Indian Premier League 2016, Match 23: Delhi Daredevils vs Gujarat Lions — As it happened...

Needing 14 to win, Delhi could managed 12 runs only from Dwayne Bravo's over.

Indian Premier League 2016, Match 23: Delhi Daredevils vs Gujarat Lions — As it happened...

What a game of cricket! Chris Morris produced an innings of super human proportions for his 82* off 32 balls. It's a bargain of 50 deliveries, and yet it was not enough for Delhi Daredevils.

Praveen Kumar's four-run penultimate over in the second innings proved the difference in Delhi. Gujarat Lions skipper Suresh Raina, who used as many as eight bowlers, was indeed a very lucky man. Morris was out of gas, at the end.

Needing 14 runs from the last over, Dwayne Bravo did just about enough by conceding 12 runs. And it seemed both the teams have won the match. Brilliant match.


Over 20 || Score 171/5 (Morris 82; Negi 3)

Dwayne Bravo for the last over.

Chris Morris played an lofted cover drive, and James Faulkner missed the catch and it went for four. A single followed, then another single.

Eight needed from three.

Then, Suresh Raina fumed. Ravindra Jadeja at long-on took some time return the throw, and two runs.

Another similar shot, and Dinesh Karthik fumbled when Morris, at the danger end was miles away from safety.

Four needed off the last ball.

Two runs off the last ball, Gujarat Lions won this pulsating game by a single run.

Over 19 || Score 159/5 (Morris 71; Negi 2)

Praveen Kumar returned for his final over. A cracking cover drive from Pawan Negi, but found Suresh Raina at extra cover. Painful stop from the skipper.

A single followed, then a dot ball. Chris Morris played a lofted drive towards long-on, for a single.

Negi made lots of room, backing off, and Praveen Kumar produced a delivery which followed the batsman A single, and four singles from the over.

Brilliant penultimate over.

14 required from the last over.

Over 18 || Score 155/5 (Morris 69; Negi 0)

Jean-Paul Duminy, who was unbeaten for seven innings, holed out at extra cover, and Dwayne Bravo took a catch of his own bowling.

WICKET: Jean-Paul Duminy c & b Dwayne Bravo 48 (43b)

Pawan Negi, the new man, arrived and just witnessed Chris Morris hit a classic straight drive. A wide followed, then a two, which was followed a yorker for a dot.

Then, Morris played the best shot of the match. A brilliantly timed cover drive from the front foot. The raced pace two chasing fielders.

A dot ball, yorker just outside off the off stump, to end the 11-run over.

Delhi Daredevils 18 runs from 12 balls.

Over 17 || Score 144/4 (Duminy 48; Morris 59)

Dwayne Smith returned for his second over, and Jean-Paul Duminy played a late glance, which was fielded by Pravin Tambe at short third man. And he seemed to have injured his left hand, in fact, the a couple of fingers in the process.

Then, a parade of sixes, and also the joint fastest fifty in IPL.

Chris Morris hit three sixes off the next three deliveries. In the process, Morris reached his fifty of 17 balls. Joint fastest, and record shared with Chris Gayle and Adam Gilchrist.

Two more singles, and 21 runs from the over. Smith is bleeding and Delhi Daredevils need another 29 runs from 18 balls.

Over 16 || Score 123/4 (Duminy 46; Morris 40)

Suresh Raina brought in Dhawal Kulkarni into the attack. Good start to his final spell. Two dot balls off the first two balls. Then a single to Jean-Paul Duminy as the South African played a pull shot which raced to the fielder at deep mid-wicket.

Chris Morris came down the pitch and played a half-pull shot, for another single. A flash by Duminy, on the off, for another single.

Then, Morris reached to the ball and hit the ball through cover, for a four. Seven runs from the over.

Over 15 || Score 116/4 (Duminy 44; Morris 35)

Pravin Tambe, finally, arrived in the scene. He took a wicket early in the second innings, and since then he was not to be seen.

And as the match entered its decisive phase, Suresh Raina brought the spinner on attack. But his introduction means 17 runs to Delhi.

A double to Jean-Paul Duminy to start the over, then a single, which was followed by a single.

