Is rotation best answer to protect fast bowlers?

Melbourne: Fast bowlers must embrace Cricket Australia`s new rotation policy if want to last long in Test cricket, a leading coach has suggested even though some others feel that the idea still needs to be debated.

Allister de Winter, who was narrowly beaten by Craig McDermott to be Australia`s new fast bowling coach, said players must be educated about the benefits of rotation policy, introduced by CA`s Pat Howard.

"It`s an education process for everybody to say `yes, you can play the next Test but how long do you want your career to be? Do you want to play Test cricket for five more years or do you want to play for three? Ultimately that`s what it`s going to come to," said de Winter, who is now coach of Big Bash semi-finalists Hobart Hurricanes.

"If there are eight or 10 bowlers - and everybody`s saying there are and I agree - that are good enough, we shouldn`t just limit the Test matches to just four bowlers all the time because you`ll break them and just be left with four," de Winter was quoted as saying.

He argued that the case of the pacemen was different from that of the batsmen.

"You carry your top six batters around and they can play every game but the physical demands of bowling suggest that you can`t keep backing up like that, Test after Test."