Indian Premier League 2016, Match 36: Kings XI Punjab vs Delhi Daredevils — As it happened...

Mathematically, Kings XI Punjab can still qualify for the playoffs.

Indian Premier League 2016, Match 36: Kings XI Punjab vs Delhi Daredevils — As it happened...

Marcus Stoinis starred with both bat and ball to help Kings XI Punjab to a much needed win in the 2016 Indian Premier League season with a nine run victory over Delhi Daredevils on Saturday at Mohali.

Aussie all-rounder first scored a brilliant half-century, his second only in Twenty20 cricket, off 44 balls after returning Delhi captain Zaheer Khan asked Punjab to bat first in the 36th match of the season.

Stoinis, and Wriddhiman Saha — who also scored an identical 53 off 33 balls — set up a big total at a big ground. A total of 181 runs just proved enough as big hitting Delhi batsmen like Carlos Brathwaite and Chris Morris failed when the match entered its decisive part.

And mathematically, Kings XI Punjab can still qualify for the playoffs. For Delhi, this is their back-to-back setback.

With ball, Stoinis took three wickets — those of openers Quinton De Kock (52 off 30) and Sanju Samson (49 off 35), and Sam Billings.

But the efforts from Sandeep Sharma and Mohit Sharma towards the end of the match were incredible.


Over 20 || Score 172/5 (C Morris 17; R Pant 4)

Needing 25 from last over, Delhi Daredevils could managed only 15 runs.

0,2,2,6,0,1,4 was the sequence and Kings XI Punjab won the match by nine runs.

Sandeep Sharma's figures: 4-0-36-1

Over 19 || Score 157/5 (C Morris 6; R Pant 0)

Mohit Sharma returned for his final over, and what an over it proved for the falterinh home side.

A double to Chris Morris off the first ball, then two dot balls before a single.

Then two balls, both unplayable, but the last one was a beauty. A high yorker on Pant and the batsman floored.

Mohit's figures today: 4-0-21-0.

EQUATION: 25 runs required from 6 balls.

Over 18 || Score 154/5 (C Morris 3; R Pant 0)

Needing more than 13 runs per over, the big West Indian Carlos Brathwaite took charge. He hit a four, off the second ball, then a six, off the fourth ball. A dot in between.

Then the big wicket. Change of length and Brathwaite fooled. Caught at square leg by Gurkeerat Singh.

WICKET: Carlos Brathwaite c Gurkeerat Singh b Sandeep Sharma 12 (6b)

12 runs and a wicket from the over. Rishabh Pant is the new man.

EQUATION: 28 runs required from 12 balls.

Over 17 || Score 142/4 (C Brathwaite 2; C Morris 1)

Brilliant over from Marcus Stoinis. Four runs and a wicket, to follow up the 6 and 4 runs in the two previous overs.

His figures today 4-0-40-3. Yes, he scored 52 off 44 too.

After a double off the first ball, Carlos Brathwaite took a leg bye. Then two dot balls, before brilliant slow bouncer. Caught behind, Sam Billings.

WICKET: Sam Billings c Wriddhiman Saha b Marcus Stoinis 6 (9b)

Chris Morris the new man. Two destructive batsmen in the centre.

Over 16 || Score 138/3 (S Billings 6; C Brathwaite 0)

KC Cariappa on for his final over, and a single off the first ball to Karun Nair. A leg-bye followed, then a restless Nair lofted over mid-off, and David Miller this time completed the catch on long-off.

WICKET: Karuns Nair c David Miller b KC Cariappa 23 (25b)

New man Carlos Brathwaite joined Sam Billings in the centre.

Then Billings did a super-man fly to save himself against a stumping.

Couple of doubles and six runs from the over.

Over 15 || Score 132/2 (K Nair 22; S Billings 2)

What an over it could have been for Kings XI Punjab. Mohit Sharma returned for his third over and managed to tied down both the batsmen.

A single to Sam Billins to start the over, then Karun Nair took four balls to loft one high, but two of the best fielders David Miller and Glann Maxwell almost collided heads on, and missed the ball.

Four runs from the over.

