Indian Premier League 2016, Match 32: Kolkata Knight Riders vs Kings XI Punjab — As it happened...

With the win, KKR have displaced Gujarat Lions at the top of IPL table.

Indian Premier League 2016, Match 32: Kolkata Knight Riders vs Kings XI Punjab — As it happened...

A good fight from Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) in their Indian Premier League (IPL) 2016 match against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), but at the end Andre Russell's last over proved the difference between between the teams at Eden Gardens on Wednesday.

After winning the toss, Murali Vijay put the hosts into bat even as talks of rain in Kolkata dominated the pre-match build-up. Russell's figures, 4-0-20-4 was as good as it gets. Yes, earlier, he also hit a six and a four in his 10-ball innings.

With the win, KKR have displaced Gujarat Lions at the top of IPL table.


Over 20 || Score 157/9 (Sandeep 1; M Sharma 1)

What a final over from Andre Russell. A single to Axar Patel, then a superb fielding off his own bowling to effect dangerous Patel on the non-striker's end.

WICKET: Axar Patel run out 21 (7b)

It was followed by another run-out, this time a team-effort involving Sathish and wicket-keeper Ribin Uthappa.

WICKET: Gurkeerat Singh run out 11 (11b)

A single, then LBW to send back Swapnil Singh.

WICKET: Swapnil Singh lbw b Andre Russell 0 (1b)

A single to end the match, and Kinght Riders won the match by seven runs.

Over 19 || Score 153/5 (Gurkeerat 10; Patel 20)

Morne Morkel returned for his final over. A single to Gurkeerat Singh, then a four, played with conviction. Axar Patel waited for the slower bouncer and ramped it above the slip area.

Two singles, then a double. The over ended with a single. 10 from the over, and Punjab need 12 from the last over.

Morkel's figures: 4-0-27-1

Over 18 || Score 143/5 (Gurkeerat 8; Patel 12)

Two dots, then replays to check the third ball was above the waist. Out was the decision to send back David Miller who was just starting to open up. Catch taken at

WICKET: David Miller c sub (R Sathish) b Andre Russell 13 (18b)

Gurkeerat took a single off the next ball, then Axar Patel hit two sixes of successive deliveries. Both over long-on. And 13 runs from the over.

EQUATION: 22 runs from 12 balls.

Over 17 || Score 130/5 (Miller 13; Gurkeerat 7)

After losing Glenn Maxwell, Kings XI Punjab took eight runs from the next over, bowled by Shakib Al Hasan.

A single to start the over as Gurkeerat Singh down to long-off. Three singles followed, then a dot ball Gurkeerat. The 25-year-old then hit a straight. lofted drive for a four. Initially, it looked to have travelled all the way, but the landed just inside the rope at long-on.

Over 16 || Score 122/5 (Miller 11; Gurkeerat 1)

Piyush Chawla on for last over. A single to David Miller, then a Glenn Maxwell struck well, but a for a single only as the fielder from long-on made grounds area.

A single followed, then the big wicket. Maxwell tried a reverse sweep, but he mistimed the shot and trapped in front. Umpire Anil Chaudhary took some time to raise his finger.

WICKET: Glenn Maxwell lbw b Piyush Chawla 68 (42b)

A dot ball to new man Gurkeerat Singh, then a wide. A single more, and five runs from the over. Chawla's figures: 4-0-27-2.

Over 15 || Score 117/4 (Maxwell 67; Miller 9)

After a long time, Shakib Al Hasan returned. A dot to Glenn Maxwell to start the over. But the next ball, it was deposited into the stands, beyond the cow corner. Huge one.

A dot ball, and a single, then two dots. Still a good over for the batting side. Eight runs.

Over 14 || Score 109/4 (Maxwell 60; Miller 8)

Umesh Yadav returned for his third over. A dot ball to David Miller, then a single as the batsman from South Africa pushed towards mid-wicket.

