Indian Premier League, Match 26: Delhi Daredevils vs Kolkata Knight Riders - As it happened...

All-round performance by Delhi helped them add two more points to their kitty. 

Indian Premier League, Match 26: Delhi Daredevils vs Kolkata Knight Riders - As it happened...

New Delhi:  A teamwork by hosts Delhi Daredevils helped them beat two time champions Kolkata Knight Riders at the Feroz Shah Kotla. Carlos Brathwaite ran away with Man of the Match award as he not just played a 34-run cameo but also picked up three wickets to take his team home.     

Kolkata Knight Riders Innings

Over 18.3|| Score 159 (Narine 3, Yadav 1)

Zaheet to bowl the over. Narine got run out off the 2nd ball. In the next, Yadav too gave a catch to Morris at deep mid-wicket. And with that Delhi Daredevils crushed Kolkata Knight Riders by 27 runs.  

UT Yadav c Morris b Khan 2 (3b)

SP Narine run out 4 (3b)

Over 18 || Score 151/8 (Narine 3, Yadav 1)

Chris Morris to bowl the over. Excellent over, two wickets -- Holder and Uthappa -- in the first four balls. Sunil Narine and Umeash Yadav are the two new batsmen. KKR need 31 from 12 balls. 

RV Uthappa c Nair b Morris 72 (52b)

JO Holder run out 0 (1b)

Over 17 || Score 151/6 (Uthappa 71)

Amit Mishra to bowl his last over. Uthappa hit the leggie for a six and a boundary from the first two balls. Russell survived a big LBW appeal off the 4th ball. Russell then hit a boundary before getting out of the last ball, when Mishra took a superb return catch. KKR need 36 from 18 balls.  

AD Russell c & b Mishra 17 (12b)

Over 16 || Score 136/5 (Uthappa 60, Russell 13)

Mohammed Shami back into the attack to bowl his final over. Match is still poised as KKR still have batsmen to pull this match away. 4th ball was smacked into the orbit by Russell for a massive six over mid-wicket. Nine from the over. KKR need 51 from 24 balls. 

Over 15 || Score 127/5 (Uthappa 59, Russell 6)

Mishra with his 3rd over. First ball was launched for a six by Uthappa over long for a six. And with that hit, Uthappa completed his fifty as well. From the last ball came another boundary from Uthappa's willow. KKR need 60 from 30 balls.

Over 14 || Score 113/5 (Uthappa 48, Russell 5)

Superb fielding and fine bowling gave DD another wicket as Sathish trudged back towards the pavilion. KKR in trouble. Andre Russell is the new man in. KKR need 74 from 36 balls. 

R Sathish c Morris b Brathwaite 6 (7b)

Over 13 || Score 102/4 (Uthappa 46,  Sathish 2)

Mishra with his 2nd over. Single off the first ball as KKR touched the 100-run mark. Tight over by the leggie, three from the over. KKR need 85 from 42 balls. 

Over 12 || Score 99/4 (Uthappa 44,  Sathish 1)

Brathwaite picked up his 2nd wicket as Iyer took a blinder to send Suryakumar back in the hut. Rajagopal Sathish walked into the middle to join Uthappa. Super over by the pacer as six runs and wicket came from the over.   

SA Yadav c Iyer b Brathwaite 21 (13b)

Over 11 || Score 93/3 (Uthappa 39, Suryakumar 21)

Amit Mishra into the attack for the first time. The leggie managed to keep the batsmen quiet in the over as he conceded mere four runs. 

Over 10 || Score 88/3 (Uthappa 36, Suryakumar 20)

Brathwaite to continue. Third ball was short and wide on off stump and Yadav smashed it towards point region for a boundary. Brathwaite overstepped while bowling the six ball. A free hit! Five extras as the West Indian bowled a super wide towards leg stump, which went for a boundary as well. Last ball, Yadav hit it for a six over bowlers head. Expensive over as 22 came off it.   

Over 9 || Score 66/3 (Uthappa 34, Suryakumar 6)

Morris to continue. He has lot of variations up his sleeves, especially the slower one is quite effective. DD has bowled well thus far in the match. No boundary came in the over, seven from it.   

