MCC World Cricket Committee slams India over DRS

Zeenews Sports Bureau

Cape Town: MCC World Cricket committee, which was held in Capetown, has urged the ICC to ensure uniformity on the implementation of the Decision Review System.

“It is wrong that there are such different playing conditions –that the DRS is not used when India play.”

“It supports the ICC’s efforts to maintain & improve the DRS along the lines – reviews initiated by the players – that have been established so far,” a statement released by the MCC said.

Chairman Mike Brearley said the power of India in world cricket was an issue discussed at the meeting in relation to the review system.

The situation about the DRS is key for us because we`re focusing on the cricket and there is an example where the governance, in a very direct way, affects what you see on a cricket field,`` he said.

"Because of the governance and because of the power of India and because of the fact that other countries we understand won`t willingly or easily stand up to India, we have this situation that we don`t like, that we have the DRS in place, which improves the accuracy of decision making, except when India are playing," he was quoted as saying by the Australian.