Over 14 || Score 128/2 (K Nair 19; S Billings 1)

A huge over, but with a wicket. Marcus Stoinis started his third over with a double to Sanju Samson.

Then, two back-to-back fours as Samson raced towards his fifty. But he perished trying a six, caught at long-on by Glenn Maxwell at deep mid-wicket.

WICKET: Sanju Samson c Glenn Maxwell b Marcus Stoinis 49 (35b)

With new man Sam Billings, settled Karun Nair took another seven runs from the remaining two deliveries, which included a 2 wides and a four too.

17 runs from the over.

In the previous over, Axar Patel bowled out his quota for figures of 4-0-32-0. He leaked six runs in that over.

Over 12 || Score 105/1 (S Samson 35; K Nair 14)

A busy over from Sandeep Sharma as skipper Murali Vijay brought in his premier pace bowler into the attack in search of wickets.

Eight runs from the over, but without a boundary. Three singles, a leg-bye and two doubles.

Over 11 || Score 97/1 (S Samson 29; K Nair 13)

A decent over for the fielding team. Only six runs from the Axar Patel's third over. Two two's and two singles.

Delhi Daredevils need 85 runs more from 54 balls.

Over 10 || Score 91/1 (S Samson 28; K Nair 8)

KC Cariappa returned for his third over. A double to Karun Nair, then a single followed.

Sanju Samson read the flight of the ball early and dancing down, hit a 94-metre long  six over long-off. Two singles, then a perfectly timed cover drive for a four.

15 runs from the over, and Delhi Daredevils need another 91 runs from 60 balls.

Over 9 || Score 76/1 (S Samson 17; K Nair 4)

A tidy over just after the fall of Quinton de Kock.  Axar Patel, who was mistreated by de Kock in his first over, returned for second, and given away five runs only.


Over 8 || Score 71/1 (S Samson 15; K Nair 1)

Marcus Stoinis returned for his second over, and what a welcome back he's just got. A huge six, over mid-wicket boundary.

But the bowler had rhe last laugh as three balls later, he got the wicket of de Kock. An easy catch at backward point by Axar Patel.

WICKET: Quinton de Kock c Axar Patel b Marcus Stoinis 52 (30b)

Nine runs and the big wicket of de Kock. Karun Nair is the new man.

Over 7 || Score 62/0 (Q de Kock 45; S Samson 14)

KC Cariappa returned for his second over, and a busy over.

Three singles, starting with Sanju Samson, off the first three balls. A dot ball followed, then Quinton de Kock swept for a four.

Then a wide outside off, only to be followed by another four. No, a three as Mohit Sharma fielded well at backward point. 11 runs from the over.

Over 6 || Score 51/0 (Q de Kock 37; S Samson 12)

Another bowling change and Axar Patel on. He is the only bowler this season to take a hat-trick.

But his first over today has just been milked.

Needing 147 runs from 90 balls at the start of the over, Quinton de Kock started the over with back-to-back doubles. A six, swept with authority, followed.

A four as he cracked through cover.

Two more singles, and 16 runs from the over.

Over 5 || Score 35/0 (Q de Kock 22; S Samson 11)

Bowling change, and Marcus Stoinis on.

A single, then back-to-back fours as Quinton de Kock soon applied pressure on the new bowler. First four was a well-timed cut shot, and the second one, an even more beautiful shot, timed to perfection, which beat an already chasing fielder from extra cover.

Two singles, and a leg-bye more to make it a 12-run over.

Over 4 || Score 23/0 (Q de Kock 13; S Samson 9)

But Mohit Sharma continued. A single to Sanju Samson to start the over. A dot ball, then Quinton de Kock played a lofted drive over the extra cover fielder for a four.

A single, then a straight drive from Samson for a single. The over ended with de Kock playing an impoverished shot for a single.

Chasing the batsman, Mohit didn't batsman no room and de Kock was forced to get back to play that shot towards square leg.

seven runs from the over.

Over 3 || Score 16/0 (Q de Kock 8; S Samson 7)

Bowling change from Kings XI Punjab. KC Cariappa on.

The leg-spinner started with a dot to Quinton de Kock, then singles of alternate balls.

de Kock swept powerfully for a four off the fifth ball. A dot more, and 6 runs from the former Kolkata Knight Riders bowler.