A double, then a wide. A bad one, which Maxwell was ready to hit over deep square leg boundary.

Another double, the a four as Maxwell dismissed Yadav's short ball through fine leg area.  A single, and 11 runs from the over.

In between, Maxwell and Miller have posted a 56-run stand from 5 overs.

Over 13 || Score 98/4 (Maxwell 51; Miller 7)

Piyush Chawla continued, and five runs — a double and five singles — from the over.  His figures so far: 3-0-22-1.

Equation: 67 runs from 42 balls.

Over 12 || Score 93/4 (Maxwell 50; Miller 3)

Gaumtam Gambhir opted to continue with Brad Hogg, who leaked 11 runs from his first over.

A single to David Miller to start the over, then Glenn Maxwell creamed a pitched up delivery for a six over long-on. Huge one.

A four followed, thanks to a misfield by Manish Pandey at long-on.

Then another four, straight one. A single, then second fifty for Maxwell in three matches. He took 29 balls, which included five fours and three sixes.

Another single and 17 runs from the over.

Over 11 || Score 76/4 (Maxwell 35; Miller 1)

Piyush Chawla on for his second over. A double to start, then a six to Glenn Maxwell. A mis-hit and still enough power to clear the long-off boundary.

A dot ball followed, as swing and miss from Maxwell. A reverse sweep for four runs.

Two dot balls to end the 12-run over.

Over 10 || Score 64/4 (Maxwell 23; Miller 1)

Ever effusive Brad Hogg on for KKR. A single to Glenn Maxwell to start the over, then a dot ball with enough loud shout for a caught behind, or even bowled. No flicking stumps, and not out.

A single, then a double to Maxwell. The younger Aussie to his senior compatriot to the cleaners — a six over extra cover.

A single, and 11 runs from the over. KXIP need another 101 runs from 60 balls.

Over 9 || Score 53/4 (Maxwell 12; Miller 0)

Double bowling change, and spin from both end.

Piyush Chawla started his spell with a dot ball to Glenn Maxwell. Then a single. Wriddhiman Saha his a four behind square, two balls followed then the wicket

WICKET: Wriddhiman Saha b Piyush Chawla 24 (20b)

That happened off the last ball, and five runs from the over. Former skipper David Miller arrived.

Over 8 || Score 43/3 (Saha 20; Maxwell 12)

Bowling change and Shakib Al Hasan on attack. Good one from the Bangladeshi all-rounder. Five runs, thanks to three singles and a double.

Over 7 || Score 43/3 (Saha 17; Maxwell 10)

Umesh Yadav on for his second over, and six runs from it. Improvement from the premier Indian fast bowler. Two singles, two leg-byes and a double.

KXIP need another 122 runs from 13 overs.

Over 6 || Score 37/3 (Saha 13; Maxwell 10)

Another good over for the batting side as 10 runs came from Morne Morkel's second over. This time, taking the initiative is Glenn Maxwell — a four each of the first and last ball of the over. That's the end of Power-play.

Over 5 || Score 27/3 (Saha 12; Maxwell 2)

Finally some runs for the batting side. 11 runs from Umesh Yadav's first over.

The spell started with a dot ball to Glenn Maxwell, then a single. A dot, then a four as Wriddhiman Saha punched through cover. A double, then another four — this time the wicket-keeper batsman lofted over mid-off.

KXIP need another 138 runs from 15 overs.

Over 4 || Score 16/3 (Saha 2; Maxwell 1)

This is brilliant from KKR pace bowlers. A first ball wicket for Morne Morkel. Another catch for Shakib Al Hasan, this time at mid-off. Easy one, as Murali Vijay played it as if he was offering a catch.

WICKET: Murali Vijay c Shakib Al Hasan b Morne Morkel 6 (11b)

With the skipper gone, Glenn Maxwell joined promoted Wriddhiman Saha at the centre.

Three runs and a single.