Then, Chris Morris hot two sixes off the next two balls — first one over long-on, and the second one over deep mid-wicket boundary.

A double to end the over.

Over 14 || Score 99/4 (Duminy 41; Morris 21)

After Time-Out, Dwayne Bravo resumed the proceedings. And a brilliantly disguise slower delivery. Jean-Paul Duminy was alert and blocked.

Another slower delivery followed, but Duminy played a lofted shot, calculated one, for a four, lofted over mid-off fielder. Then a single, quick one with Duminy playing towards mid-wicket fielder.

Chris Morris reached out to the widish delivery, a single intended, but Ravindra Jadeja art cover, no runs.

Morris then play a confident looking pull shot, and it sailed over deep square leg for a six. A dot, and 11 runs from the over. Short ball, punished!

Delhi Daredevils need another 74 runs from 36 balls.

Over 13 || Score 88/4 (Duminy 36; Morris 15)

Now or never situation for Delhi Daredevils, and Chris Morris started with a huge six. Some 100 metres long, over long-off.

James Faulkner responded well, for a dot ball next delivery. A single, then Jean-Paul Dumniy took a double off the third ball.

A single off the fifth ball, then Morris — on his knees — gently scoop flicked and the ball landed deep into the stands. Six over deep square leg. 16 runs from the over.

But the required rate is still over 12 an over.

Over 12 || Score 72/4 (Duminy 33; Morris 2)

14 runs from Ravindra Jadeja's first over. Good one for the batting side, and Delhi need more of such overs.

Four singles off the first four deliveries, the Jean-Paul Duminy creamed the last two ball. First over a six over cow corner, followed up by a four through mid-wicket.

Over 11 || Score 58/4 (Duminy 21; Morris 0)

Brilliant tumbling catch at deep point by Praveen Kumar to end a promising Rishab Pant knock. That happened off the of the over. The execution, the follow through of the bat, and even the sound of the bat meeting the ball — all look correct, but a catch, and the end for Pant.

WICKET: Rishabh Pant c Praveen Kumar b James Faulkner 20(17)

And the new man, another South African in Chris Morris.

Seven runs and a wicket from the over.

Over 10 || Score 51/3 (Duminy 19; Pant 15)

Suresh Raina, usually a partnership breaker, continued for his second over. A dot ball to Jean-Paul Duminy. Then a powere-packed four, pulled by Duminy. Then a good length delivery on the off-stump, for a single.

Wicket-keeper Dinesh Karthik wanted it there, said "wohi length chahiye".

Singles off the remaining deliveries.

Over 9 || Score 43/3 (Duminy 13; Pant 13)

A busy over, from Dwayne Smith. He can also bowl, ans is pretty effective too, specially when the batsmen are not looking for big shots.

Five singles, and time-out.

Over 8 || Score 38/3 (Duminy 10; Pant 11)

First real over which belonged to the batting side. And Suresh Raina leaked 10 runs from his first over.

Rishab Pant, one of the stars of India's U-19 World Cup team which lost the West Indies in the final at the start of the year, looked solid. He started with a single, then two more singles. A leg bye with Jean-Paul Duminy on strike.

Pant, then, played a rollicking cut shot, from back-foot and the ball raced through point area. Two more runs.

Over 7 || Score 28/3 (Duminy 9; Pant 3)

After three overs each from peerless Praveen Kumar and Dhawal Kulkarni, Suresh Raina brought in his street-smart champion Dwayne Bravo into the attack.

The West Indian, for the record, has failed in his last few matches. And he needs overs in the middle, when the batting team is on back-foot.

A single to start the over, to Jean-Paul Duminy. A dot to Rishab Pant, then three singles.

Off the last ball, Duminy pulled an expansive pull shot, but only two runs from it. Six runs from the over.

Delhi Daredevils need another 145 runs from 13 overs.

Over 6 || Score 22/3 (Dumniy 5; Pant 1)

Another good over from Gujarat Lions. Dhawal Kulkarni also completed his third over. Three singles from the over, all singles.

The difference at this stage, after the end of Powerplay, is 49 runs.

