Like India, Buchanan also no fan of DRS

Wellington: Director of New Zealand Cricket John Buchanan is not in favour of implementing the Decision Review System (DRS) as he believes it slows the game down, highlights the issue of players challenging umpires` decisions, and affects how young people view the game.

“I don`t like how the players can effectively challenge the umpire`s ruling, when that is one of the basic tenets of the game. But I don`t mind if the third umpire has some concerns separately and raises them with the men in the middle,” a website quoted Buchanan, as saying.

He said umpires had been proved on average to have a decision-making success rate of around 94 per cent, and he was not convinced that technology was infallible.

"There are a lot of assumptions made by people in the broadcast media whose interpretations are interesting, to say the least," said Buchanan.

"I`ve not seen anything with regards to Hawk Eye or other innovations that they are 100 per cent accurate. For me a blue tracking line and a dotted line of the proposed path of the ball is not a guarantee," he said.

Buchanan was also against the DRS being used in some test-playing nations and not in others because of cost.

“It`s like in a walking race you can be disqualified by a judge but 50m down the road with no-one around you can be fine,” said Buchanan.

However, he supports tightening of rules relating to runners, backing up, and batsmen obstructing the field.

“Because a few players abuse the system, we have to make rules and regulations to keep on top of things. It`s tough again for the umpires because it`s hard enough for them as it is,” he said.


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