Local British cricket team banned from hitting sixes after neighbour`s outrage

London: A local British cricket team has reportedly been banned from hitting sixes because the ball keeps ending up in a neighbour`s garden.

The Britwell Salome Cricket Club in Oxfordshire has become subject to a `local rule` after a neighbour objected and threatened the team to take them to court as their ball kept landing in his garden.

According to the Mirror, the village cricket team have had to enforce a ` local rule`, which implies that no runs would be scored if a player hits a boundary, because of the increasing number of complaints by the neighbours.

Diana Attenborough is reportedly angry by the number of balls landing in her garden and complained that it was dangerous, even threatening to take the club to court.

Attenborough did not get convinced even when thousands of pounds were spent on a 50 feet net and demanded a rule change.

Attenborough said that the old net was much lower so the balls came over and made it very dangerous to be in the garden, adding that they came to a friendly situation.

However, one club member does not agree with the decision, which will hinder scores severely, and has criticised it, saying that village cricket is not exactly awash with cash so they cannot risk ending up in court.