Jesse Ryder says going through worst time of life has made him stronger

ANI| Updated: Nov 13, 2013, 20:30 PM IST

London: New Zealand cricketer Jesse Ryder has revealed that he has got to the stage where he has been through the worst of life and there is not much people can do to knock him down, after the recent incident where he was sent into a coma by attackers in a pub.

According to the BBC, Ryder pointed out that instead of just going along for the ride, like he did in his younger years, he has got more ambition now, adding that he is a lot more chilled out and not too much fazes him now.

He added that he has shredded a lot of weight and has been enjoying his cricket lately, which was the key.

The New Zealand cricketer, however, said that the other day he read about a guy who got attacked and did not make it, adding that it could have been him.

Abandoned by his parents at the age of 14, Ryder says his father dropped him off at a mate`s house before leaving for Australia, the report said.

The unloved and unfettered kid fell into a dissolute life in Napier, drinking and partying to excess, the report added.

Cricket gave him direction, but it also gave him more opportunities to drink and party, the report further said.