Indian Premier League 2016, Match 18: Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Kings XI Punjab — As it happened...

After restricting Punjab to 143/6, Hyderabad rode onto Warner-Dhawan opening stand to chase it down with 13 balls remaining.

Indian Premier League 2016, Match 18: Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Kings XI Punjab — As it happened...

David Warner once again played a captain's knock as Sunrisers Hyderabad registered third win on the trot. His 59-run knock off 31 balls laid the foundation to a successful run chase even though the hosts braved through a late drama, losing wickets at quick interval.

His opening stand with Shikhar Dhawan, for 90 runs inside 10 overs, proved the difference between the two sides. Mustafizur Rahman's brilliant figures of 4-1-9-2 in the first innings was, however, enough to steal the show. And he was rightly awarded the MoM.

After winning the toss, Hyderabad restricted Punjab to a below par score of 143/6, with Shaun Marsh top-scoring (40 off 34). The innings gained some respectively thanks to a rear-guard action from Axar Patel, who hit three sixes and a four in his 17-ball 36-run knock.

But it proved too little for a batting side which has the likes of Warner, Dhawan and Eoin Morgan.


Over 17.5 || Score 146/5 (Henriques 5; Ojha 2)

Despite a late drama, Sunrisers Hyderabad beat Kings XI Punjab by five wickets with 13 balls remaining in the match.

Moises Henriques hit the winning runs, a four over mid-wicket. Axar Patel have little to do there with the batting side needing only five runs from the 18 balls.

Third win on the trot for Sunrisers.

Over 17 || Score 139/5 (Henriques 0; Ojha 0)

Mohit Sharma returned for his third over. A single to Eoin Morgan to start the over. Then a leg side wide, followed by another wide, this time for height.

Deepak Hooda, then, played his best shot of his so far four-ball innings. A cover drive, timed well, placed well. But only two runs for the effort as it was fielded as deep cover.

A single, then Morgan picked the slower delivery outside of off stump with a slog sweep, for four runs.

Then, out of thin air, Manan Vohra pluck a catch to send Morgan back.

WICKET: Eoin Morgan c Manan Vohra b Mohit Sharma 25 (20b)

Then, the unnecessary run-out of Deepak Hooda. Brilliant from skipper David Miller to hit the target.

WICKET: Deepak Hooda run out 5 (5b)

Over 16 || Score 129/3 (Morgan 20; Hooda 2)

Rishi Dhawan on for his final over. It was good, according to the plan for at least the first four balls. A single and a two in that span.

Then, Eoin Morgan suddenly went overdrive, and hit a six over cow corner. It was followed by a single, to make it a 10-run over.

Dhawan's bowling figures read: 4-0-35-1.

Equation: 15 runs required from 24 balls.

Over 15 || Score 119/3 (Morgan 11; Hooda 1)

Finally, David Miller introduced Axar Patel into the attack. Four runs from the over — two singles and a double.

Sunrisers Hyderabad need another 25 runs from 30 balls.

Over 14 || Score 115/3 (Morgan 8; Hooda 0)

Dhawan to Dhawan, for a single, that's how the 14th over started. Eoin Morgan took a dot ball before a single.

It was followed by a four, with Shikhar Dhawan playing a pull shot off back-foot. A dot ball, straight to mid-on fielder.

Then the wicket. Dhawan, the batsman, wanted to play a pull shot off a short delivery, but ended up with a top-edge. Good catch by Nikhil Naik behind the wicket.

WICKET: SHikhar Dhawan c Nikhil Naik b Rishi Dhawan 45 (44b)

Deepak Hooda is the new man. Six runs and a wicket from the over. Sunrisers Hyderabad need another 29 runs from 36 balls.

Over 13 || Score 109/2 (Dhawan 40; Morgan 7)

Kyle Abbott returned for his third over, and runs started to flow from Sunrisers Hyderabad batsmen again.

It started with a four, thanks to a messy fielding at deep mid-wicket by Manan Vohra. He could have stopped it, and restricted to a double. Four runs to Shikhar Dhawan.

A single, then Eoin Morgan got his firs four. A pull shot off a short ball, and it beat fielders from mid-on and deep-cover to the rope.

Two more singles, before a dot to end the over.

Equation: 35 from 42 balls.

Over 12 || Score 98/2 (Dhawan 34; Morgan 2)

That double-wicket over was followed by two good, tidy overs from Glenn Maxwell and Sandeep Sharma respectively. Only five runs, all singles from the Maxwell over, and three from Sandeep's.

And Sandeep completed his spell, for figures of 4-0-30-1.

Sunrisers Hyderabad need another 46 runs from 48 balls.

Over 10 || Score 90/2 (Dhawan 28; Morgan 0)

Sandeep Sharma, who leaked 22 runs from his two overs, returned for the second lot. Good one. A dot ball to Shikhar Dhawan, then a single. A single followed from David Warner.