Over 3 || Score 13/2 (Vijay 6; Saha 0)

Andre Russell returned for his second over. A dot ball, then a leg-bye to Manan Vohra. It was followed by another leg-byes, for four runs.

A dot, then a single. Then the wicket of Vohra. Still on naught, the right-handed batsman picked Shakib Al Hasan at deep backward.

WICKET: Manan Vohra c Shakib Al Hasan b Andre Russell 0 (5b)

Wriddhiman Saha is the new man.

Over 2 || Score 7/1 (Vijay 5; Vohra 0)

Back-to-back good overs for the fielding side. Not wicket this time, but still a tidy one as five runs were leaked — A wide, and a four off the last ball.

Murali Vijay, looking circumspect, played out the first five legal deliveries, then played an expansive hook shot, which just about managed to beat the chasing wicket-keeper and a fielder from line-leg, for a four.

Over 1 || Score 2/1 (Vijay 1; Vohra 0)

Andre Russell started Kolkata Knight Riders' defence with a single, which was followed by two dot balls. Then a wicket, that of Marcus Stoinis. A front-foot drive which ended as a a catch at mid-off.

WICKET: Marcus Stoinis c Piyush Chawla b Andre Russell 0 (3b)

Manan Vohra, the new man, got a wide for his first ball.  Two dot balls.

Brilliant start, 2 runs and a wicket from the over.


Over 20 || Score 164/3 (Y Pathan 19)

Good start to the final over by Sandeep Sharma. Three singles off the first three balls, all yorker length deliveries.

Then a dot ball, fielding well off his own bowling.

Another single as Yusuf Pathan could only find the fielder at deep mid-wicket.

Then, a run-out to end the innings.

WICKET: Russell run out 16 (10b)

Four singles and a wicket. Sandeep's figures: 4-0-25-0.

Over 19 || Score 160/2 (Y Pathan 17; Russell 14)

Mohit Sharma on for his final over. A single to Yusuf Parthan, then another single to Andre Russell. Another single, and good start to the penultimate over.

A dot ball, then a length gone wrong, and Russell hits his first six of the day, over long-off.

A single and 10 runs from the over. Mohit's figures: 4-0-39-0.

Over 18 || Score 150/2 (Y Pathan 15; Russell 6)

Sandeep Sharma returned for his third over. A single to Yusuf Pathan, then three wides followed as the pacer tried wide yorkers, but going all wrong.

The second legal delivery, from over the stumps, and it flewed over the short-third man, for a four.

Two singles followed. Yusuf Pathan made some room to play the last delivery on the leg, but only a single.

12 runs from the over.

Over 17 || Score 138/2 (Y Pathan 12; Russell 0)

A single to start the over, then Yusuf Pathan carted a fullish delivery from Mohit Sharma for a six over long-leg boundary. Yusuf then changed gears, a new bat.

A single, then Robin Uthappa responded with a single. Another run-out, as Uthappa hungrily ran down the pitch even as the ball was in the hands of the bowler. A direct hit, and gone.

WICKET: Robin Uthappa run out 70 (49b)

Andre Russell is the new man. Ten runs and a wicket.

Over 16 || Score 128/1 (Uthappa 68; Y Pathan 4)

Axar Patel completed his bowling chores. Seven runs from his last over, which included four singles, a double and a leg-bye.

His figures: 4-0-24-0.


Over 15 || Score 121/1 (Uthappa 64; Y Pathan 2)

Swapnil Singh on, and three singles off the first three balls.

Then, Robin Uthappa showed his hitting prowess with a six and a four off back-to-back deliveries, on the same area. Six was clobbered over mid-wicket boundary, by inches. He beat the two onrushing fielders to the same area for the four.

A single to end the 14-run over.

Over 14 || Score 107/1 (Uthappa 52; Y Pathan 0)

A dot to start the over to Gautam Gambhir, then a single to KKR skipper. But the very delivery he ran out, backing up too much. After much deliberation, the verdict was. Bowler Sandeep Singh's dislodging the bails was legal.

