Indian Premier League 2016: Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Mumbai Indians - As it happened...

Live updates from Match 12 of the Indian Premier League between Sunrisers Hyderabad and defending champions Mumbai Indians at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal.

Indian Premier League 2016: Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Mumbai Indians - As it happened...

Hyderabad: Live updates from Match 12 of the Indian Premier League between Sunrisers Hyderabad and defending champions Mumbai Indians at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal.

Over 17.3 | Score 133/3 (Warner 80*, Hooda 17*)

McClenaghan to bowl his final over. He started with a wide bouncer, Warner moved back and hammered it over long-off for a Six! That was a powerful tennis foreland-like stroke! Warner faced two dot balls and pulled the fourth one over deep square leg for a Six which will be the winning runs! Mind-blowing innings from the Australian! SRH win first match of this season.

Over 17 | Score 133/3 (Warner 78*, Hooda 17*)

Bumrah is back in attack, SRH need 21 to win off 24 balls. He started with a slower ball, Warner picked it and dispatched it high over long-on for a massive Six! Warner took a single off the next ball. Hooda flicked the third ball towards deep fine leg for another couple of runs. Two runs came off the last three balls. 11 from the over.

Over 16 | Score 122/3 (Warner 70*, Hooda 14*)

Pandya to bowl his third over. Second ball was short and wide and Hooda timed it well past third man for a boundary. Next ball was too short, Hooda pulled it for another boundary past deep fine leg on that occasion. Those two shots should do the job for Warner. 14 from the over.

Over 15 | Score 108/3 (Warner 69*, Hooda 1*)

Southee to bowl his final over. Southee tested Morgan with a bouncer, the left-hander mistimed it towards deep midwicket where Hardik Pandya grabbed a sensational catch running towards his left. Deepak Hooda is the new man in. Southee bowled one at Warner's stumps and he flicked it past square leg for another boundary. Nine from the over.

EJG Morgan c HH Pandya b Southee 11 (12b)

Over 14 | Score 99/2 (Warner 62*, Morgan 11*)

McClenaghan is back in attack. He bowled yet another short ball to Warner, the Aussie was ready and he cleared the fielder at short fine leg for another boundary. Warner is looking determined to bat till the end. Eight from the over. These two are batting nicely, much to the dismay of the Mumbai fans.

Over 13 | Score 91/2 (Warner 55*, Morgan 10*)

Hardik Pandya is back. Eight from the over.

Over 12 | Score 83/2 (Warner 49*, Morgan 8*)

Bhajji to bowl his final over. Warner saw width on offer off the first ball and he cut it between short third man and point for a boundary. Morgan played his trademark reverse-sweep off the last ball and found the gap between point and short third man for another boundary. Bhajji goes wicketless.

Over 11 | Score 70/2 (Warner 41*, Morgan 3*)

Southee is back. He started with a beautiful ball which moved away from Henriques, who edged it to the keeper. The dangerous looking stand has been broken, MI get the wicket they wanted. Eoin Morgan is the new man in. He needs to support his skipper from the other end.

MC Henriques c Patel b Southee 20 (22b)

Over 10 | Score 66/1 (Warner 40*, Henriques 20*)

Bhajji to continue. Six runs came off the first five balls but last ball was in Warner's zone and he played it past deep cover for a boundary. 10 from the over.

Over 9 | Score 56/1 (Warner 31*, Henriques 19*)

Hardik Pandya brought into the attack. He started with a short ball and Warner hit it past midwicket for a boundary. Parthiv Patel made a big appeal off the third ball which seemed to have got a bottom edge off Henriques's bat, the umpire didn't think so. Seven from the over.

Over 8 | Score 49/1 (Warner 25*, Henriques 18*)

Bhajji to continue. Henriques charged down the wicket off the fourth ball and launched it over deep midwicket for a Six! Much-needed boundary as the pressure was building. Henriques saw some width off the last ball and he played a late shot past third man for a boundary. 12 from the over. Two good shots from Moises which will take some pressure off Warner.

Over 7 | Score 37/1 (Warner 24*, Henriques 8*)

Bumrah to continue. Four from the over. Bumrah is unlucky not to have got a wicket so far.

Over 6 | Score 33/1 (Warner 23*, Henriques 6*)

Spin introduced, Harbhajan Singh to bowl his first over. Brilliant first over from The Turbanator, four runs from it.

Over 5 | Score 29/1 (Warner 22*, Henriques 4*)

Bumrah brought into the attack. Good over from the youngster where he once again bowled yorkers on a consistent basis.

Over 4 | Score 25/1 (Warner 20*, Henriques 2*)

McClenaghan to continue. There's a brilliant contest going on between Warner and the Kiwi, with the latter testing the Aussie with well-directed bouncers. Good comeback over by McClenaghan.