Over 5 || Score 19/3 (Duminy 3; Pant 0)

Praveen Kumar rushed through his third over. Three runs — a double off the fifth ball, and a single off the last ball. Both the strokes coming from Jean-Paul Duminy.

Delhi in real crisis.

Over 4 || Score 16/3 (Duminy 0; Pant 0)

Eight balls and one run. That's de Kock's stats before the start of the over.

A single to Karun Nair to start the over, and de Kock's chased the second ball, a widish one, without success.

The next ball, he dispatched — lot of bottom hand to push the ball — through long on. Then, an desperate de Kock lofted the next ball, and Suresh Raina took a comfortable running catch at mid-wicket.

WICKET: Quinton de Kock c Sures Raina b Dhawal Kulkarni 5 (11b)

Jean-Paul Duminy joined Karun Nair in the centre, and the later hit the next ball for a four. Pulled with some power.

Another loose ball, and Nair flicked but it ended with Pravin Tambe taking a tumbling catch at backward square leg.

WICKET: Karun Nair c Pravin Tambe b Dhawal Kulkarni 9 (7b)

Risbabh Pant is the new man. Nine runs and two wickets from the over.

And Delhi need 157 runs from 16 overs.

Over 3 || Score 7/1 (de Kock 1; Nair 4)

Lucky Quinton de Kock. The South African was fooled by the super-slow delivery from Praveen Kumar. Ball hitting the target, and an exasperated bowler's anguish looked said it all.

Good work from the umpire Sundaram Ravi. Ball pitched just outside the leg.

That happened off the fourth delivery. Five runs from the over. And a sedated start from Delhi.

Over 2 || Score 2/1 (de Kock 1; Nair 0)

Dhawal Kulkarni shared the news ball with Praveen Kumar. Good start to the over. The right-handed seamer has managed the  instill some life into the ball, and it's moving.

Two dot balls, and Sanju Samson looked to play a flick shot. But ended up offering a catch at mid-on, where a back-ward running James Faulkner completed the send off.

WICKET: Sanju Samson c James Faulkner b Dhawal Kulkarni 1 (6b)

Karun Nair is the new man. And a wicket-maiden from Kulkarni.

Over 1 || Score 2/0 (de Kock 1;Samson 1)

Praveen Kumar started Gujarat Lions' defence of 173 runs. And right away, hint of swing.

A dot ball to Quinton de Kock, then a quick single off the next ball. de Kock's new opening partner Sanju Samson played a good looking cover drive, from back-foot, but an equally good looking fielding at cover point. No runs.

Another dot ball, then a single. Beaten the left-handed opener, and 2 singles from the over. Good start from Praveen Kumar.


Over 20 || Score 172/6 (Bravo 7; Faulkner 22)

No way to describe that shot, off the third ball by James Faulkner. Batsman wanted to ramp it over, but the ball hit the thinner side the bat and went for a single, to long-on. Every one was confused.

Before that, two singles.

A single off the fourth ball, off a good straight drive. But a four next ball, as Faulkner plays a pull shot off a full toss.  A lofted cover drive for a double to end the over and innings. 10 runs from the last over. And Chris Morris' figures: 4-0-35-2.

He was the catalyst to brought Delhi into the match, with that first wicket.

Over 19 || Score 162/6 (Bravo 5; Faulkner 14)

A brilliant over from the skipper. Eight runs — 2,1,2,0.2,1.

Zaheer Khan just about managed to redeem himself with a good penultimate over. His figures: 4-0-48-0.

For the batting side, James Faulkner has managed to add good runs.

Over 18 || Score 154/6 (Bravo 2; Faulkner 9)

Some time coming, but Gujarat Lions have reached the 150-run mark. At one point, it was going for 200+ total. But Delhi Daredevils have controlled the middle overs very well.

An 11-run over from Chris Morris as James Faulkner hit the last ball of the over for a four through the point area.

A double, three singles and wide before the boundary, and Morris leaked 11 runs from his third over.

Over 17 || Score 143/6 (Bravo 0; Faulkner 1)

What an over from Imran Tahir.

Ishan Kishan took a single to start the over, then Dinesh Karthik struck a six, then a single.

