Kapil Dev backs Dhoni in criticising UDRS

Mumbai: Former captain Kapil Dev on Wednesday backed skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni`s grouse against the UDRS system, currently in operation in the ongoing cricket World Cup here.

Under the Umpire Decision Referral System, a third umpire, if not convinced about a decision, can refer it back to the on-field umpire and Kapil feels it is unethical.

"I would like to ask the ICC that if I have given someone out and you refer it to the third umpire and the third umpire refers it back to me, how can I change my decision. It shouldn`t come back to me. You are insulting the person concerned," Kapil told reporters at a promotional event.

"ICC has to keep correcting, keep improving these things. Despite that not-out, the third umpire is asking you to make a decision. I have already given my decision, why are you asking me back. Somewhere, they have to change their thought process.”

"In cricket there are so many things coming. Humanly, if you have made a mistake, you can`t really change it. Either third umpire should say not out or he says out. You can`t throw the decision back to the on-field umpire. That is unethical, according to me," the former all-rounder added.

Stating that Dhoni had the right to express his differing opinion, Kapil said it was up to the ICC to correct the flaws in the system.

Dhoni is correct in a way. When you make a law it is not necessary that everyone should like it. It is a democracy and we learn," Kapil said.

"When third umpire system came into being, many people criticised it but eventually it helped the game. I spoke to Dhoni, he said the referral system didn`t give him 100 per cent confidence."

Miffed with the UDRS after an LBW decision against middle-order batsman Ian Bell went in England`s favour during the thrilling Group B match in Bangalore, Dhoni had said that "adulteration of technology with human thinking" was not a good idea.

Bell was ruled not out by on-field umpire Billy Bowden as well as the third umpire, despite TV replays clearly showing the ball in line of the stumps.

When Yuvraj Singh struck Bell on the pads with the final ball of the 26th over, Bell was on 17. He later went on to score 69, playing a crucial role in the team`s chase of the target of 339 set by India.


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