Indian Premier League 2016, Match 47: Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Daredevils — As it happened...

Krunal Pandya scored 86 off 37 balls, then took 2 wickets to set the big win.

Indian Premier League 2016, Match 47: Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Daredevils — As it happened...

Krunal Pandya, promoted to bat at three, hit Mumbai Indians' highest individual score of the season, then returned to take two wickets as the defending champions trounced Delhi Daredevils by 80 runs at Visakhapatnam today.

With the win, the Rohit Sharma-led side has climbed back to third place in the Indian Premier League table. Despite the defeat, Delhi can still hope to qualify for the play-offs, as they have games at hand. Mumbai have one match left before the play-offs, while Delhi have three.

Once Mumbai posted 206 runs, it was always going to be a tough ask for any team, let alone a young batting side like Daredevils. Besides, the Mumbai team has the likes Mitchell McClenaghan — tournament's leading wicket-taker, and host of other brilliant bowlers, including Jasprit Bumrah, Harbhajan Singh, and the man-of-the-match Pandya.


Over 19.1 || Score 126 (Sh Nadeem 1)

Krunal Pandya took the final wicket, that of Zaheer Khan's as Mumbai Indians trounced Delhi Dardevils by 80 runs.

WICKET: Zaheer Khan b Hardik Pandya 2 (4b)

With the win, Mumbai have climbed to third place in IPL table, and Delhi remained at fifth. Delhi, of course, have played two less games to Mumbai's 13.

Over 18 || Score 123/9 (Sh Nadeem 0; Z Khan 0)

Mitchell McClenaghan on for his last over. Four runs and a wicket, that of Imran Tahir's run out.

WICKET: Imran Tahir run out 5 (7b)

That happened off the last ball of the over, and Delhi skipper is the new man. McClenaghan's figures: 4-0-26-0.

EQUATION: 84 runs required from 12 balls.

Over 17 || Score 119/8 (Sh Nadeem 0; I Tahir 1)

Vinay Kumar on for his final over of the day, A dot to Chris Morris, then a six from the South African all-rounder over sweeper cover.

A dot, then a run out. Morris wanted the second run, but was effectively beaten by the fielding team.

WICKET: Chris Morris run out 20 (16b)

Eight runs and a wicket from the over. Vinay's figures: 4-0-33-1. Imran Tahir is the new man.

EQUATION: 88 runs required from 18 balls.

Over 16 || Score 111/7 (Ch Morris 13; Sh Nadeem 0)

Jasprit Bumrah on for his third over. He failed to complete a hat-trick, but managed to send back Amit Mishra. Bowled.

WICKET: Amit Mishra b Jasprit Bumrah 1 (5b)

Shahbaz Nadeem is the new man, and three runs from the over.

EQUATION: 96 runs required from 24 balls.

Over 15 || Score 108/6 (Ch Morris 11; A Mishra 1)

Vinay Kumar returned for his third over and only three runs from it.

Asking rate for Delhi Daredevils is already 19.80. 99 runs required from 30 balls.

Over 14 || Score 105/6 (Ch Morris 9; A Mishra 0)

Mitchell McClenaghan returned for his third over, and nine runs from it as Chris Morris played a couple of hard-hitting shots, resulting in two fours.

Delhi Daredevils need another 102 runs from 36 balls.

Over 13 || Score 96/6 (Ch Morris 0; A Mishra 0)

Jasprit Bumrah returned for his second over and removed both Jean-Paul Duminy and Rishab Pant off successive deliveries.

WICKET: Jean-Paul Duminy c Jos Buttler b Jasprit Bumrah 9 (9b)

That happened off the fifth ball, with Jos Buttler taking a skier off top Duminy's top edge.

It was followed by a yorker, which uprooted Pant's wickets.

WICKET: Rishab Pant b Jasprit Bumrah 23 (17b)

Six runs and two wickets.

Chris Morris and Amit Mishra are the new men.