Then the wicket. Catch taken at cover by JP Duminy.

WICKET: Ishan Kishan c JP Duminy b Imran Tahir 2 (6b)

Then, another wicket. This time Dinesh Karthik, by the same fielder, this time though at short fine leg.

WICKET: Dinesh Karthik c JP Duminy b Imran Tahir 19 (17b)

Two new men in the centre as Delhi have seemingly caused a decisive turn in the match.

But still, Dwayne Bravo and James Faulkner can still inflict pain to any bowling line-up.

This Tahir completed his spell, for figures of 4-0-24-3.

Over 16 || Score 134/4 (Karthik 12; Kishan 2)

Shahbaz Nadeem completed his four-over spell for today. The fourth one leaked only 2 runs. His figures: 4-0-32-0.

Those thirty runs from his first three overs were thanks to the carnage which Dwayne Smith and Brendon McCullum have invoked in the early hours of the match.

In the last five over, in contrast, Gujarat have scored 18 losing three wickets. What a turn-around.

Over 15 || Score 132/4 (Karthik 11; Kishan 1)

Jean-Paul Duminy on. And a good first over, with the wicket of Ravindra Jadeja.

Two singles off the first two balls, then the wicket. Extra bounce, and a fine nick ended as a catch for Quinton de Kock behind the stumps.

WICKET: Ravindra Jadeja c Quinton de Kock b JP Duminy 4 (7b)

Ishan Kishan is the new man, and the young batsman took two balls to open his account.

Four runs and a wicket from the over.

Over 14 || Score 128/3 (Karthik 9; Jadeja 3)

Amit Mishra on for his third over. A single to Dinesh Karthik to start the over, followed by another single to Ravindra Jadeja.

Then, Karthik timed his drive to perfection. A four between wide long-off and deep point.

A dot ball, then a two singles to make it a 8-run over.

In the last overs, Gujarat scored 28 runs losing 3 wickets.

Over 13 || Score 120/3 (Karthik 3; Jadeja 1)

A quick over. After that double-wicket over from Chris Morris, his South African compatriot Imran Tahir rushed through the 13th over, conceding only three singles.

Brilliant from leg-break bowler.

Over 12 || Score 117/3 (Karthik 1; Jadeja 0)

Back-to-back wicket overs for Delhi Daredevils. After Dwayne Smith's departure in the previous over, Chris Morris got the better of dangerous Brendon McCullum. Some luck, as the batsman missed a full toss. Faster though, but still a full toss.

WICKET: Brendon McCullum b Chris Morris 60 (36b)

That happened off the second ball of the over, after Suresh Raina took a single of the first ball.

Dinesh Karthik, always a tenacious player, joined his skipper in the centre. And a single to the wicket-keeper batsman.

A dot to Raina. And Morris complained about landing area. Time-Out. And during the break, saw-dust arrived.

Play resumed and Morris, right onto the target.

Then, the wicket of Raina. A boucer into hips, and the Gujarat skipper offered a simple catch at back-ward point.

WICKET: Suresh Raina c Karun Nair b Chris Morris 2 (5b)

Ravindra Jadeja is the new man. Brilliant over, two wickets and two runs.

Over 11 || Score 100/2 (McCullum 60; Raina 1)

Finally, some respite for Delhi Daredevils. A wicket, thanks to a contentious LBW decision, which the batsman thought, or contested got a nick.

A single to start the over, to Dwayne Smith. Another single followed.

Them a dot ball, before the big decision. Imran Tahir trapped Smith. A flipper, and the batsman seemed to have missed it completely, playing from back-foot.

WICKET: Dwayne Smith lbw b Imran Tahir 53 (30b)

New man, Suresh Raina got into the action immediately, with a single. A double, for five runs and a wicket.

Over 10 || Score 110/1 (Smith 52; McCullum 57)

Amit Mishra on for his second over, and 10 runs from it. A six and four singles.

That six, straight, also brought Dwayne Smith's fifty off 26 balls.

Over 9 || Score 100/0 (Smith 44; McCullum 55)

A single to start the over, and Brendon McCullum posted fasted fifty for any Gujarat Lions players, off 27 balls.

