Kapil’s 1983 “stars” on Dhoni’s side today

Updated: Apr 02, 2011, 11:33 AM IST

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: As India go into the final of the World Cup today, stars too appear to be on India’s side. If astrologers are to be believed, there’s no reason why Dhoni’s men can’t prevail over Sangakkara’s boys to lift the coveted trophy.

Astrologers are going to the extent of claiming the same stars that favoured the Indian team led by Kapil Dev in 1983 are on Dhoni’s side now.

The 1983 World Cup final, which India won, and today’s game have a lot of similarities, the least being that the 1983 final was also played on Saturday, like today.

Moreover, the much-feared Shani has so far been lucky for the Indian team in the current tournament.

Also, the 1983 final had started in the Sagittarius conjunction, which is the zodiac sign of Jupiter, and that had helped the then captain Kapil Dev a lot as such an arrangement is said to be pro-leadership.

Today’s match will start in Pisces conjunction. The co-incidence is that Jupiter is the master of Pisces conjunction too.

This combination is certainly going to help Dhoni, the current India captain, feel the future gazers.

Kapil’s team had played the final match in Mool Nakshatra whose master in Ketu. Today’s match will be played in Dhanishta Nakshtra whose master in Shani. The interesting part is - both Ketu and Shani are friends. Dhoni’s zodiac sign is currently going through a phase of Shani’s Sadsati and the same will continue till November. And the shashtra says exiting Sadsati always brings in name, fame and position for the individual.

That’s also the reason why Shani is in favouring of Dhoni.

On the other hand, Sangakkara’s stars are currently in a phase referred where Moon on his chart is unfavourably positioned vis-à-vis Mercury, owing to which the Lankans would find it difficult to overcome the spirited Indian team.

Moreover, the fact that today’s planetary arrangement is akin to those prevalent during the days when India as a nation was born in 1947 also adds to “the luck on our side theory”.