In the two previous overs, Delhi could add only nine runs, 3 and 6 overs off 11 and 12 bowled by Nitish Rana and Mitchell McClenaghan respectively.

Over 10 || Score 81/4 (R Pant 17; JP Duminy 1)

Tragedy for Delhi. Quinton de Kock, who's the mainstay of their batting, hit the wicket-keepers gloves while attempting to play a cut shot from the back-foot. And the umpire ruled him caught behind. Gone.

WICKET: Quinton de Kock c Jos Buttler b Krunal Pandya 40 (28b)

That happened off the second legal ball of the over.

11 runs from the over as Rishab Pant continued to play unhindered. Two back-to-back fours from the Delhi batsman off the fourth and fifth balls. Jean-Paul Duminy is the new man.

Over 9 || Score 70/3 (de Kock 40; R Pant 8)

One good over for the batting side. Ten runs from Harbhajan Singh's last over.

Two singles off the first two balls, then a six from Rishab Pant's blade — over long-off, where Kieron Pollard tried a brilliant attempt.

A dot ball, then two more singles. Harbhajan Singh's figures: 4-0-34-1.

Over 8 || Score 60/3 (de Kock 38; R Pant 0)

Delhi Daredevils lost another wicket. Sanju Samson got himself run out, trying to steal a non-existent single after his partner Quinton de Kock played a well timed shot towards backward point. Good work from Harbhajan Singh, who released the ball quick for the bowler to effect the run out.

WICKET: Sanju Samson run out 6 (11b)

That happened off the fifth ball Krunal Pandya's first over.

Four runs and a wicket. Rishab Pant is the new man.

Over 7 || Score 56/2 (de Kock 37; S Samson 3)

Mumbai Indians continued to apply pressure on Delhi Daredevils batsmen in the centre. Seven runs from Harbhajan Singh's third over. The experienced spinner rushed through his overs.

Two singles off the first two singles, the after two dots, Quinton de Kock hit the fifth ball through cover for a four.

Over 6 || Score 49/2 (de Kock 31; S Samson 2)

A superb first over from Jasprit Bumrah to end the power-play. Two runs, all singles.

Delhi Daredevils need another 158 runs from 14 overs.


Over 5 || Score 47/2 (de Kock 30; S Samson 1)

Bowling change and it worked for the defending champions. Harbhajan Singh removed Karun Nair, who just started to open up. A soft dismissal, trying for a cheeky lofted shot. Easy catch at short fine leg.

WICKET: Karun Nair c Jasprit Bumrah b Harbhajan Singh 8 (8b)

That happened off the fourth ball, just after Nair hit a four. Seven runs and a wicket from the over. Sanju Samson is the new man.

Over 4 || Score 40/1 (de Kock 29; K Nair 3)

Huge over for Delhi as Quinton de Kock punished Vinay Kumar. 19 runs, which included a six and three fours.

Delhi need another 167 runs from 16 overs.

Over 3 || Score 21/1 (de Kock 11; K Nair 2)

Tournament's leading wicket-taker on for Mumbai Indians. Good start from the Kiwi quick, despite the second ball being clobbered for a six by Quinton de Kock over backward square leg boundary.

Eight runs from the over.

Over 2 || Score 13/1 (de Kock 4; K Nair 1)

Excellent first over from Vinay Kumar. A dot ball, the a single to Quinton de Kock, then the Karnataka Ranji captain removed his domestic team-mate Mayank Agarwal next ball. A swinging delivery, cutting back and played on.

WICKET: Mayank Agarwal b Vinay Kumar 8 (5b)

Karun Nair is the new man. Three runs and a wicket from the over.

Over 1 || Score 10/0 (M Agarwal 8; de Kock 2)

Controlled start to the chase for Delhi. 10 runs from the first over, as Mayanak Agarawal hit a six off the fourth ball of the innings. A sweep shot over backward square leg.

Four more singles from Harbhajan Singh's first over.


Over 20 || Score 206/4 (J Buttler 18; A Rayudu 13)

Jos Buttler finished off the innings in style, with a huge six. 12 runs from the last over, which also included a four off the fourth over, and two leg byes.