Another single to Dhawan, then the wicket of Warner. The Aussie batsman for the second time, failed to time, this time he picked out David Miller at long-on.

WICKET: David Warner c David Miller b Sandeep Sharma 59 (31b)

It was followed by the run-out of new-man Aditya Tare. Restless, considering how firmly he hit the ball straight to the fielder at mid-off. Good work from Nikhil Naik to collect the throw and dislodge the bails.

WICKET: Aditya Tare run out 0 (1b)

New man is Eoin Morgan. A window of opportunity for Punjab.

Over 9 || Score 87/0 (Warner 58; Dhawan 26)

Rishi Dhawan continued for his second over.

A dot to start the over, then David Warner played a pull shot for a four. A wide followed. Then two runs, before a dot ball.

Two singles off the last two balls. Nine runs from the over.

Over 8 || Score 78/0 (Warner 51; Dhawan 25)

After the break, Mohit Sharma started the proceedings with a leg side wide. Shikhar Dhawan tried stealing a single off the next ball with deft touch, but was sent back by David Warner.

Good work from Mohit. Two more dot balls, and Warner has got words for Dhawan. A single followed with the fielder at cover failing to cut the ball. A single followed. Warner wanted to launch it over extra cover, but no timing to his heave.

Dhawan gently played a drop shot for a naught to end the over. Three runs from the over, and Sunrisers Hyderabad need 66 more runs from 12 overs.

Over 7 || Score 75/0 (Warner 50; Dhawan 24)

Another new bowler for Punjab.

Rishi Dhawan started with a single to Shikhar Dhawan. David Warner hit the second ball for a four, straight. A single, then another.

Warner took a single off the the fifth delivery for his 27th IPL fifty, this one off 23 balls. He is second only to Gautam Ghambir.

A wide, then a single to end the 10-run over.


Over 6 || Score 65/0 (Warner 44; Dhawan 21)

Double bowling change for Kings XI Punjab as David Miller introduced Mohit Sharma into the attack. Seven runs from the over.

It started with a single to Shikhar Dhawan, then a single to David Warner. A dot ball to Dhawan, before another single.

Then, Dhawan timed to perfection for his second four, through cover. A dot to end the over.

Over 5 || Score 58/0 (Warner 39; Dhawan 19)

Bowling change for Kings XI Punjab. David Warner introduced Glenn Maxwell into the attack. But still a big over for the batting side.

A dot ball to Shikhar Dhawan to start the over. A single followed, then David Warner hit Maxwell for a six over long-off boundary. Then a four, cut shot, which beat the fielder at point.

Then a good delivery from Maxwell. Stumping review. Then a caught behind call. Nothing for the fielding team.

Meanwhile, Warner has overtaken Virat Kohli as the leading run-scorer.

Sunrisers Hyderabad need another 86 runs from 15 overs.

Over 4 || Score 47/0 (Warner 29; Dhawan 18)

Kyle Abbott returned for his second over and David Warner has treated him rather rude.

The over started with a double to Shikhar Dhawan, then a single to give to his Aussie partner.

Warner dismissed the short ball with a ferocious pull shot. No need to run for that. It was followed by a rather disdainfully easy standing slap shot, for a single though.

Then five overthrows even as Warner and Dhawan scrambled for a quick single. It was followed by another four, this time behind the point. 17 runs from the over.

Over 3 || Score 30/0 (Warner 20; Dhawan 10)

Quite for two overs or out of strike, David Warner started the third over with a six over wide long-off.

Two dot balls from Sandeep Sharma, then the Aussie struck an even longer six, straight, into the second tier.

Warner followed it up with a rather artistic pull shot, jumping to reach the bounce for a shorter player. Two runs for the effort.

The over ended with a fine flick, for a four. 18 runs.

Sunrisers Hyderabad now need 114 runs from 17 overs.

Over 2 || Score 12/0 (Warner 2; Dhawan 10)

Kyle Abbott shared the new ball with Sandeep Sharma. Good, probing over from the South African pacer.

A dot ball to Shikhar Dhawan to start the over, which was followed by a single. A dot ball, then another single.

That brought Dhawan back to strike. Two balls, then a four through the cover. Six runs from the over.

Over 1 || Score 6/0 (Warner 1; Dhawan 5)

Sunrisers Hyderabad skipper David Warner started the chase with a single off the first ball of the innings. Two dot balls for his opening partner Shikhar Dhawan though.

Then the Indian opener hit the first four, a good looking cover drive, piercing a packed cordon.

A single, then a single to end the over. Sandeep Sharma thus leaked six runs.


Over 20 || Score 143/6 (Patel 36; R Dhawan 3)

Mustafizur Rahman produced yet another over of highest order. Two runs off the first ball with Nikhil Naik playing towards deep mid-wicket.

