Lillee likely to monitor Johnson`s training on injury comeback

Perth: Legendary fast bowler Dennis Lillee will monitor injured pacer Mitchell Johnson`s training once he is back from the foot injury that has ruled him out of competitive cricket for a period of six months.

"Mitchell and I had a chat and he wants to talk to me again when he is ready to start again. I`ve got some thoughts on fast bowlers and the way they should train," told a leading daily on Saturday.

"My forte is more as a technical coach than game plans and that sort of thing but we will have a look at all that. I will talk to him about more specific training for fast bowling."

"There is a chance we have gone away from what fast bowlers need to do to bowl fast and be strong and fit and continue to bowl fast. I will see if he is willing to give it a go," the fiery pacer of yesteryears said.

Lillee believes that Johnson still has good six years of international cricket left in him.

"He`s got a good six years in him. I think, he will come back hungrier but if we set up a program, he will also come back hungrier and fitter and hopefully with a better armoury. He will still be able to bowl thunderbolts on occasions."

Lillee emphasised on the fact that one needs to learn how to bowl smarter.

"I`ve just read Brett Lee`s book and he said he should have realised the need to bowl smarter a bit earlier. It has to happen to everyone - though Jeff Thomson may have been the exception - but you have to go to the next phase as a fast bowler to continue successfully."