Chris Morris's figures: 4-0-34-2.

It's the highest T20 total ever posted in this venue.

Over 19 || Score 194/4 (J Buttler 8; A Rayudu 13)

Big penultimate over, as Imran Tahir conceded 16 runs from his over. His figures: 4-0-59-0. Not a pretty sight.

The over started with a four as Ambati Rayudu swept across mid-wicket. Same shot, and same area, but the result different. A six.

A couple of 2's and 1's and it's the most expensive four-overs this season.

Over 18 || Score 178/4 (J Buttler 5; A Rayudu 0)

That was a big wicket. The rate at which Krunal Pandya was going, Mumbai Indians could have scored 220+ total.

But a typical Chris Morris delivery ended Pandya's blistering knock. Inside edge, and clean-bowled.

WICKET: Krunal Pandya b Chris Morris 86 (37b)

It was the highest individual score for any Mumbai Indians player this season.

New man Jos Buttler took a single off the first he faced, then a single. It was followed by the wicket of Kieron Pollard. Mistimed, and caught by wicket-keeper Quinton de Kock.

WICKET: Kieron Pollard c Quinton de Kock b Chris Morris 3 (6b)

A four off the last ball as Buttler connected his swing and beat the fielder at point. Ambati Rayudu is the new man.

Seven runs and two wickets.

Over 17 || Score 171/2 (K Pandya 84; K Pollard 3)

Zaheer Khan on for his final over. A single to Kieron Pollard, then a dot ball.

It was followed by a pull shot of highest quality as Krunal Pandya ​middled it for a six deep into the stands over mid-wicket boundary.

Zaheer responded well, conceding three more singles. 10 runs from the over. The Delhi skipper's figures: 4-0-23-1.

Over 16 || Score 161/2 (K Pandya 71; K Pollard 1)

Then, the arrival Kieron Pollard spurred Krunal Pandya to change gear. Three back-to-back boundaries from the IPL first-timer, as he toyed with Amit Mishra.

A dot to Pollard to start the over, then a single.

Then Pandya hit the third ball for a four, beating the fielder at backward square leg. Two sixes followed — first over long-on, and the second one over mid-wicket.

A dot ball to end the 17-run over. Mishra's figures: 4-0-42-1.

Over 15 || Score 144/2 (K Pandya 60; K Pollard 0)

Finally a wicket.

Skipper Zaheer Khan returned for his third over, and under pressure from the very first ball. Krunal Pandya picked the slower delivery outside off and pulled. A double, the a wide.

A single, the four byes as Zaheer's full toss missed everyone, including the wicket-keeper. Then the wicket of Martin Guptill, holed out at long-off.

WICKET: Martin Guptill c Karun Nair b Zaheer Khan 48 (42b)

12 runs from the over, and Kieron Pollard is the new man.

Over 14 || Score 132/1 (M Guptill 48; K Pandya 53)

Krunal Pandya on hyperdrive, reached his first IPL fifty with a six, off 22 balls. Five fours and three sixes.

12 runs from Shahbaz Nadeem's last over as the innings enter a decisive phase. And the last five overs were worth 58 runs.

Nadeem's figures: 4-0-42-0.


Over 13 || Score 120/1 (M Guptill 47; K Pandya 42)

Massive over.

Martin Guptill hit back-to-back sixes, first one over long-off, and the second one over long-on. Then a dot ball. A single followed.

Then, Krunal Pandya hit a six over long-on, then a four through covers.

Thus, Imran Tahir conceded 23 runs from his third over.

Over 12 || Score 97/1 (M Guptill 34; K Pandya 34)

Back-to-back good overs for fielding side. Seven runs from Shahbaz Nadeem's third over.

The over, however, started sprightly for the batting side with three runs as Martin Guptill played square. A two followed, then a single.

A single off the last three balls. And 50-run stand for the second wicket, in 5.3 overs.