WICKET: Gautam Gambhir run out 54 (45b)

After a dot ball, Robin Uthappa hit a four. And that was his fifty. The over ended with a a couple of runs. Yusuf Pathan is the new man.

Over 13 || Score 100/0 (Uthappa 46; Gambhir 53)

Bowling change, and Glenn Maxwell on for Kings Xi Punjab. A single to Gautam Gambhir, then a dot ball.

Robin Uthappa hit the next ball — a shorter, flatter one — to the leg side. A single then, Gautam Gambhir pierced the off-side field, through cover. With that Gambhir reached yet another fifty.

A single, and 11 runs from the over.

Over 12 || Score 89/0 (Uthappa 41; Gambhir 47)

One busy over from Axar Patel. Six runs — three singles, a double and a leg-by.

In his three overs, Patel has leaked 18 runs. Good effort, but the fielding team need wickets.

This KKR side can score runs when they want.

Over 11 || Score 83/0 (Uthappa 40; Gambhir 43)

Marcus Stoinis on for his third over, with a four to Robin Uthappa. Delivered on leg-stump, and Uthappa whipped past fine-leg.

It was followed by five singles, for a nine-run over. In the last five overs, KKR have scored 43 runs,.

Over 10 || Score 74/0 (Uthappa 33; Gambhir 41)

A little while ago, KKR looked like struggling, then suddenly it's good foundation. 74 runs in first ten overs.

Swapnil Singh returned for his second over, and the 22-year-old leaked 12 runs, which also included a six.

The over started with a single, followed by three singles, then a double. The over ended with Gautam Gambhir hitting a six — a pull shot over square leg boundary.

Over 9 || Score 62/0 (Uthappa 31; Gambhir 31)

Axar Patel returned for his second over. A single to Gautam Gambhir, then a dot ball, which was followed by a dot. A double to Robin Uthappa. The wicket-keeper batsman then hit the first six of the day, over long-off, playing with the spin. 11-runs from the over.

Over 8 || Score 51/0 (Uthappa 21; Gambhir 30)

Bowling change for Kolkata Knight Riders. Gurkeerat Singh on.

The off-break bowler started with a single to Robin Uthappa, followed by another single.

A dot ball, then two more singles before Uthappa got his second four of the innings. With that, a fifty up for the batting side.

Over 7 || Score 43/0 (Uthappa 15; Gambhir 28)

Swapnil Singh on for his first over of IPL 2016. The left-arm orthodox has been considered a steady hand in Indian domestic circles.

And an good over to start. Three singles — all singles.

Over 6 || Score 40/0 (Uthappa 13; Gambhir 27)

Marcus Stoinis continued for his second over. A dot ball to Gautam Gambhir, who failed to find the gap at mid-wicket. Gambhir played the next ball towards deep cover for a single.

Three more singles, then Gambhir punished the last ball — a fuller one — with a straight drive four. Eight runs from the over.

Power-play over.

Over 5 || Score 32/0 (Uthappa 11; Gambhir 21)

Time for the hat-trick man. Axar Patel on, and a single to start the over to Robin Uthappa.

Three dot balls to Gautam Gambhir, then a single off the fourth delivery.

The over ended with a dot ball to Uthappa, with the ball almost getting through the defence. Two runs from the over.

Over 4 || Score 30/0 (Uthappa 10; Gambhir 20)

Mohit Sharma continued with his second over, and a four to start the over.

Robin Uthappa, who was quiet for a while, drove behind the square, for his first four. A single, the another one from Gautam Gambhir.

Singles each from the remaining deliveries, and a nine runs from the over.

Over 3 || Score 21/0 (Uthappa 3; Gambhir 18)

First bowling change, and Murali Vijay introduced Marcus Stoinis into the attack. The Aussie medium-pacer started well — a single to Robing Uthappa, then two balls to Gautam Gambhir.