Delhi Daredevils need another 166 runs from 17 overs.

Over 2 || Score 10/0 (Q de Kock 3; S Samson 6)

Mohit Sharma shared the new ball with Sandeep Sharma. A single to Quinton de Kock, then a dot ball followed even as Sanju Samson seemed to have played a cracking back-foot cover drive, which was fielded.

A similar delivery, just short off a good length, but the same shot and same result.

The fourth ball, a pitched up delivery and a hint of swing, allowed Samson to played through mid-on for a four. Gurkeerat Singh Mann was the fielder, there. Could have done better.

A double followed, then a dot ball to make it a seven-run over.

Over 1 || Score 3/0 (Q de Kock 2; S Samson 0)

A bad ball — wide off the off stump — for a dot ball to start the defence by Sandeep Sharma.

Quinton de Kock, returning to the playing XI for Delhi, took another dot ball, then a single as the South African ran down a widish delivery mid-off.

A dot ball to Sanju Samson, then a single, from leg-bye.

Last ball of the over strayed on the leg, and de Kock played a pull shot, for another single.  Three runs from the over.


Over 20 || Score 181/5 (D Miller 11; A Patel 16)

After that eventful penultimate over, a relatively quiet one — at least for three balls.

1,1w,1,1 then, Axar Patel hit a six straight down the ground. An attempted yorker went wrong.

Two runs, then a single to end the innings. 13 runs from the over, and Morris' figures: 4-0-30-2.

Then, walking off, Patel and Morris involved in a little tussle, verbally, and readable expressions.

Over 19 || Score 168/5 (D Miller 9; A Patel 6)

Two from two for Delhi Daredevils. Mohammed Shami got thw wicket of in-form Wriddhiman Saha off the first ball of the over. Chris Morris completed the send off with a catch at mid-off.

WICKET: Wriddhiman Saha c Chris Morris b Mohammed Shami 52 (33b)

But the over went for some runs as David Miller and Axar Patel hit a four and six, off the third and sixth balls, respectively.

16 runs and a wicket from Shami's last over.

Over 18 || Score 152/4 (W Saha 52; D Miller 0)

A wicket and five runs, that maketh Chris Morris' third over a superb one.

The over started with a double to Wriddhiman Saha, who had waited for some time to reach his fifty.

The over ended with a perfect yorker, getting rid of Glenn Maxwell.

WICKET: Glenn Maxwell b Chris Morris 16 (11b)

David Miller is the new man.

Over 17 || Score 147/3 (W Saha 49; G Maxwell 15)

A rare off day for Amit Mishra. He just leaked 12 runs from his final and fourth over. And his figures: 4-0-37-0.

The over started with a six from the blade of Glenn Maxwell, and the Aussie all-rounder played the remaining deliveries for three more doubles.

In the last five overs, Punjab have scored 54 losing a wicket.

Over 16 || Score 135/3 (W Saha 49; G Maxwell 3)

One huge over for Kings XI Punjab. And the bowler at the receiving was Delhi Daredevils skipper Zaheer Khan. 16 runs from it as Wriddhiman ran amok, hitting three back-to-back fours off the last three balls.

Before that, two singles off the first two balls, and a double from the third ball.

Over 15 || Score 119/3 (W Saha 34; G Maxwell 2)

A good over for the batting side after that wicket, of Marcus Stoinis. 13 runs from Amit Mishra's third over.

A wide to start the over, then a single taken by Glen Maxwell. He's yet in the mood.

Wriddhiman Saha, then, hit a four through cover. Two more singles, then another four from the wick-keeper batsman. A single to end the over.

Over 14 || Score 106/3 (W Saha 24; G Maxwell 0)

In search of a wicket, skipper Zaheer Khan brought himself into the attack. A single to Wriddhiman Saha to start his second over.

A couple of more singles, then a double to Marcus Stoinis. Meanwhile, Stoinis reached his first IPL fifty, and second T20 fifty with that single off the second ball.

Then the wicket of Stoinis. The Aussie targeted the long-on stands, but holed out at the boundary. Good catch Sanju Samson.