Over 8 || Score 59/3 (Uthappa 32, Suryakumar 1)

West Indian all-rounder Brathwaite into the attack for the first time. Third ball was too short and Uthappa pulled it towards mid-wicket region for a boundary. Yusuf Out! Miss-timed pull shot by the Pathan and Mishra took a sharp catch at short fine leg. Suryakumar​ Yadav has come to the middle. 

YK Pathan c Mishra b Brathwaite 10 (9b)

Over 7 || Score 51/2 (Uthappa 26, Pathan 9)

First bowling change! South African all-rounder Chirss Morris to bowl. Morris slipped badly during his first delivery. But the lanky speedster seems all-right. Third ball was sweetly times by Uthappa towards wide long on for a boundary. Off the next ball came a double as KKR touched the 50-run mark.     

Over 6 || Score 43/2 (Uthappa 20, Pathan 8)

Shami to bowl. Pathan means business and he hit the fifth ball for a boundary by playing the pacer over long off.  Expensive over as ten runs came off it. 

Over 5 || Score 33/2 (Uthappa 18, Pathan 0)

Zaheer to continue. Chawla hit the DD skipper towards mid-on to get his 2nd boundary. Chawla Out! Bowler has the last laugh as he trapped the batsman in front of the wicket off the next ball. Yusuf Pathan has come to the middle.  

PP Chawla lbw b Khan 8 (5b)

Over 4 || Score 28/1 (Uthappa 17, Chawla 4)

Shami with his 2nd over. Piyush Chawla has been promoted up the order to lift the run-rate. Will the ploy work for KKR? Fifth ball was punched straight down the ground by Chawla as seven came from the over.   

Over 3 || Score 21/1 (Uthappa 15)

Zaheer to continue. Cagey start for Gambhir, while Uthappa is looking solid. He punched the left-arm seamer towards extra covers to his 2nd boundary off the 4th ball. Gambhir Out! Leading edge from the southpaw's willow as he trudged back towards the pavilion.  

G Gambhir c Iyer b Khan 6 (8b)

Over 2 || Score 13/0 (Gambhir 4, Uthappa 9)

Mohammed Shami to bowl. First five balls were right on the money by the pacer. But last ball was shaping a bit towards leg side and Uthappa clipped it towards mid-wicket for a boundary.  

Over 1 || Score 5/0 (Gambhir 2, Uthappa 3)

Skipper Zaheer Khan to bowl the first over. Both the openers -- Uthappa and Gambhir -- opened their accounts as the left-arm seamer gave five runs.   

Delhi Daredevils Innings

Over 20 || Score 186/8 (Shami 0)

Russell with the last over. Brathwaite on strike. First ball was slogged for a six over mid-wicket. 2nd ball, Brathwaite Out! Mohammed Shami is the new man to the crease. One run from the next two balls. Fifth ball, Pant ran a double. Last ball, came as single as Pant got run out while taking the 2nd run. Riding on the fifties of Nair and Billings, DD put up a big total of 186 on board.  

RR Pant run out 4 (4b)

CR Brathwaite c Narine b Russell 34 (11b)

Over 19 || Score 176/6 (Brathwaite 28, Pant 1)

Yadav to bowl the penultimate over. The WT20 hero, Brathwaite is on song. He hit the first two ball for a boundary and a six. Off the 4th ball came a wicket of Billings, who got clean bowled. came from the over. Rishabh Pant is the new man in. 

SW Billings b UT Yadav 54 (34b)

Over 18 || Score 163/5 (Brathwaite 17, Billings 54)

Hogg to bowl. The big man Brathwaite hit the bowler over mid-wicket for a huge six off the 4th ball. Off the last ball, Billings hit the bowler for a six too to complete his fifty in style. Fifty on debut, what a player. 18 runs from the over.  

Over 17 || Score 145/5 (Brathwaite 8, Billings 45)

Umesh Yadav picked up two wickets in the over, as he first got the better of Nair and then sent Morris back to the pavilion. But the new man to the crease, Brathwaite hit two boundaries to finish off the over. 14 runs came from the over. 

CH Morris b UT Yadav 0 (2b)

KK Nair lbw b UT Yadav 68 (50b)

Over 16 || Score 131/3 (Nair  62, Billings 45)

Holder to bowl his final over. Third ball was slogged towards square leg for a six by Billings. Another big over for DD as the pacer leaked 11 runs.  

