Kallis enjoyed life during break from cricket

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2013, 14:20 PM IST

Johannesburg: South African all-rounder Jacques Kallis has said that he has `lived life` during his break from the international cricket circuit, which is the longest he had taken in his career, by not watching or following any cricket game.

The 38-year-old Kallis has not played any form of the game since his last match in the Indian Premier League for Kolkata Knight Riders on May 19, a break which he admitted he desperately needed after almost playing non-stop for his country since his debut Test in December 1995.

According to Sport24, Kallis said that he needed to get completely away from the game to live life, adding that he has `recharged his batteries` by doing things he loves, except for cricket.

Stating that the break was the best thing that he could have ever done, Kallis also said that although it was a tough decision for him to miss the ICC Champions Trophy, he felt that it was in his best interests to take the break so that he could move forward in this stage of his career.

The returning player has further said that he hopes that the benefits of the break will stand him in good stead for a successful comeback Test series against Pakistan in the United Arab Emirates next month, adding that time out of actual playing can be beneficial for conditioning needs.

According to Kallis, he has worked hard in the gym during his break to try to get through the next year and a half, adding that if he does not make it to the 2015 World Cup, it would be more of a mental than a physical reason.

Kallis also said that he has also indulged himself in his other great sporting passion, golf during his break.

Kallis further said that he is starting to appreciate every game he plays now as he is soon nearing the end of his career, adding that the day he feels that he does not enjoy playing cricket any more will be the day he quits the game.