Indian Premier League, Match 27: Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Royal Challengers Bangalore — As it happened...

RCB bowlers successfully defended 194 to win their 4th match of the season.  

Indian Premier League, Match 27: Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Royal Challengers Bangalore — As it happened...

New Delhi: Riding on the superb batting performance by skipper David Warner (92) and Kane Williamson (50), first the hosts put up a mammoth total of 194 and then their bowlers clinical performance helped them win the game.    

Royal Challengers Bangalore Innings

Over 20 || Score 179/6 (Jadhav​ 25)

Bhuvneshwar Kumar to bowl the last over of the match. One run came from the first three balls. 4th ball, single from Jadhav's willow. Rasool slogged the fifth ball towards mid-wicket for a boundary. Last ball, Rasool caught at deep square leg as SRH won by 15 runs.      

Over 19 || Score 173/5 (Jadhav​ 24, Rasool 5)

Mustafizur Rahman to bowl the penultimate over. Fifth ball was whacked towards deep mid-wicket for a six by Jadhav. 11 from the over. RCB need 22 from 6 balls. 

Over 18 || Score 162/5 (Jadhav​ 16, Rasool 3)

Sachin Baby's cameo came to end off the first ball. RCB batsmen are in no mood to throw in the towel. Jadhav hit a six off the next ball. Parvez Rasool has come to the middle. RCB need 33 from 12 balls.

Sachin Baby c Dhawan b Nehra 27 (16b)

Over 17 || Score 152/4 (Jadhav​ 9, Sachin 27)

Sachin Baby trying his best to make a match out of it. He is hitting boundaries at regular intervals. Visitors crossed the 150-run mark. RCB need 44 from 18 balls. Ten from the over. 

Over 16 || Score 142/4 (Jadhav​ 6, Sachin 20)

Bhuvneshwar Kumar back into the attack. The experienced bowler leaked ten in the over. RCB need 53 from 24 balls. 

Over 15 || Score 132/4 (Jadhav​ 2, Sachin 14)

Barinder Sran with his last over. De Villiers Out! Williamson took a low catch at long-on to send the most dangerous batsman back in the hut. Ten runs came from the over along with the wicket. Kedar Jadhav is the new man in. 

Over 14 || Score 122/3 (De Villiers 42, Sachin 12)

ABD is dictating terms at the moment. He smacked the bowler for two consecutive sixes. And then Baby got a lucky boundary off the last ball to get 19 from the over.  

Over 13 || Score 103/3 (De Villiers 27, Sachin 8)

Mustafizur Rahman back into the attack. Sachin Baby hit the Bangladeshi for a six as the seamer leaked 11 runs. RCB crossed the 100-run mark. 

Over 12 || Score 92/3 (De Villiers 23, Sachin 1)

Watson run Out! Now that's the last thing RCB would have wanted. Poor running between the wickets by Watto. Sachin Baby is the new man in.
Henriques gave mere three runs.   

SR Watson run out 2 (3b)

Over 11 || Score 89/2 (De Villiers 22, Watson 1)

ABD is riding on his luck as he was again DROPPED, this time by Hooda at short covers. Sran bowled an excellent over gave mere six runs.  

Over 10 || Score 83/2 (De Villiers 17)

Henriques with his 2nd over. Immediately after Rahul completed his fifty, the pacer bowled a peach of a delivery to get the crucial wicket off the last ball.   

KL Rahul c Ojha b Henriques 51 (28b)

Over 9 || Score 77/1 (Rahul 47; De Villiers 15)

Sran to continue. Rahul is looking unstoppable at the moment. He first whacked the bowler for a six and then hit a boundary. 13 runs from the over. 

Over 8 || Score 64/1 (Rahul 35: De Villiers 14)

Another bowling change! Moises Henriques into the attack for the first time. Both the batsmen hit a boundary each to collect 12 from the over.  

Over 7 || Score 52/1 (Rahul 29; De Villiers 8)

Barinder Sran with his first over. DROPPED! Ashish Nehra missed a chance to fetch a catch of AB. Decent over by the youngster, seven runs from it. 

Over 6 || Score 45/1 (Rahul 29; De Villiers 1)

Mastafizur Rahman into the attack for the first time. Kohli Out! The Bangladeshi got the crucial wicket. AB de Villiers walked into the middle. Excellent start by the left-arm seamer.  

V Kohli c Ashish Reddy b Mustafizur Rahman 14 (17b)

Over 5 || Score 42/0 (Rahul 27; Kohli 14)

Nehra to continue. Superb comeback by the veteran seamer. He gave mere five runs and even asked some difficult questions from the batsmen as well.  

Over 4 || Score 37/0 (Rahul 25; Kohli 11)

Bhuvi with his 2nd over. Off the 3rd ball, Rahul made some room for himself by clearing his front leg and smacked the bowler towards point region for a boundary. Eight runs from the over.   

Over 3 || Score 29/0 (Rahul 20; Kohli 9)

Nehra to continue. Kohli charged the bowler by coming down the track and hit him towards cover point to get his first boundary. Seven runs from the over. 


Over 2 || Score 22/0 (Rahul 19; Kohli 3)

Bhuvneshwar Kumar too proved costly in his opening over as he leaked 12 runs. Rahul hit two boundaries in the over. 

Over 1 || Score 10/0 (Rahul 8; Kohli 2)

Ashish Nehra to bowl the opening over of the innings. First boundary came off the 3rd ball from Rahul's willow. Expensive over first up by the ageing seamer as he conceded ten runs.   