Over 3 | Score 22/1 (Warner 18*, Henriques 1*)

Southee to continue. Fourth ball was a high bouncer to Warner, who played an upper cut for another boundary. Southee bowler a slower one to Warner, who mistimed it towards mid-off, Rohit Sharma dived full stretch to his right, got his hands to it but could not hold on. Calling that a dropped chance would be unfair, it was an incredible effort from the Mumbai skipper. Eight from the over.

Over 2 | Score 14/1 (Warner 11*, Henriques 0*)

Mitchell McClenaghan to bowl from the other end. He offered width to Warner off the first ball and the left-hander whacked it over deep cover for a Six! Third ball had more width and Warner cut it for a boundary. 10 from the over. Warner looking good here.

Over 1 | Score 4/1 (Warner 1*, Henriques 0*)

Tim Southee to bowl the first over, Shikhar Dhawan and David Warner to open the innings for SRH. Dhawan's poor form continues as he was bowled by Southee, off a low full-toss which also clipped his pads. Henriques comes to bat early. Not the start SRH wanted, dream start for Mumbai.

S Dhawan b Southee 2 (4b)

Brilliant comeback from SRH in the last few overs. MI were 111 after 15 overs. Just 31 runs conceded off the last 36 balls and Hyderabad will go back with the momentum in their favour.

Over 20 | Score 142/6 (K Pandya 49*, Harbhajan 1*)

Bhuvi to finish off proceedings. Pandya hit the first ball for a couple of runs. Pandya followed it with another single off the second ball. Bhuvi swung the third ball away from Bhajji, a dot ball. Bhuvi bowled a yorker, Bhajji hit it to point for a single. Pandya was offered width off the next ball and he hit it over covers for another couple of runs. Bhuvi ended the over with another yorker, which means Krunal Pandya remains unbeaten on 49.

Over 19 | Score 136/6 (K Pandya 44*, Harbhajan 0*)

Rahman to bowl his final over, he has been wicketless so far. He conceded five runs off the first fourt ball and then produced an excellent yorker which dismantled Hardik Pandya's stumps! Harbhajan Singh is the new man in. Excellent over under pressure by the Bangladeshi bowler! What a player will be become in the future as he is a star already.

HH Pandya b Mustafizur Rahman 2 (5b)

Over 18 | Score 130/5 (K Pandya 40*, H Pandya 1*)

Sran to finish off his spell. Rayudu hit the first ball to the fielder at point, departs for well-made 54. Hardik Pandya joins his brother at the crease. Krunal flicked the third ball past deep square leg for another boundary. Seven from the over. Sran ends brilliant spell (3/28)

AT Rayudu c Henriques b Sran 54 (49b)

Over 17 | Score 123/4 (Rayudu 54*, Buttler 35*)

Rahman to bowl his third over. Five from the over.

Over 16 | Score 118/4 (Rayudu 50*, Buttler 35*)

Bhuvi is back. Rayudu took a single off the first ball to reach his 50 off 43 balls. Excellent innings under pressure. Pandya continued to impress as he hit two more boundaries in that over. Seven from the over.

Over 15 | Score 111/4 (Rayudu 49*, Buttler 29*)

Rahman is back and he has three overs remaining. Rayudu played an excellent straight drive off the second ball for a boundary. Rahman ended the over with a length ball and Krunal drove it past the fielder at mid-off for another boundary. Krunal Pandya is playing a blinder here. The left-hander has smashed 29 runs off just 13 balls so far. 13 from the over.

Over 14 | Score 98/4 (Rayudu 41*, Buttler 24*)

Bipul into his final over. Rayudu charged down the wicket off the second ball and launched it straigth down the ground for a Six! Pandya swept the fourth ball over deep midwicket for a Six! Good shot! The next ball was in his zone again and he played an even better shot, once again over deep midwicket for another Six! That wasn't enough as Bipul ended his spell with a length ball, Pandya was ready and he smashed it straight down the ground for his third consecutive Six! What an over for Mumbai Indians, 26 runs off it! Could be the turning point of this match.

Over 13 | Score 72/4 (Rayudu 34*, Buttler 5*)

Henriques to bowl his final over. Five from the over.

Over 12 | Score 67/4 (Rayudu 32*, Buttler 3*)

Bipul to continue. Just six from the over. Bipul is bowling a decent spell here for SRH.

Over 11 | Score 61/4 (Rayudu 28*, Buttler 10*)

Sran is back in attack. He bowled a wide one to Butler, he tried hitting it towards fine leg, but instead gloved it straight to the keeper. Krunal Pandya is the next man in. Three from the over and a wicket.

