Many current umpires suspect Murali`s action: Hair

Melbourne: Controversial former umpire Darrell Hair has claimed that many of the current officials suspect Sri Lankan spin wizard Muttiah Muralitharan`s action but do not want to call him in matches for the fear of creating a furore.

Hair, who called Muralitharan for suspect action back in 1995, said many of the current umpires feel the same about the Lankan but prefer to turn a blind eye.

"A couple of current umpires have said to me, `Something is wrong`, but they prefer to let it go," Hair, who quit the ICC`s elite panel in 2008, was quoted as saying by `the Herald Sun`.

"There is still a lot of doubt about his deliveries. A few have told me, `There is definitely something wrong with his action, but I`m not going to call him`. They are the ones who have to live with that," he revealed.

Hair said such an attitude of the umpires was unfair on the other teams.

"If you`re an umpire you`re meant to uphold the law so both teams get a fair shake. There`s been some umpires who think, `I`m on a good wicket here, I`m making good money, I won`t rock the boat`," he said.

"It`s not my style, it`s obviously theirs."

Hair said he has been watching Muralitharan`s bowling in the onging World Cup in the sub-continent and is not convinced about some of the deliveries he has bowled.

"I watched a few of his deliveries in his game against Pakistan and I noticed the last few overs when he was really getting some turn on the ball, those wouldn`t have complied under scrutiny," Hair said.

"But this is his last World Cup, he`s going to bow out with a lot of fanfare and no umpire will be bothered by it. Each time I wrote a list of concerns and put them in a report, but the report system wasn`t working.”

"The only way it would have worked was if the Sri Lanka board listened to it and quite patently they didn`t want to. Back in 1995, I have no doubt he threw a hell of a lot of balls. He had his action reviewed, but then he started bowling the doosra and there`s no one in the world who can bowl that legally," he added.