying expansive shots. He, however, picked the fourth ball well and deposited into the stands, over long-off. Then two more dot balls.

Seven runs from the over.

Over 7 || Score 42/4 (Samson 10; Negi 1)

An eventful over, just after the power-play. The first ball went for a four, for no fault of the bowler, thanks to fine edge. Beautiful delivery, and Sanju Samson was lucky.

A single followed. Then a huge mixed-up between Nair and Pawan Negi. No harm done though. A single followed, and a dot ball to Samson.

A single to end the over. Umesh Yadav conceded seven runs.

Over 6 || Score 35/4 (Samson 4; Negi 0)

Another wicket-over. This time John Hastings got the better of an impatient Karun nair, who slashed a widish delivery.

It happened off the third ball. Good catch by Manish Pandey at backward point.

WICKET: Karun Nair c Manish Pandey b John Hastings 3 (8b)

Wicket maiden. And the day of reckoning for Pawan Negi.

Over 5 || Score 35/3 (Nair 3; Samson 4)

A busy over, and good one for the fielding side.

The over started with a single to Mayank Aggarwal. A wide followed, then a 2 to Karun Nair. A dot ball, and a single, then the wicket of Mayank Agarwal. Caught at third man by Brad Hogg, who was busy with mic a little while ago.

WICKET: Mayank Agarwal c Brad Hogg b Andre Russell 9 (11b)

The next ball, however, went for a four with the new man Sanju Samson playing a sweet flick. Nine runs and a wicket.

Over 4 || Score 26/2 (Agarwal 8; Nair 0)

John Hastings into the attack, and what a way to start the spell. Only a single, off the fourth ball to Mayank Aggarwal.

Seems like Rahut Dravid has got job at hands.

Over 3 || Score 25/2 (Agarwal 7; Nair 0)

Andre Russell continued with his second over, and a double blow to Delhi.

The over started with a single to Mayank Aggarwal, then the second delivery hurried onto Quinton de Kock and a missed-time  shot ended with a catch. Yusuf Pathan was forced to do a bit of jugglery, but he completed the catch at mid-off.

WICKET: Quinton de Kock c Yusuf Pathan b Andre Russell 17 (10b)

A single, and two dot balls later, new man Shreyas Iyer was trapped LBW.

WICKET: Shreyas Iyer lbw b Andre Russell 0 (3b)

Delhi are in trouble. Karun Nair is the new man.

Over 2 || Score 23/0 (Agarwal 5; de Kock 17)

Another good over for the batting team with Quinton de Kock hitting Umesh Yadav for a four and six of successive deliveries, off the fourth and fifth balls respectively.

Over 1 || Score 13/0 (Agarwal 5; de Kock 7)

Fresh from winning the ICC World Twenty20, West Indian Andre Russell started the proceedings at the Eden Gardens and a four.

Mayank Agarwal lofted the length ball over the cover for a four. Confident start from Aggarwal. A dot followed, and a wide with Russell attempting to intimidate the Delhi opener with a bouncer, which went high.

A single, then Quinton de Kock tried slashing to a delivery which was shaping away. No run. In the next ball, which was on the leg stump and with some bounce, the South African played towards square leg for  two runs.

It was followed by a sweetly timed square cut but an equally brilliant stopped the ball at point by Manish Pandey. His throw however was not backed up, and five runs.

Good over for Delhi, 13 runs.

And today's match officials. It's an all-Indian line-up:

Umpires: Sundaram Ravi and Chettithody Shamshuddin
Third umpire: Nitin Menon
Match referee: Manu Nayyar
Reserve umpire: Abhijit Deshmukh

Playing XIs:

Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (capt.), Robin Uthappa (wk), Manish Pandey, Colin Munro, Suryakumar Yadav, Yusuf Pathan, Andre Russell, Piyush Chawla, John Hastings, Brad Hogg, Umesh Yadav


Delhi Daredevils: Mayank Agarwal, Shreyas Iyer, Quinton de Kock (wk), Karun Nair, Sanju Samson, Carlos Brathwaite, Pawan Negi, Chris Morris, Amit Mishra, Zaheer Khan (capt.), Nathan Coulter-Nile.

TOSS: Gautam Gambhir wins toss, and KKR will bowl first


Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (c), Robin Uthappa, Manish Pandey, Yusuf Pathan, Piyush Chawla, Kuldeep Yadav, Manan Sharma, Ankit Rajput, Rajagopal Sathish, Jaydev Unadkat, Suryakumar Yadav, Umesh Yadav, John Hastings, Brad Hogg, Jason Holder, Sheldon Jackson, Chris Lynn, Morne Morkel, Sunil Narine, Colin Munro, Andre Russell, Shakib Al Hasan.

Delhi Daredevils: Zaheer Khan (c), Quinton de Kock, JP Duminy, Mayank Agarwal, Shreyas Iyer, Carlos Brathwaite, Karun Nair, Pawan Negi, Rishabh Pant, Sanju Samson, Pawan Suyal, Jayant Yadav, Chris Morris, Sam Billings, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Imran Tahir, Mahipal Lomor, Chama Milind, Amit Mishra, Mohammed Shami, Shahbaz Nadeem, Khaleel Ahmed, Akhil Herwadkar, Pratyush Singh.

This is only the second match of a new season, but after yesterday's clinical display from new boys Rising Pune Supergiants, it's futile to talk about favourites. The manner in which Mahendra Singh Dhoni & Co., dismantled the reigning champions, it was certainly not on the expected lines.

And there's no favourites in today's match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Daredevils. Yes, there's a stark contrast in their past records. Gautam Gambhir's side has won two titles, while the Delhi-based franchise has always been the underachievers.

But, it's a new day, and a new season.

Kolkata still revolve around the batting experience of Gambhir, and other match-winners, like Sunil Narine. The West Indian was recently cleared to bowled in the tournament, but was rushed back to home to be with his family, after the demise of his father. He is likely to miss today's match though.

Besides, KKR also have the services of ever reliable Robin Uthappa, Manish Pandey, Shakib Al Hasan, Morne Morkel, etc. And with the astute guidance of Wasim Akram, they still are a side to beat.

For Delhi, it's all about starting from the scratch. And, that's what they did during the pre-season, including the auction. The core of the team was strengthened with the arrival of hosts of match winners like ICC World Twenty20 final hero Carlos Brathwaite and South African utility player Chris Morris.

Their spending, which borders obscenity, was in fact a statement of intent. And also, the arrival of India U-19 coach Rahul Dravid as their mentor will enhance their chances. In Pwan Negi, they have found a young blood, capable of winning matches. Besides, the team from national capital has also the likes of Quinton de Kock, Jean-Paul Duminy, Amit Mishra, etc.


Welcome to our live coverage of the Match 2 of 2016 Indian Premier League between Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Daredevils, being played at Eden Gardens, Kolkata.