Imran Tahir managed to restrict the flow of run, with three more singles, but the Kiwi batsman played a reverse seep with purpose for a four. A leg bye and 100 up for Gujarat Lions. Nine runs from the over. And fastest team hundred this IPL season.

Over 8 || Score 91/0 (Smith 42; McCullum 49)

Amit Mishra on, and we can probably say that, the match starts now.

The experienced spinner with a widish delivery, a dot ball. Then a length ball, hit for a four, over the head of the bowler. Another widish delivery and could have been a stumping chance but the batsman, Brend McCullum managed to gain his balance just in time.

It was followed by a pull shot, for a four. Another hit, in fact a late cut for a single.

It was followed by a dot, with Mishra managing some buy from the wicket. The ball turned sharply, and caught Dwayne Smith on the backfoot. Height was the issue. Nine runs from the over.

Over 7 || Score 82/0 (Smith 42; McCullum 40)

Zaheer Khan stuck with Shahbaz Nadeem, and another big over for the batting team.

A dot to Brendon McCullum to start the over, then the second ball was dismissed through the mid-wicket region. A slap followed, this time through cover region, and the ball slept through Rishab Pant's legs at deep cover.

McCullum came down and hurried for a single. It was followed by a single, and another single. 11 runs from the over.

Over 6 || Score 71/0 (Smith 41; McCullum 30)

Zaheer Khan continued for his third over. Brave from the skipper, considering how these two openers have been manhandling the bowlers.

A dot ball to start the over, to Dwayne Smith. Half chance as the ball deflected from the bat and landed at vacant square leg area.

A four followed with Smith played a pull shot, and the ball disappeared. A dot ball followed, then a couple. A single, then another single as the fielder at extra-cover failed misfield.

8 runs from the over. Power-play over. And this is the second highest Power-play score this season. Gujarat Lions themselves scored 72 against RCB in their previous game.

Over 5 || Score 63/0 (Smith 34; McCullum 29)

Chris Morris started the fifth over with a dot ball to Brendon McCullum, then another one. And it looked like one mighty over is coming for the fielding team.

But, the very next delivery, McCullum hoisted the ball over the bowler's head for a six. It was followed by a double. Then, a dot ball.

The over ended with a ferocious four. The ball traveled like a bullet. Pulled through square.

12 runs from the over.

Over 4 || Score 51/0 (Smith 34; McCullum 17)

A relatively quiet over, but still a big over. Nine runs from Shahbaz Nadeem's second over. It included a huge six, from the blade of Dwayne Smith, over mid-wicket boundary.

Three singles, and nine runs from the over.

In between, these fifty runs have been the fastest in terms of balls, this IPL season.

Over 3 || Score 42/0 (Smith 27; McCullum 15)

Zaheer Khan, not to be overawed by the intimidation from Dwayne Smith, started his second over with a beauty of a delivery. Good length, and he managed to brought back. Ball hitting the flap of front pad.

A single followed, then Brendon McCullum almost murdered the fielder at deep cover, where Sanju Samson failed to measure the monstrosity of shot. It traveled, and the fielder was literally hit by the ball.

A dot ball, the another mighty six. This time, the Kiwi legend pulled with disdain. Those oft repeated 'stand and deliver' type, over deep mid-wicket boundary

A single, and Zaheer Khan continue to leak runs. 14 runs from this one.

Over 2 || Score 28/0 (Smith 26; McCullum 2)

Shahbaz Nadeem, slow left arm bowler, introduced. A tidy start, two singles from three balls. Then out of nowhere, the West Indian lofted the fourth delivery for a straight six. Classic, and add some brute force too!

A single to end the 10-run over.

Over 1 || Score 18/0 (Smith 18; McCullum 0)

Frenetic start to the match as Dwayne Smith got into overdrive, and with some luck. The first ball was hit for an outrageously sublime cover drive, off a first ball, then a dot ball.

It was followed by a lucky four, through third man. Then another boundary, this time between the first sleep and wicket-keeper. Two South Africans — JP Duminy and Quinton de Kock with the gloves — just stood there. No clue, no call.