Then the wicket, well taken at mid-on by Moises Heriques.

WICKET: Nikhil Naik c Henriques b Mustafizur Rahman 22 (28b)

Axar Patel, after a dot ball, took a single. Then new man Rishi Dhawan took a double. Two singles to end the over and also the innings.

Mustafizur's figures: 4-1-9-2. No boundary against his name.

Over 19 || Score 137/5 (Naik 20; Patel 35)

Bhuvneshwar Kumar returned for his final over. A single to Nikhil Naik, then a six from the blade of Axar Patel over long-on boundary.

It was followed by a double, the two singles later, Patel hit his first four of the innings with a flick shot, couple of bounces into cow corner boundary.

15 runs from the over. Bhuvi's figures: 4-0-37-1.

Over 18 || Score 122/5 (Naik 18; Patel 22)

Barinder Sran completed his spell with a seven-run over. Five singles and two. His figures: 4-0-33-0.

Meanwhile, Axar Patel has given the scores some respectability with some good hitting. His 22 came from 11 balls, with two sixes.

In the previous over, Axar Patel hit a massive six down the ground to make it a 10-run over. Thus, Bhuvneshwar Kumar conceded 22 runs so far from his three overs, taking a wicket.

Over 16 || Score 90/5 (Naik 12; Patel 12)

Another brilliant over from Mustafizur Rahman. Two singles, off the last two balls.

His figures so far: 3-1-3-1, which included 15 dot balls.

Over 15 || Score 90/5 (Naik 11; Patel 11)

Finally a good over for Kings XI Punjab. 13 runs from Moises Henriques final over. His figures: 4-0-33-2.

A double to Axar Patel to start the over, then four singles and a wide, before the last ball. Patel ended the over with a huge six over, straight.

Over 14 || Score 90/5 (Naik 9; Patel 1)

Imperious Mustafizur Rahman got rid of dangerous Shaun Marsh. Contentious LBW decision, though.

Two dot balls, then Mustafizur trapped Marsh on back foot, but there were two sounds and the delivery seemed to ball climbing.

WICKET: Shaun Marsh lbw b Mustafizur Rahman 40 (34b)

Axar Patel is the new man, and he took a single off the first ball he faced. One run and a wicket from the over.

Over 13 || Score 89/4 (Marsh 40; Naik 9)

Deepak Hooda then went into Shauan Marsh again. A six to start, over long-on boundary. A half-chance as the fielder at square leg failed to reach to the ball in air. A single for the effort.

A dot ball to Nikhil Naik, then two sides, down the leg and wicket-keeper failing to collect the ball.

Two runs from the next ball as Marsh played across. A dot ball and 12 runs from the over.

This Hooda completed his spell today, for figures of 4-0-30-0.

Over 12 || Score 71/4 (Marsh 30; Naik 9)

Moises Henriques on for his third over. A single to Nikhil Naik, then a dot ball to Shaun Marsh.

The Aussie batsman played the next ball with control, and the cut shot went for a four, behind point.

Good response from the bowler, to end the over with two dot balls.

Over 11 || Score 65/4 (Marsh 29; Naik 4)

That double-wicket over was followed up by a good over. Six runs from Barinder Sran's third over. Four singles and a two.

Punjab scored 35 runs, sacrificing two wickets in the last five overs.

Over 10 || Score 65/4 (Marsh 27; Naik 0)

Punjab skipper David Miller's awful run continues. Same for Glen Maxwell too.

A dot ball to Miller to start Moises Henriques' second over. Then a superb catch behind the wicket by Naman Ojha to send back Miller. A thick edge, and Ojha timed his jump, to the right, and completed the sending off.

WICKET: David Miller c Naman Ojha b Moises Henriques 9 (11b)

A single followed with new-man Glenn Maxwell getting his first run. A dot ball, then another single.

Then, Mustafizur Rahman took a brilliant catch at fine-leg to send back dangerous Maxwell.

WICKET: Glenn Maxwell c Mustafizur Rahman b Moises Henriques 1 (2b)
Two runs and two wickets, and Punjab are in deep trouble. Nikhil Naik is the new man.

Over 9 || Score 63/2 (Marsh 26; Miller 9)

Deepak Hooda, who has been impressive in his two overs so far, leaked runs as Shaun Marsh changed gears.

The over started with a dot ball to the Australian. Then a six, over the long-on boundary. A four, good placement, between point  and third man.

A single, a dot and another single. 12 runs from the over.


Over 8 || Score 51/2 (Marsh 15; Miller 8)

David Warner introduced Moises Henriques. Busy over, and good one for the batting side.

A single to David Miller, followed by another single.

Then, Miller picked the length early, and dispatched the short delivery through square. A four.