But the fourth ball — short and down leg side — was hit for a four by the KKR skipper. A dot ball followed, that a similar 'bad' delivery, which received the same treatment. Four to end the nine-run over.

Over 2 || Score 12/0 (Uthappa 2; Gambhir 10)

Mohit Sharma shared the new ball with Sandeep, and a dot ball to start the over.

Then, the medium pacer kept it short the next ball, and Gautam Gambhir punched it square for first four of the innings.

A dot ball, then two singles followed. A sumptuous cover drive to end the over. Gambhir in some four.

10 runs from the over.

Over 1 || Score 2/0 (Uthappa 1; Gambhir 1)

One brilliant over to start the proceedings at Eden Gardens for visiting Kings XI Punbjab. Two singles, one each to Robin Uthappa and Gautam Gambhir, as Sandeep Sharma produced a two-run over.

Rain predictions. At the time of the toss, Murali Vijay said "some prediction of rain".

TEAMS: Couple of changes each for both the teams. Shakib Al Hasan and Bradd Hogg comes in for Chris Lynn and Sunil Narine respectively for KKR. KXIP have Swapnil Singh and Manan Vohra on for KC Cariappa and Shaun Marsh recpectively.

Kolkata Knight Riders: Robin Uthappa (w), Gautam Gambhir (capt.), Manish Pandey, Shakib Al Hasan, Yusuf Pathan, Andre Russell, Suryakumar Yadav, Piyush Chawla, Umesh Yadav, Brad Hogg, Morne Morkel

Kings XI Punjab: Murali Vijay (capt.), Manan Vohra, Marcus Stoinis, Glenn Maxwell, David Miller, Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Wriddhiman Saha (w), Axar Patel, Mohit Sharma, Sandeep Sharma, Swapnil Singh

TOSS: Murali Vijay wins toss, and Kings XI Punjab bowl first against Kolkata Knight Riders

Teams warming-up


Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (capt.), Robin Uthappa, Manish Pandey, Suryakumar Yadav, Chris Lynn, Andre Russell, Yusuf Pathan, Sunil Narine, Umesh Yadav, Piyush Chawla, Morne Morkel, Jason Holder, Shakib Al Hasan, Brad Hogg, Sheldon Jackson, Kuldeep Yadav, Manan Sharma, Colin Munro, Ankit Rajpoot, Rajagopal Sathish, Jaydev Unadkat, John Hastings.

Kings XI Punjab: Murali Vijay (capt.), Marcus Stoinis, Glenn Maxwell, Gurkeerat Singh, David Miller, Wriddhiman Saha, Axar Patel, Mohit Sharma, KC Cariappa, Sandeep Sharma, Anureet Singh, Armaan Jaffer, Kyle Abbott, Farhaan Behardien, Rishi Dhawan, Mitchell Johnson, Nikhil Naik, Pradeep Sahu, Swapnil Singh, Shradul Thakur, Manan Vohra.

Match officials

Umpires: Anil Chaudhary and Kumar Dharmasena
Third Umpire: CK Nandan
Match Referee: Amit Sharma
Reserve Umpire: Rohan Pandit


Both Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI Punjab enter the contest confident after their respective wins over Royal Challengers Bangalore and Gujarat Lions respectively. But thanks to their higher league position, more wins and also the past glories, KKR will start as the favourites.

Playing at home, Gautam Gambhir's outfit would love got for an all-out attacking game against a team in transition from Punjab. A win today at Eden Gardens will help KKR to six wins from nine games, like the leaders Gujarat Lions.

And KKR have a well-balanced team.

For KXIP, after a change in captaincy, the visiting team would like to win their first back-to-back wins of the campaign. The win over league leaders Gujarat Lions is likely to serve as the perfect appetiser to trigger such an overhaul in their fortunes.


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