WICKET: Marcus Stoinis c Sanju Samson b Zaheer Khan 52 (44b)

A dot ball to end the over. Glenn Maxwell is the new man.

Over 13 || Score 101/2 (M Stoinis 49; W Saha 22)

Another good over for the batting side. This time Wriddhiman Saha took the initiative, scoring six of those eight runs coming from the over.

Amit Mishra thus conceded 12 runs from his two overs. He leaked four from his first over.

Marcus Stoinis and Saha have stitched a 53-run stand in 6 overs.

Over 12 || Score 93/2 (M Stoinis 47; W Saha 16)

A good over Kings XI Punjab, as Marcus Stoinis hit Marcus Brathwaite for a a six and a four in the over.

It started with a slower delivery, which was lofted straight for the six.

Two singles, then the four. A short one, and Stoinis carted through mid-wicket region. A dot ball, and a single to end the over.

Over 11 || Score 80/2 (M Stoinis 35; W Saha 15)

Anothe bowling change, and ever reliable Amit Mishra got into the act with a four-run over.

But for the batting side, the arrival of Wriddhiman Saha in the middle has brought a sense of calm in their ranks. He and Marcus Stoinis have indeed settled the nerves for the home side.

Over 10 || Score 76/2 (M Stoinis 32; W Saha 14)

Another bowling change. Zaheer Khan brought in Carlos Brathwaite into the attack. And seven runs from the big West Indian's first over — five singles and a double.

In the last five overs, Punjab have scored 36 runs, losing 2 wickets. And that included 20 runs from the last two overs.

Over 9 || Score 69/2 (M Stoinis 28; W Saha 11)

It was followed by a good over, for the batting side. 13 runs from Shahbaz Nadeem's last over. The spinner's figures: 4-0-30-0.

A single to Wriddhiman Saha to start the over, then Marcus Stoinis hit the first six of the match — over long-on.

Another single, then a couple of doubles, then a single to Saha to end the over.

Over 8 || Score 56/2 (M Stoinis 21; W Saha 5)

A decent over for the batting side, as new man Wriddhiman Saha his his first four of the match, even as Marcus Stoinis took into running mode.

After two dot balls, Stoinis took a double, then a single followed.

Saha, then, played through third man for the four. A single more and eight runs from Mohammed Shami's second over.

Over 7 || Score 48/2 (M Stoinis 18; W Saha 0)

Then, in his big Indian Premier League debut, classy Hashim Amla got run out. Mind you, that was on the third attempt, third mixed up involving him and Marcus Stoinis.

That happened off the last ball of the over, thanks to a good throw from by Zaheer Khan from backward point.

WICKET: Hashim Amla run out 1 (5b)

Three runs and a wicket from Shahbaz Nadeem's third over. Wriddhiman Saha is the new man.

Over 6 || Score 45/1 (M Stoinis 16; H Alma 0)

Chris Morris continued for his second over. A single to Marcus Stoinis, then a dot ball, before Murali Vijay hit good looking on drive for a four.

But the very next ball, the Punjab skipper found himself walking back as his hit over mid-wicket was plucked by Carlos Brathwaite.

WICKET: Murali Vijay c Carlos Brathwaite b Chris  Morris 25 (16b)

The very next ball, Stonis and new man Hashim Amla involved in  a mixed-up. But nothing happening as as many as three fielders failed the take the easy chance.

The South African star then played two dot balls, just feeling the IPL.

Over 5 || Score 40/0 (M Vijay 21; M Stoinis 15)

Double bowling change. The skipper brought himself on.

A dot ball to his rival skipper, then a single. A double followed as Marcus Stoinis played the third ball down the third man. A call for review, if Stoinis had indeed made home on return.

Two dot balls, and a good start from Zaheer Khan. Only four runs.

Over 4 || Score 36/0 (M Vijay 20; M Stoinis 16)

With a four, his first, in the previous over, Marcus Stoinis started the fourth over with back-to-back fours, off Chris Morris.

Zaheer Khan's bowling change seemed to have no effect.

But the South African all-rounder did well to comeback, and concede two singles and a double from the remaining four balls.

12 runs from the over.