JC Buttler c Ojha b Sran 11 (11b)

Over 10 | Score 58/3 (Rayudu 28*, Buttler 10*)

Bipul to continue. Just four from the over. MI cannot let Bipul Sharma get through his overs without conceding boundaries. Four from the over.

Over 9 | Score 54/3 (Rayudu 26*, Buttler 8*)

Henriques to bowl his third over. Another decent over, seven from it.

Over 8 | Score 47/3 (Rayudu 24*, Buttler 3*)

Bipul Sharma brought into the attack. Rohit worked the first ball towards mid-off, sprinted for a single, was sent back but couldn't make it. Another huge blow for Mumbai. They are wobbling now. Jos Buttler is the next man in. Four from the over.

RG Sharma run out 5 (8b)

Over 7 | Score 43/2 (Rayudu 22*, Sharma 5*)

Henriques to continue. Three from the over.

Over 6 | Score 40/2 (Rayudu 22*, Sharma 3*)

Mustafizur Rahman has been brought into the attack. Second ball went down the leg side and Rayudu just timed it past fine leg for another boundary.

Over 5 | Score 31/1 (Rayudu 15*, Sharma 1*)

Moises Henriques brought into the attack, Rohit Sharma finally comes to the crease. He conceded just two runs off the first five balls, but ended the over with a full-toss and Rayudu launched it high and long over deep midwicket for the first six of the innings.

Over 4 | Score 23/1 (Patel 10*, Rayudu 8*)

Sran to continue. Patel tried a pull shot off the first ball, didn't connect, but timed the second one well over midwicket for his first boundary of the innings. Sran was bowling well to Patel before he bowled a half-volley which the left-hander pummeled straight down the ground for another boundary. Sran bowled a brilliant slower one to Patel, who didn't read it at all and was bowled! Brilliant comeback from Sran after being hit for two boundaries. SRH get their second wicket. 10 from the over.

PA Patel b Sran 10 (12b)

Over 3 | Score 12/1 (Patel 2*, Rayudu 8*)

Bhuvi to continue. Patel played some good strokes in that over but couldn't find a boundary. Just two from the over. Bhuvi is building pressure here.

Over 2 | Score 10/1 (Patel 1*, Rayudu 7*)

Brainder Sran to bowl from the other end. He offered width to Rayudu, who whacked it past point for the first boundary of the innings. Eight from the second over. Good pace from Sran in that over.

Over 1 | Score 2/1 (Patel 0*, Rayudu 0*)

Martin Guptill and Parthiv to open innings for MI, Bhuvneshwar Kumar will bowl the first over. Guptill wasn't picked at the auction earlier this year and it's his IPL debut. Wait, not a memorable debut as he faced a gem from Bhuvi, which got some part of his bat as it moved away from him, straight into the hands of the keeper. Big blow for MI. Surprise, Ambati Rayudu is the next man in. Excellent start by Bhuvi this.

MJ Guptill c Ojha b Kumar 2 (4b)

Playing XI of both teams:

Sunrisers Hyderabad: DA Warner (c), S Dhawan, MC Henriques, EJG Morgan, DJ Hooda, NV Ojha (wk), Bipul Sharma, A Ashish Reddy, B Kumar, Mustafizur Rahman, BB Sran

Mumbai Indians: RG Sharma (c), PA Patel (wk), MJ Guptill, AT Rayudu, JC Buttler, HH Pandya, Harbhajan Singh, KH Pandya, TG Southee, MJ McClenaghan, JJ Bumrah

TOSS: Sunrisers Hyderabad won the toss first and decided to bowl first.

Having lost two of the three matches they have played so far, Mumbai will be desperate to move up in the points table where they are languishing at the sixth position.

Rohit Sharma will once again have to lead from front and he has stars at his disposal, who are all match-winners.

The Hyderbad franchise needs to pull up their socks as they are at the bottom after two losses from as many matches.

David Warner will have to play a special innings at the top of the order if SRH have to register their first win of the tournament. Shikhar Dhawan's poor run with the bat continues and it remains to be seen whether the think tank would want to continue with him as Warner's opening partner.

Here are the possible playing XIs of both the teams:

Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (c), Parthiv Patel (wk), Jos Buttler, Kieron Pollard, Ambati Rayudu, Hardik Pandya, Harbhajan Singh, Krunal Pandya, Tim Southee, Mitchell McClenaghan

Sunrisers Hyderabad: David Warner (c), Shikhar Dhawan, Moises Henriques, Eoin Morgan, Naman Ojha (wk), Deepak Hooda, Naman Ojha, Karn Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mustafizur Rehman, Brainder Sran