Jack Russell brands Prior `world`s most dangerous wicketkeeper-batsman`

London: Former England glove man Jack Russell reckons the title of most dangerous wicketkeeper-batsman in the world game now belongs to Auckland great-escape centurion, Matt Prior

Adam Gilchrist `s flashing blade rescued Australia, time and again, during his 96 Test career, and Russell believes that Prior has now assumed the mantle of world cricket`s most dangerous wicketkeeper-batsman after his heroics in New Zealand.

Russell said Prior can take the game away from you in the same way Gilchrist used to, adding Prior is way ahead of him, in terms of keeping, and now he is pushing his batting record.

Russell added another thing they share is their attitude because Prior, like Gilchrist used to, knows he can take the game away from a side and it really doesn`t matter who`s bowling, adding in Auckland, you could see the New Zealand bowlers just change a little bit when he came in.

Russell further said the momentum and the psyche changed because they knew Prior was going to come at them, adding he plays with no shackles and that`s so refreshing, and he is just a phenomenal player, at the minute, he`s the best in the world as he sees it and any team in the world would want him.

Despite scoring a century on his Test debut against the West Indies at Lords in May 2007, Prior`s early career with England was dogged by questions over his ability behind the stumps, but, after being dropped for almost a year in 2008, Prior has become one of the most consistent glove men in the international game.