Martin Crowe: How Suresh Raina helped the Kiwi in aftermath of his chemotherapy

Crowe was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2014.

Martin Crowe: How Suresh Raina helped the Kiwi in aftermath of his chemotherapy

New Delhi: Former New Zealand skipper Martin Crowe on Thursday died of cancer at the age of 53.

Crowe was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2014, following which he underwent treatment for the illness.

On November 13, 2014, he wrote a column for ESPNCricinfo, elaborating how watching Suresh Raina bat helped him in the in aftermath of his chemotherapy.

Crowe wrote of how an innings from the Indian left-hander left an impact on him, compelling the Kiwi to reminisce about the most striking cricket images he had seen during his lifetime.

Since enduring KP and chemotherapy, as bad a couple of weeks as I can remember, I have been struck by a wave of gratitude for many great images and moments from the game. It started with something special from Suresh Raina.

When I saw his six-hitting recently, something caught my eye. It wasn't just the sight of the ball soaring, perfectly timed and lofted. I saw a new innovation that I believe will last many a generation. As he connected with the ball, hitting with a pure, straight bat and a wondrous follow-through, I realised why he made six-hitting such a new, explosive joy.

His back leg launched an almighty dance into the air, thrusting his whole body into the completed athletic movement. Raina's back-leg-high, climbing follow-through will change the game. He is hitting sixes with absolute new dynamism and athleticism. Forget the stupid switch hit or the risky scoop, the Raina high-step has been released for all to admire as a truly great shot. It reminds me of what Mark Greatbatch did in the 1992 World Cup with his similar drop-kick technique.

And it made me think: who else has grabbed me like this, during my lifetime? What are the images that have shone forever?

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