Over 11 || Score 90/1 (M Guptill 30; K Pandya 29)

Amit Mishra on for his third over on the trot. Good effort from the experienced leg spinner to concede only six runs, after leaking 13 in his previous over.

A single to Krunal Pandya, then two dot balls. A single to Martin Guptill, then a dot ball. But Pandya played valiantly, and paid off with four runs off the last ball. Pandya picked the seam-up delivery from middle and hit through mid-on.

Over 10 || Score 84/1 (M Guptill 29; K Pandya 24)

Imran Tahir continued with his second over, and Krunal Pandya kept attacking.

A single to Martin Guptill, then two more singles. Krunal Pandya played a lofted flick shot but only two runs as. A four followed as Pandya played a well executed inside out shot, through mid-off.

A single to end the 10-run over.

In the last five overs, Mumbai Indians have scored 51 runs at the expense of Rohit Sharma's wicket.

Over 9 || Score 74/1 (M Guptill 27; K Pandya 16)

Amit Mishra continued for his second over, and the seasoned spinner got a rude treatment from Krunal Pandya.

A single to Martin Guptill to start the over, the a dot ball. Krunal Pandya picked the fuller delivery and dispatched over long-on. A six. He then played a delicate shot for a reverse sweep. A single, then another single.

Pandya hit the last ball of the over for a four even as the fielder at cow corner failed in desperation to stop the ball.

13 runs from the over.

Over 7 || Score 61/1 (M Guptill 25; K Pandya 5)

One busy over. Imran Tahir, on for his first over, conceded 10 runs.

A dot ball to Krunal Pandya, the a single. A misfield at backward point from skipper Zaheer Khan, and a four. Martin Guptill took a single off the next ball.

Krunal Pandya played a flick shot, and three runs. A single to end the over.

Over 6 || Score 51/1 (M Guptill 19; K Pandya 1)

Bowling change and tournament's all-time leading spinner Amit Mishra on for Delhi. A dot to Martin Guptill to start the spell, then a single as the Kiwi batsman shuffled his stand to play a paddle shot for single.

Then, the big wicket of Rohit Sharma, caught at backward point by a Rishab Pant. A loose delivery from Mishra, turning away after pitching on the off, but Sharma failed to control his shot and good, diving catch.

WICKET: Rohit Sharma c Rishabh Pant b Amit Mishra 31 (21b)

Krunal Pandya is the new man. Six runs and a wicket from the over.


Over 6 || Score 45/0 (R Sharma 31; M Guptill 14)

If the previous over was all about Zaheer Khan, and his mastery. Then this over's about rival skipper Rohit Sharma's classic timing, and shot selection.

A single to start the over, then Martin Guptill played a cut shot behind point. Good fielding restricted it to 3 runs. Then, Sharma played a swept shot for a flat six over square leg boundary.

Two more singles, and Shahbaz Nadeem leaked 12 runs from his second over.

Over 5 || Score 33/0 (R Sharma 23; M Guptill 10)

Zaheer Khan, at 37, still carries enough firepower to best of the batsman. And unluckily, Martin Guptill got one today.

A dot ball to start the over, the a snorter of a delivery — a well directed bouncer and the Kiwi was hit at the side of his helmet, and for some time he looked lost.

Two singles off the last over, and two runs from the over.

Over 4 || Score 31/0 (R Sharma 22; M Guptill 9)

Chris Morris continued with his second over. A single to Rohit Sharma, thanks to a flick shot through mid-wicket. Then, a beautifully timed six over cover boundary from Martin Guptill. As good as any other six.

A single, then two dots. Good response from Morris. But, Sharma creamed the last ball of the over for a six over long-on. Wide and outside off, but still enough power to launch it over long-on. 14 runs from the over.

Over 3 || Score 17/0 (R Sharma 15; M Guptill 2)

Bowling change, and the Delhi skipper brought himself on. A tidy over to start.

A dot ball to Rohit Sharma, then two singles. A dot ball, the another single. A dot to end the 3-run over.