Another single, then second four of the over as Shaun Marsh hit the fifth ball through point. A single to end the 12-run over.

Over 7 || Score 39/2 (Marsh 9; Miller 2)

Deepak Hooda continued for his second over. A single to Shaun Marsh, then a dot ball to David Miller.

The South African then took a single, which was followed by two singles more. A dot to end the over. Four singles!

Over 6 || Score 35/2 (Marsh 7; Miller 0)

Mustafizur Rahman on for Hyderabad, and the prodigious Bangladesh seamer started with a dot ball, just shaping away from the right-handed batsman. Two more dots, with the third one brilliantly fielded on follow through of his own bowling.

Another dot, a yorker but missing the off stump by a whisker. Then a direct hit came from the cover fielder even as Vohra wanted to steal a non-existent single. Good hands, Shikhar Dhawan.

WICKET: Manan Vohra run out 25 (23b)

Skipper David Miller faced the remaining ball, for a naught. A wicket maiden from Mustafizur.

Over 5 || Score 35/1 (Vohra 25; Marsh 7)

Barinder Sran continued for his second over. A single to Shaun Marsh. A mistimed pull shot.

Manan Vohra found a thick outside edge, and two runs off the second ball. Good running between the wickets as the two Punjab batsmen stole a tight double after Vohra played down the third man.

It was followed by a half-hearted pull shot, for a four. Then, a short and wide delivery which was punished by Vohra, through mid-wicket. Second four of the over.

A single and 14 runs from the over.

Over 4 || Score 21/1 (Vohra 12; Marsh 6)

First bowling change by David Warner. Deepak Hooda on.

Two dot balls to Shaun Marsh, then a single. Then, Manan Vohra ate up the remaining deliveries. Two runs from the over, including a wide. Brilliant start from the off-break bowler.

Over 3 || Score 19/1 (Vohra 12; Marsh 5)

Bhuvneshwar Kumar continued for his second over, and a what a delivery to start. A wicket. Vijay chased an outswinger, and caugth behind.

WICKET: Murali Vijay c Naman Ojha b Bhuvenshwar Kumar 2 (3b)

Shaun Marsh joined Manan Vohra in the centre, and three dot balls followed. The Australian, however, played a delicious cover drive for a four, for his first runs. A single, and five runs from the over.

Over 2 || Score 14/0 (Vijay 2; Vohra 12)

Barinder Sran shared the new ball with Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Two dot balls to Manan Vohra, then a six — over cover.

Sran responded well with a dot delivery. Couple more dot balls, and six runs from the over.

Over 1 || Score 8/0 (Vijay 2; Vohra 6)

Bhuvneshwar Kumar with the first over. A single to Murali Vijya to start the proceedings, then a half chance at first slip, where Shikhar Dhawan found himself inches away from the dipping ball.

Then the first four of the match, flicked. Three singles more and eight runs from the first over.


Sunrisers Hyderabad: David Warner (capt.), Shikhar Dhawan, Moises Henriques, Deepak Hooda, Aditya Tare, Eoin Morgan, Naman Ojha (wk), Bipul Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Barinder Sran, Mustafizur Rahman

Kings XI Punjab: Murali Vijay, Manan Vohra, Glenn Maxwell, David Miller (capt.), Shaun Marsh, Axar Patel, Nikhil Naik (wk), Rishi Dhawan, Mohit Sharma, Kyle Abbott, Sandeep Sharma

TOSS: Sunrisers Hyderabad captain David Warner wins toss, and opts to bowl first against Kings XI Punjab

Match officials:

Umpires: Anil Chaudhary and CK Nandan
Third Umpire: Anil Dandekar
Match Referee: Roshan Mahanama
Reserve Umpire: Rohan Pandit

Back to their winning ways after successive victories, a rejuvenated Sunrisers Hyderabad will look to continue their good run when they take on laggards Kings XI Punjab in an IPL T20 clash at the Rajiv Gandhi International stadium today.

After losing two games in a row, Hyderabad made a quick turnaround in their fortunes by scoring two stupendous wins in their last two matches — against Mumbai Indians (by 7 wickets) and Gujarat Lions (by 10 wickets).

SRH captain and the swashbuckling Australian batsman David Warner has been in great form, having made unbeaten 74 in 48 balls against Gujarat yesterday and 90 not out in the contest against Mumbai.


With two points from four matches, Kings XI Punjab, on the other hand, is at the bottom of the points table in the competitive tournament. There only win so far cam against Rising Pune Supergiants at at home last Sunday.

Needless to say, the Punjab side needs to pull up its socks and its batsmen, including captain David Miller, Glen Maxwell and Vohra, have to come out with all cylinders blazing to pose any challenge to Hyderabad.


New Delhi: Welcome to our live coverage of the Match 18 of 2016 Indian Premier League between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kings XI Punjab, being played at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal, Hyderabad.

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