Over 3 || Score 24/0 (M Vijay 17; M Stoinis 7)

Another big over for the home team. 13 runs from Shahbaz Nadeem's second over.

It started with a single to Marcus Stoinis. Then, Murali Vijay hit a four through mid-off. It was followed by a double and a single.

To the relief of Stoinis, the Aussie batsman found his first four with a cut shot. A single to end the over.

Over 2 || Score 11/0 (M Vijay 10; M Stoinis 1)

Mohammed Shami shared the new ball with Shahbaz Nadeem, and the Indian fast bowler conceded 10 runs in his first over, including back-to-back fours of last two balls.

The over started with a dot ball to Murali Vijay, then a single. A dot followed, then another single.

Vijay, then , played through mid-off for the first boundary of the match. And he followed it up with a classic on drive, for the second four.

Over 1 || Score 1/0 (M Vijay 1; M Stoinis 0)

Brilliant start for Delhi Daredevils after winning the toss in Mohali. Only one run from Shahbaz Nadeem.

Kings XI Punjab skipper Murali Vijay took a single off the first delivery, then his opening partner Marcus Stoinis ate up the remaining five deliveries as left-arm spinner in Nadeem produced a good first over.

Here are the teams:

Kings XI Punjab: Murali Vijay (capt.), Hashim Amla, Marcus Stoinis, Glenn Maxwell, David Miller, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Axar Patel, Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Mohit Sharma, Sandeep Sharma, KC Cariappa

Delhi Daredevils: Quinton de Kock (wk), Rishabh Pant, Sanju Samson, Karun Nair, Sam Billings, Carlos Brathwaite, Chris Morris, Amit Mishra, Mohammed Shami, Zaheer Khan (capt.), Shahbaz Nadeem

TOSS: Zaheer Khan comes back, and wins toss. Delhi Daredevils opt to bowl against Kings XI Punjab in Mohali.

Today's match officials

Umpires: Kumar Dharmasena and CK Nandan
Third Umpire: Anil Chaudhary
Match Referee: Roshan Mahanama
Reserve Umpire: Rohan Pandit


Kings XI Punjab: Murali Vijay (capt.), Hashim Amla, Marcus Stoinis, Glenn Maxwell, Gurkeerat Singh, David Miller, Wriddhiman Saha, Axar Patel, Mohit Sharma, KC Cariappa, Sandeep Sharma, Anureet Singh, Armaan Jaffer, Kyle Abbott, Farhaan Behardien, Rishi Dhawan, Mitchell Johnson, Nikhil Naik, Pradeep Sahu, Swapnil Singh, Shradul Thakur and Manan Vohra.

Delhi Daredevils: Zaheer Khan (capt.), Mayank Agarwal, Khaleel Ahmed, Sam Billings, Carlos Brathwait, Nathan Coulter Nile, Quinton de Kock, JP Duminy, Akhil Harwardkar, Imran Tahir, Shreyas Iyer, Manipal Lamror, Chama Milind, Amit Mishra, Mohammad Shami, Chris Morris, Shahbaz Nadeem, Karun Nair, Pawan Negi, Rishabh Pant, Pratyush Singh, Sanju Samson, Pawan Suyal, Jayant Yadav.


In their first leg face-off of the 2016 Indian Premier League (IPL), Delhi Daredevils coasted to an eight-wicket win after restricting Kings XI Punjab to 119 runs.

But, after a below-par effort against Pune Supergiants, Darevils will be looking to hit the straps rightaway with their prime players set to comeback in the playing XI as they take on wooden spooners Punjab in the return IPL leg.

After three horrendous season, Daredevils have had a decent outing so far under Rahul Dravid's mentorship and Zaheer Khan's captaincy, having won five of their eight games and are placed third in the eight-team table.

KXIP which looked to have gained some confidence from their 23-run win against table toppers Gujarat Lions, were quick to fritter away their advantage in their last match when they lost by 7 runs chasing Kolkata Knight Rider's score of 164.


Welcome to our live coverage of the Match 36 of 2016 Indian Premier League between Kings XI Punjab and Delhi Daredevils, being played at Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium, Mohali, Chandigarh.


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