IPL 2016, Match 39: KXIP vs RCB - As it happened...

Marcus Stoinis' last over heroics could not get KXIP over the line.

IPL 2016, Match 39: KXIP vs RCB - As it happened...

New Delhi: RCB kept their hopes of a play-off sport alive with a last-ball win over KXIP in Mohali.

KXIP Innings

Over 20 | Score 159/4

Jordan bowled the final over. Marcus Stoinis' heroics could not get KXIP over the line. RCB win by 1 run.

Over 19 | Score 159/4

Watson continued. Stoinis sliced the first ball to the right of backward point for a four. However, Watto made an excellent comeback with a tight over thereafter.

Over 18 | Score 152/4

Jordan bowled the 18th over. Behardien started it with a four and Stoinis concluded it with another one. Big over for KXIP.

Over 17 | Score 139/4

Watson came back on. Vijay was caught by Chahal at the square leg boundary on the last ball. Excellent stuff from Watto - a wicket and three runs.

M Vijay c Chahal b Watson 89 (57b)

Over 16 | Score 136/3

Chahal come back in to the attack. Vijay stepped up his attack, hitting the leg-spinner for two fours. The skipper holds the key to a KXIP win here.

Over 15 | Score 123/3

Aaron bowled the 15th. Two doubles and a boundary made it yet another productive over for the home side. KXIP require another 53 runs with 7 wickets and 30 balls remaining.

Over 14 | Score 114/3

Abdulla bowled the 14th. Vijay picked up back-to-back boundaries in that over. Making it look very easy, the KXIP captain.

Over 13 | Score 104/3

Jordan came back into the attack. Vijay lofted the first ball over mid-off for another beautiful boundary. He then brought up the team's 100 with another another four.

Over 12 | Score 93/3

Watson bowled the 12th over. Skipper Vijay completed his fifty off 36 balls. He has been superb today.

Over 11 | Score 88/3

Chahal was brought back in. The leg-spinner helped get RCB back in the game with two wickets in two balls. Saha and Miller stumped by Rahul. Excellent stuff from Chahal.

D Miller st Rahul b Chahal 0 (1b)

W Saha st Rahul b Chahal 16 (13b)

Over 10 | Score 83/1

Abdulla continued. Vijay chipped the first ball over extra cover for a boundary. The batting pair then consolidated with singles and doubles. Smart cricket by KXIP.

Over 9 | Score 74/1

Aaron continued. Vijay pulled the fifth ball for a six over the backward square leg boundary. 

Over 8 | Score 65/1

Virat handed the ball to Abdulla. Sensible shot-making helped Saha and Vijay get 8 off that over without taking any risks.

Over 7 | Score 57/1

Aaron was introduced into the attack. Saha pushed the first ball past the backward point boundary for his first four.

Over 6 | Score 50/1

Watson was introduced into the attack. Amla was caught at midwicket by Binny on the third ball. Vijay continued with normal service as he stroked the final ball between backward point and short third man for a four. Drinks break!

H Amla c Binny b Watson 21 (20b)

Over 5 | Score 43/0

Chahal bowled the fifth. Hashim Amla cut the leg-spinner's short and wide ball over over point for a four.

Over 4 | Score 36/0

Binny was brought back by Virat. Vijay whipped the last ball wide of mid-on for another four. KXIP skipper is looking solid here.

Over 3 | Score 25/0

Jordan bowled the third over. Skipper Vijay scored two fours in that over with two glorious shots. He is a treat to the eye when in full flow.

Over 2 | Score 12/0

Chahal bowled the second over. Amla just helped the leg-side ball away to the right of short fine leg for a four.

Over 1 | Score 5/0

Binny bowled the first over. Tight stuff from the all-rounder to begin with.

RCB Innings

Over 20 | Score 175/6

Sandeep bowled the final over of innings. KXIP restricted RCB to 175/6.

M Head c Vijay b Sandeep Sharma 11 (7b)

Sachin Baby run out 33 (29b 

Over 19 | Score 163/4​

Mohit continued. Excellent death bowling from the India pacer there. Baby and Head failed to hit a boundary in that over.

Over 18 | Score 155/4

Sandeep continued. AB turned up the heat with some big hitting. However, he was dismissed on the fifth ball.

AB de Villiers c Cariappa b Sandeep Sharma 64 (35b)

Over 17 | Score 143/3

Mohit Sharma bowled the 17th over. AB de Villiers got to his fifty with a sweep shot four off the pacer. Superb effort from the right-hander.

Over 16 | Score 129/3

Sandeep Sharma was brought on to bowl by Vijay. AB went after the pacer, scoring a six and a four. Fasten your seat belts, folks. It's AB time in Mohali!

Over 15 | Score 113/3

Axar bowled the 15th over. Sachin Baby's slog-sweep from outside off stump earns him a boundary. 11 came off it.

Over 14 | Score 102/3

Cariappa continued. Good stuff from the 'mystery' spinner. RCB need to get a move on here. AB is well set and he holds the key for next six overs.

Over 13 | Score 95/3

Stoinis came back on to bowl. His wide delivery was easily dispatched by AB through the covers for a much-needed boundary.

Over 12 | Score 85/3

Cariappa was brought back. Not big hits in that over as well. The spinner's figures read: 2-0-9-2

Over 11 | Score 79/3

Axar continued. Another tidy over from Punjab. The spinners have stifled RCB batsmen in the last few overs.

Over 10 | Score 72/3

Anureet bowled the tenth over. Superb stuff from the pacer. He has been the most economical bowler for Punjab today.

Over 9 | Score 67/3

Axar bowled the ninth over. The left-arm spinner cleaned up Shane Watson. RCB in a spot of bother here.

SR Watson b Patel 1 (3b)

Over 8 | Score 64/2

KC Cariappa was introduced into the attack. He bowled a dream over, sending both RCB openers back into the hut. What a turnaround!

V Kohli c Vijay b Cariappa 20 (21b)

KL Rahul b Cariappa 42 (25b)

Over 7 | Score 61/0

Stoinis came back into the attack. Excellent comeback from the Aussie all-rounder. After a poor first over, Stoinis conceded just five in his second.

Over 6 | Score 56/0

Time for some spin with Axar Patel's entry. Rahul dances down the track and strokes the ball over wide mid-on for another boundary. Virat is playing second fiddle here.

Over 5 | Score 49/0

Anureet returned to the attack. Another solid over from the pacer. Just 5 off that over.

Over 4 | Score 44/0

Marcus Stoinis was introduced into the attack. Rahul went after him, hitting three fours and a six. Stunning strokeplay from the right-hander.

Over 3 | Score 24/0

Mohit Sharma bowled the third over. Rahul had width on offer and punched the ball wide of backward point for another four. Virat hit another boundary on the fifth delivery. The RCB skipper wasn't in control of that one for a change.

Marcus Stoinis dropped Virat at point on the last ball. Will this turn out to be costly?

Over 2 | Score 13/0

Anureet Singh bowled the second over. Good stuff from the pacer, conceding just 4 runs.

Over 1 | Score 9/0

Sandeep Sharma bowled the first over. Virat Kohli and KL Rahul got off the mark with a boundary each. Good start for RCB.

Toss and team news

RCB XI: V Kohli, L Rahul, AB de Villiers, S Watson, TM Head, S Baby, S Binny, C Jordan, I Abdulla, V Aaron, Y Chahal

​KXIP XI: M Vijay, MP Stoinis, H Amla, D Miller, F Behardien, W Saha, A Patel, M Sharma, Anureet Singh, Sandeep Sharma, KC Cariappa

Murali Vijay won the toss and the Kings XI Punjab will bat first.

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