Over 2 || Score 14/0 (R Sharma 13; M Guptill 1)

Chris Morris shared the new ball with Shahbaz Nadeem, and a single to Rohit Sharma — who played a glance shot — to start the spell.

The South African pacer stopped at the point of delivering his second ball, at the popping crease. And it's reported that he had issues with his left during the warm-up.

Three dot balls, then a single to Martin Guptill. A dot ball, then a single to the end the 3-run over.

Over 1 || Score 11/0 (R Sharma 11; M Guptill 0)

Brilliant start to the match, from both the parties. Shahbaz Nadeem — the left-arm spinner — kept Rohit Sharma quiet with good deliveries, the Mumbai skipper hit a four and and six off the next two balls, on either side of the wicket.

A single, then Nadeem forced Martin Guptill to play a defensive shot to end the over. 11 runs from the over.

Playing XIs:

Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (capt.), Martin Guptill, Ambati Rayudu, Jos Buttler (wk), Krunal Pandya, Nitish Rana, Kieron Pollard, Harbhajan Singh, Vinay Kumar, Mitchell McClenaghan, Jasprit Bumrah

Delhi Daredevils: Quinton de Kock (wk), Mayank Agarwal, Karun Nair, Sanju Samson, Rishabh Pant, Jean-Paul Duminy, Chris Morris, Shahbaz Nadeem, Amit Mishra, Zaheer Khan (capt.), Imran Tahir

​TOSS: Delhi Daredevils skipper Zaheer Khan, returning for this crucial tie, won the toss, and asked hosts Mumbai Indians to bat first.

Match Officials:

Umpires: Nitin Menon and CK Nandan
Third Umpire: Anil Chaudhary
Match Referee: Amit Sharma
Reserve Umpire: Rohan Pandit


Delhi Daredevils: Zaheer Khan (capt.), Mayank Agarwal, Khaleel Ahmed, Sam Billings, Carlos Brathwaite, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Quinton de Kock, Jean-Paul Duminy, Akhil Herwadkar, Imran Tahir, Shreyas Iyer, Mahipal Lomror, Chama Milind, Amit Mishra, Mohammed Shami, Chris Morris, Shahbaz Nadeem, Karun Nair, Pawan Negi, Rishabh Pant, Pratyush Singh, Sanju Samson, Pawan Suyal, Jayant Yadav.

Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (capt.), Corey Anderson, Jasprit Bumrah, Jos Buttler, Unmukt Chand, Marchant de Lange, Shreyas Gopal, Martin Guptill, Harbhajan Singh, Kishore Kamath, Siddhesh Lad, Mitchell McClenaghan, Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya, Parthiv Patel, Kieron Pollard, Deepak Punia, Nitish Rana, Ambati Rayudu, Jitesh Sharma, Nathu Singh, Tim Southee, Jagadeesha Suchith, Jerome Taylor, Vinay Kumar, Akshay Wakhare.

PREVIEW: Back in the top half of the league table after a convincing win over Sunrisers Hyderabad, Delhi Daredevils would look to build on the winning momentum when they take on defending champions Mumbai Indians in their IPL match at Visakhapatnam today.

The Daredevils were impressive in the first half of the league but inconsistency struck them in the later part as they lost back-to-back matches. Their comfortable win over Sunrisers must have brought back the confidence in the Zaheer Khan-led side.

A win at the ACA-VDCA Cricket Stadium will help the Delhi team put a foot into the play-offs. With 12 points, from 10 matches, the Daredevils are currently on third spot behind Sunrisers (14) and Gujarat Lions (14).

For Mumbai, on the other hand, it will be a do-or-die match as a loss today will leave them on the verge of being knocked out of the race for play-offs. They now have 12 points from 12 games and are at fifth in the league table; and will have just one match left in the league.


Welcome to our live coverage of the Match 47 of 2016 Indian Premier League between Mumbai Indians and Delhi Daredevils, being played Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy ACA-VDCA Cricket Stadium, Visakhapatnam.