SunRisers Hyderabad Innings

Over 20 || Score 194/5 (Henriques 31; Reddy 2)

Watson to bowl the last over of the innings. First ball, a wide. Hooda got run out off the next. Then came a dot ball. Two singles from the next two balls. Fifth ball, yet another single. Last ball, another single. Superb over by the Australian as he conceded mere five runs in it. 

DJ Hooda run out 2 (2b)

Over 19 || Score 189/4 (Henriques 29; Hooda 1)

Shamsi was punished badly by Henriques in the over as he smashed the bowler for a six and a boundary in the last two balls. 14 came from the over.  

Over 18 || Score 174/4 (Henriques 16; Hooda 0)

Ojha didn't give much trouble to the scorers as he got out after scoring mere one run. Henriques then hit Richardson for two massive sixes to collect 13 from the over. 

NV Ojha c de Villiers b Richardson 1 (3b) 

Over 17 || Score 161/3 (Henriques 3; Ojha 1)

Watson to bowl. Williamson hit a boundary first and then took a single to complete his half-century. Williamson Out! But the damage has been done. Eight runs from the over.   

KS Williamson c Rahul b Watson 50 (38b)  

Over 16 || Score 153/2 (Henriques 1; Williamson 45)

Shamsi to bowl his 3rd over. Can he make a difference? First, Williamson hit a boundary and then Warner launched the chinaman for a six. Warner Out! But the spinner finally got the better of Warner. Moises Henriques is the new man to the crease.  

DA Warner c de Villiers b Shamsi 92 (50b)

Over 15 || Score 141/1 (Warner 86; Williamson 40)

Richardson to bowl. 2nd ball was whacked by Warner towards mid-wicket for a six. Then came a boundary off the next, this time towards cow corner. 4th ball was hit over third man for a six. Rain of boundaries and sixes. Then a single from the fifth delivery. Last ball, yet another single.  

Over 14 || Score 122/1 (Warner 69; Williamson 38)

Parvez Rasool to bowl his final over. Another big over as 13 came off it. If Williamson started the over with a boundary, then, Waner finished it off with a six.  

Over 13 || Score 109/1 (Warner 62; Williamson 32)

Williamson too is hitting the ball like a bullet. He smacked Aaron for two cracking boundaries as the express bowler leaked 11 runs. SRH have crossed the 100-run mark.     

Over 12 || Score 97/1 (Warner 61; Williamson 22)

Watson back into the attack. But there is no respite from Warner as he is hitting boundaries at will. Williamson too is giving his a good company from the other end. Both the batsmen are looking unstoppable at the moment. Ten from the over. 

Over 11 || Score 87/1 (Warner 56; Williamson 16)

Parvez Rasool to continue. First ball was hit towards extra covers by Warner to get his seventh boundary. And with that shot he also completed his fifty. He has been in rich vein of form this season. It took him mere 32 balls to reach the mark with the help of seven boundaries and a six. 19 runs came in the last two overs.  

Over 9 || Score 74/1 (Warner 48; Williamson 11)

Varun Aaron back into the attack. Williamson made some room and hit the bowler over extra covers fielder for a boundary. After a ball came another four, but this time from the Warner's willow. 11 runs came from the over. 

Over 8 || Score 63/1 (Warner 43; Williamson 6)

Parvez Rasool back to roll his arm. The running between the wickets between Warner and Williamson has been excellent thus far. Tight over by the offie, six runs came from it. 

Over 7 || Score 57/1 (Warner 39; Williamson 4)

Now comes exciting chinaman bowler from South Africa, Tabraiz Shamsi. Warner played a late cut off the fourth ball to get a boundary. SRH crossed the 50-run mark. Eight runs from the over. 

Over 6 || Score 49/1 (Warner 32; Williamson 3)

Harshal Patel to bowl for the first time. First ball was a no ball as he overstepped. Free Hit -- And Warner hit a six over long on. Another boundary after a gap of one ball from the willow of in-form willow. Expensive over first up by the quicky as he leaked 16 runs.  

Over 5 || Score 33/1 (Warner 18; Williamson 3)

Varun Aaron with his opening over. Pacer started off with a well as he conceded mere five runs. Williamson too opened his account. 

Over 4 || Score 28/1 (Warner 16; Williamson 0)

Warner pulled Richardson off the first ball to get a boundary towards square leg. Dhawan Out! Soft dismissal as Dhawan gave a simple catch back to the bowler. Kane Williamson, who is playing his first match of the season, has come to the middle. 

S Dhawan c & b Richardson 11 (11b)

Over 3 || Score 21/0 (Warner 9; Dhawan 11)

Offie Parvez Rasool to bowl his opening over. Off the 4th ball, Dhawan came down the track to charge the bowler for a boundary towards mid-on. Still the bowler gave seven runs.  

Over 2 || Score 14/0 (Warner 8; Dhawan 6)

Shane Watson to bowl the over. Dhawan played a straight drive to get his first boundary off the fifth ball. Eight from the over. 

Over 1 || Score 6/0 (Warner 5; Dhawan 1)

After an hour's delay due to rain, the return fixture between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Royal Challengers Bangalore started with

Kane Richardson started the proceedings, and a good length delivery wide off the off stump. David Warner plodded and played a defensive shot. Not run.

It was followed by a loose delivery, short and on the leg, and Warner pulled it for a four. A single followed thanks to a brilliant stop at square leg off a brialliantly timed cut shot.

A dot from Richardson, then Shikhar Dhawan finished off the first over with a single, to the cover point.

Sinx runs from the over.

RCB has won the toss and opted to bowl first. 

Rain delayed the start of the match at the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket stadium. Covers have been spread over the ground as it drizzled and strong wind swept past the stadium. Consequently, the toss did not take place as per the schedule.

UPDATE: Rain has just got heavier in Hyderabad. 

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