Over 15 || Score 120/3 (Nair 59, Billings 38)

Sunil Narine with his 3rd over. Nair hit the first ball for a boundary and with that he completed his half-century. He took mere 39 balls to reach the mark with the help of 7 boundaries. He then hit two more fours to collect 14 runs from the over.  

Over 14 || Score 106/3 (Nair 46, Billings 38)

Holder back into the attack. First ball, short of length. Nair played an upper cu to get a boundary. And with that shot, DD crossed the 100-run mark. Billing is also connecting the ball well. Still the West Indian gave just seven runs.  

Over 13 || Score 99/3 (Nair 40, Billings 37)

Both the batsmen -- Billings, Nair -- are well set. Hogg once again produced a good over by conceding mere seven runs. Both the batsmen have added 67 runs for the fourth wicket. 

Over 12 || Score 92/3 (Nair 38, Billings 32)

Chawla with his 2nd over. Billings hit the leggie for two boundaries to up the ante. DD collected 15 runs in the over.  

Over 11 || Score 77/3 (Nair 37, Billings 19)

Hogg to continue. Another decent over as seven came from it. DD now need some some big shots to put  up a challenging total in font of KKR.  

Over 10 || Score 70/3 (Nair 35, Billings 14)

Spin from both the ends as Piyush Chawla has the ball in hand. Gambhir has juggled his bowler well thus far. Last ball was swept hard by Nair towards mid-wicket for a boundary. Good over for DD as nine runs came off it.   

Over 9 || Score 61/3 (Nair 30, Billings 10)

Brad Hogg introduced into the attack. The chinaman bowler conceded seven in the over. 

Over 8 || Score 54/3 (Nair 26, Billings 7)

Umesh Yadav into the attack now to bowl his opening over. Pacer proved expensive in the over as he leaked 11 runs. Billings too hit his first boundary of the match. DD crossed the 50-run mark as well.   

Over 7 || Score 43/3 (Nair 25, Billings 1)

Narine to continue. Nair stepped down the ground off the first ball to hit a boundary towards third man. Billings too opened his account with the help of a single. 

Over 6 || Score 37/3 (Nair​ 20, Billings 0)

Russell with his 3rd over. Sam Billings ​is the new man in. Nair collected his 3rd boundary off the fifth ball. Still a tight over by the seamer as he gave mere five runs in the over.  

Over 5 || Score 32/3 (Nair​ 15)

First bowling change! Another West Indian into the attack. This time it's Sunil Narine. Samson Out! The offie trapped the right-hander in front of the wicket in the last ball. DD in deep trouble.    

Over 4 || Score 30/2 (Nair​ 14; Samson 14)

Holder to ball. The burly pacer repeated the mistake done by Russell in the last ball of the last over, and this time Nair again collected a boundary by placing the ball towards fine leg.   

Over 3 || Score 23/2 (Nair​ 10; Samson 11)

Russell to continue. First five balls were right on the money by the seamer. But the last ball was pitched on the leg stump and was clipped towards mid-wicket by Nair for a boundary. 10 from the over. 

Over 2 || Score 13/2 (Nair​ 1; Samson 10)

Another West Indian is set to roll his arm - Jason Holder. Samson hit him for two fours to reduce some pressure. Expensive over first up by the pacer as he leaked 11 in it.    

Over 1 || Score 2/2 (Nair​ 0; Samson 1)

Andre Russell to bowl the first over. Shreyas Out! Russell trapped him right in front of the wicket. Double Blow for DD as De Kock also got out. Both the openers are back in the hut in the first five balls of the match. Karun Nair and Sanju Samson are the new men in. ​

Q de Kock c Hogg b Russell 1 (3b)

SS Iyer lbw b Russell 0 (1b)

Toss and team news

KKR XI: R Uthappa, G Gambhir, S Yadav, A Russell, Y Pathan, R Sathish, J Holder, P Chawla, B Hogg, U Yadav, S Narine

​DD XI: Q de Kock, S Iyer, S Samson, K Nair, S Billings, R Pant, C Brathwaite, C Morris, A Mishra, Z Khan, M Shami

KKR won the toss and put DD in to bat first.

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