A double off the good delivery. Then the over ended with another four. Thick edged. No chance.

Huge over, and Delhi captain Zaheer Khan has leaked 18 runs.

Rahul Dravid is also a champion

Moments ago

Here are the teams:

Delhi Daredevils: Quinton de Kock (wk), Sanju Samson, Karun Nair, Rishab Pant, Jean-Paul Duminy, Pawan Negi, Chris Morris, Amit Mishra, Zaheer Khan (capt.), Shahbaz Nadeem, Imran Tahir

Gujarat Lions: Dwayne Smith, Brendon McCullum, Suresh Raina (capt.), Dinesh Karthik (wk), Dwayne Bravo, Ishan Kishan, Ravindra Jadeja, James Faulkner, Praveen Kumar, Dhawal Kulkarni, Pravin Tambe

TOSS: Zaheer Khan wins toss, and Delhi Daredevils bowl first. Both the teams have made two changes. For Delhi, Shahbaz Nadeem and Rishabh Pant come in for Mohammed Shami and Shreyas Iyer. For Gujarat, James Faulkner and Ishan Kishan come in for Aaron Finch and Shadab Jakati.


Umpires: Marais Erasmus and Sundaram Ravi
Third Umpire: Anil Chaudhary
Match Referee: Javagal Srinath
Reserve Umpire: Abhijit Deshmukh



Delhi Daredevils: Zaheer Khan (capt.), Quinton de Kock, JP Duminy, Mayank Agarwal, Shreyas Iyer, Carlos Brathwaite, Karun Nair, Pawan Negi, Rishabh Pant, Sanju Samson, Pawan Suyal, Jayant Yadav, Chris Morris, Sam Billings, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Imran Tahir, Mahipal Lomor, Chama Milind, Amit Mishra, Mohammed Shami, Shahbaz Nadeem, Khaleel Ahmed, Akhil Herwadkar, Pratyush Singh.

Gujarat Lions: Suresh Raina (capt.), Amit Mishra, Dwayne Bravo, James Faulkner, Aaron Finch, Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Smith, Dale Styne, Pravin Tambe, Shadab Jakati, Dinesh Karthik, Dhaval Kulkarni, Praveen Kumar, Brandon McCullum, Pradeep Sangwan, Sarabjit Ladda, Akshdeep Nath, Jaydev Shah, Ishan Kishan, Paras Dogra, Eklavya Dwivedi, Shivil Kaushik, Umang Sharma and Andrew Tye.

Into the third week, and teams in the ninth season of Indian Premier League (IPL) have started to show their true colours. There are pace-setters, and there are slow starters, and there are also traveling teams.

And there, confidence is the key denominator which differentiates these team. Plain simple. Luckily, today's match at Delhi's at Feroz Shah Kotla ground will witnessed two teams of supreme confidence.

Hosts Delhi Daredevils, after losing their season opener to two-time Kolkata Knight Riders, resurrected their campaign with three back-to-back wins.

And in skipper Zaheer Khan, they have a wily and capable leader. His appointment as the captain of the team was initially questioned, but the way the experienced left-arm seamer has handled his body, bowling and team has been one beautiful story of this IPL.

With a leader of Zaheer's ability, the young team seemed to have liked the taste of victory. The likes of Quinton de Kock, Pawan Negi, Karun Nair, Shreyas Iyer, Sanju Samson — all starters — have performed.

These back-bone of young performers have been well supported by Jean-Paul Duminy, Amit Mishra and Chris Morris.

For the visiting team, it's all about form. And that's how the new franchise under Suresh Raina has done, and gone about in the early phase. Yes, they have had one off day, but four wins from five outings — that's not bad in such a competitive tournament.

Unlike the Delhi outfit, Gujarat Lions are made up of hugely experienced players like Dwayne Smith, Aaron Finch, Brendon McCullum, Dwayne Bravo, Ravindra Jadeja, Dale Steyn, Pravin Tambe, etc. All match-winners.

The meeting of these two confident teams is expected to be one hell of an affair.

New Delhi: Welcome to our live coverage of the Match 23 of 2016 Indian Premier League between Delhi Daredevils vs Gujarat Lions, being played at Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi.