Miandad game to be batting consultant of Pak cricket team

Karachi: Former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad said he cannot take up the job of a full-time batting coach with the national cricket team but is ready to work as a batting consultant.

Miandad, who returned from China after witnessing the cricket tournament as cricket ambassador of the Pakistan government, said he was always ready to help the team.

"I have never refused in the past to do anything that can prove beneficial to Pakistan team. The same is the situation now if the board wants me to work as batting consultant I am available for this assignment," Miandad said.

The former captain who is director-general of cricket in the Pakistan Board done the coach duty thrice in the past, the last time being in 2003-2004.

"At the moment due to my other commitments I am not in a position to work in any fulltime capacity with the team but I am there to help the players as batting consultant," Miandad said.

He said that in the past also he had worked for a short time with the players in the national camp.

"This time also I will do my best to help them out and fine-tune the batsmen keeping in mind the conditions they will most likely encounter in the tour to New Zealand," he said.

Miandad felt that there was plenty of batting experience and talent in the national team but it just needed to work in the right direction and more consistently.

"I think I can help them out with my experience and I know where the fine tuning is required," he said.

Miandad said that keeping in mind that the World Cup was few months away it was necessary for the batsmen to start hitting form consistently.

The former skipper made it clear he had no intention of interfering in the domain of the chief coach or management and would focus on his work as batting consultant.

He also lauded the organisation of the first cricket event in the Asian Games.

"I remain confident China will soon come up as a strong cricketing nation because the interest in the sport is there and one could see that everyone in China was happy to see their team playing for the first time in such a major cricket event."

He said with time and more technical and coaching expertise, Chinese players would improve and they had the backing of their government to go far ahead.