IPL 2016, Match 48: KKR vs RCB - As it happened...

RCB's famed batting line-up made light work for a tough total.

IPL 2016, Match 48: KKR vs RCB - As it happened...

New Delhi: Royal Challengers Bangalore kept their hopes alive for play-offs qualification with a comprehensive nine-wicket win over Kolkata Knight Riders.

RCB Innings

Over 18.4 | Score 186/1

Russell continued. Virat crunched the ball, which was in the slot, for a six over midwicket. The West Indian injured himself and walked off the pitch. Chawla continued the over but it did not make any difference as AB  paddled the fourth ball past short fine for a four. RCB win!

Over 18 | Score 173/1

Rajpoot bowled the 18th. Virat brought his powerful wrists into play, powering the ball wide long-on for a boundary. AB brought up his fifty with a double.

Over 17 | Score 157/1

Shakib completed his spell. Two boundaries came off that over. RCB cruising to a win here.

Over 16 | Score 144/1

Narine bowled the 16th. After a good start, the off-spinner was smoked for a six over deep backward square leg boundary by AB.

Over 15 | Score 135/1

Shakib continued. Virat brought up his fifty with a lovely cover drive. AB capped off the over with a sweep six over deep square leg.

Over 14 | Score 125/1

Chawla continued. Kohli picked the leg-spinner's wrong one and tonked it over long-on for a massive six. RCB took a time-out at the end of the over.

Over 13 | Score 112/1

Shakib continued. He tossed up the second ball, which was hit over sweeper cover for a six by AB.

Over 12 | Score 101/1

Chawla bowled the 12th. AB picked up a single off the fifth ball to bring up RCB's 100. Good over from the leg-spinner.

Over 11 | Score 96/1

Shakib into the attack. Kohli cut the fourth ball straight into the hands of Gambhir who dropped it. Huge mistake from the KKR skipper.

Over 10 | Score 91/1

Narine bowled the tenth. Fifth ball of the off-spinners over was fiercely cut by Kohli through point for four. The RCB skipper is looking extremely good here.

Over 9 | Score 82/1

Rajpoot continued. AB crunched the third ball past point for a four. The fifth ball was hit straight back over the bowler's head for another four by the South African.

Over 8 | Score 72/1

Gambhir handed the ball to Narine. After being clobbered for a six off the first ball, the off-spinner trapped Gayle lbw.

C Gayle lbw b Narine 49 (31b)

Over 7 | Score 65/0

Rajpoot was brought into the attack. Excellent stuff from the pacer. He conceded just two singles off his first over. 

Over 6 | Score 63/0

Chawla bowled the sixth. After a superb start to the over, Gayle hit the leggie against the spin for a six over long-on. No respite for KKR here.

Over 5 | Score 53/0

Narine into the attack. Gayle attacked his fellow countryman, hitting him for back-to-back  boundaries. The Jamaican is on fire!

Over 4 | Score 44/0

Morkel bowled the fourth. After a boundary by Gayle, Kohli capped off the over with a six over cover. What a start!

Over 3 | Score 32/0

Russell continued. After a boundary by Kohli, Gayle smocked the all-rounder for back-to-back sixes. He has hit form at the right time for RCB.

Over 2 | Score 15/0

Morkel bowled the second. After a good start, he was smacked for back-to-back fours by Gayle.

Over 1 | Score 7/0

Russell opened KKR's attack. Virat hit the fourth ball to deep backward square leg boundary for a four.

KKR Innings

Over 20 | Score 183/5

Watson bowled the last over of the innings. KKR finished with 183/5!

Over 19 | Score 171/5

Jordan bowled the 19th. After a good start, he was clobbered for a six off the last ball over long-on

Over 18 | Score 161/5

Watson bowled the 18th. Russell hit two might sixes in that over. Big big over for the home side.

Over 17 | Score 145/5

Chahal bowled his last. Russell powered the third ball between deep cover and wide long-off  for a four. Pure power!

Over 16 | Score 137/5

Aravind bowled his final over. Yadav's inside-out hit was nicely taken by Abdulla who ran to his left at long-off. However, it was an expensive over as 13 runs came off it. Russel hit a huge six, while Shakib pciked up a four. 

S Yadav c Iqbal Abdulla b Aravind 5 (5b)

Over 15 | Score 124/4

Chahal bowled his third over. The leg-spinner foxed Pathan who tried to meet the ball with a big stride. KL Rahul made no mistakes in taking off the bails. 

Suryakumar Yadav played a glorious shot past short third man for his first boundary.

Y Pathan st Rahul b Chahal 6 (12b)

Over 14 | Score 118/3

Aravind bowled the 14th. He dismissed Pandey who flicked the ball straight into the hands of AB de Villiers at mid-on. KKR would have wanted their half-centurion to carry his bat through today.

M Pandey c de Villiers b Aravind 50 (35b)

Over 13 | Score 107/2

Abdulla continued. No big hits came in that over. Tidy stuff from the spinner.

Over 12 | Score 100/2

Watson was brought back. Pandey smoked the third ball for a flat six over deep midwicket. What a hit!

Over 11 | Score 91/2

Abdulla bowled the 11th. Confusion between the batting pair led to Gambhir's run out. He is absolutely gutted!

G Gambhir run out 51 (34b)

Over 10 | Score 87/1

Jordan continued. Gambhir played the fourth ball to point for a single. That's fifty for the KKR skipper.

Over 9 | Score 82/1

Chahal continued. Solid comeback from the leg-spinner. The pitch is assisting him. The KKR spinners will love that.

Over 8 | Score 74/1

Chris Jordan bowled the eighth. Good stuff from the Englishman. He hit the right lengths in his first over.

Over 7 | Score 67/1

Chahal was brought into the attack. The leg-spinner came under severe punishment in his first over. 16 runs came off it!

Over 6 | Score 51/1

Shane Watson bowled the sixth. Two boundaries came off that over. Gambhir and Pandey looking good out there for KKR.

Over 5 | Score 42/1

Abdulla continued. Gambhir paddled the fifth ball past short fine leg for an easy four. Poor bowling from the left-arm spinner.

Over 4 | Score 33/1

Aravind continued. Three fours were hit in that over. Good stuff from the Pandey-Gambhir pair.

Over 3 | Score 18/1

Time for some spin with the inclusion of Abdulla into the attack. He dismissed Uthappa with a caught and bowled effort off the second ball.

R Uthappa c & b Iqbal Abdulla 2 (4b)

Over 2 | Score 14/0

S Arvind bowled the second. After a good start, the left-armer was hit for a boundary off the last ball by the KKR skipper.

Over 1 | Score 8/0

Stuart Binny bowled the first over. Gambhir crunched the fifth ball through cover and point for the first boundary of the innings.

Toss and team news

Virat Kohli won the toss and opted to bowl first.

KKR XI: G Gambhir, R Uthappa, M Pandey, S Yadav, S Al Hasan, Y Pathan, A Russell, P Chawla, M Morkel, A Rajpoot, S Narine

​RCB XI: C Gayle, V Kohli, L Rahul, AB de Villiers, S Watson, S Baby, S Binny, C Jordan, S Aravind, I Abdulla, Y Chahal

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