Lee blasts ‘wrapped in cotton wool’ approach to prevent injuries in Oz quicks

Updated: Sep 04, 2012, 14:57 PM IST

Sydney: Former Australia fast bowler Brett Lee has said young quicks should focus more on sharpening their core strength by bowling, and pay less attention to building their bodies through gym sessions.

Lee, one of just two Australians to claim more than 300 Test and one-day wickets, believes this way quick bowlers would be less prone to injuries and would be groomed properly.

“There are a lot of theories out there that bowlers should be wrapped up in cotton wool. I don``t agree with that. A bowler has to build up his body through bowling,”

“There must be a balance. The whole mindset these days is to get in the gym and get fit and get strong. I don``t necessarily agree with that. A bowler who is 17 or 18 and bowling at 140kph must have good core strength, that``s the most important thing,” he added.

“They``re not beach weights, your big pecs, your big biceps. I don``t agree that is the best thing for young quicks coming through. A bowler still has to be flexible and be able to run fast,” he said.

Lee added: “If you``ve got a teenager who is bowling rapidly and he``s given a weights program they``ll get tight through their upper body and I don``t agree with that.”