Mike Brearley, Ted Dexter, Ian Chappell for Pataudi Memorial Lecture

Bhopal: Sharmila Tagore, the wife of former Indian Cricket captain late Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, is excited about the plan of the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) to hold a Pataudi Memorial Lecture and has a few names in her mind from the cricket fraternity.

"The lecture would be more than a condolence speech, so a person should not only know few things about him (Pataudi) but know him as well," said Sharmila.

When asked who she would like to lecture in the Pataudi Memorial Lecture, Sharmila said: "Yes, I would like to suggest a few names like Mike Brearley, Ted Dexter (both former England skippers) or Ian Chappell (former Australia skipper)."

Sharmila mentioned that recently Ian Chappell had given a good speech on Pataudi, who was also known as "Tiger".

The former Indian Cricket Team captain not only played against Australia skipper Ian Chappell but also with England skippers Mike Brearley and Ted Dexter.

The noted Bollywood actress and mother of Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan, Soha Ali Khan and Saba Ali Khan was here to meet family members of her departed husband.

It was her first visit to Bhopal without her husband.

She also mentioned that it is only Saif and Saba who will look after property related matters with the government or the Awkaf-e-Shahi.

"I have come here to meet our family members and people associated with Nawab Sahab," she said about her visit to Bhopal.

"This place is special to us and it is not only attached to Nawab Sahab, but also with childhood of Saif and Soha spent here," Sharmila said.

On the recent issue of Taj Mahal Palace of Bhopal, a property that belonged to Nawab of Bhopal, being made a heritage hotel, Sharmila said: "I have no issue if Taj Palace develops as a heritage hotel, but it should be restored well."

"First, it should be among World Heritage Sites or with centre (Archeological Survey of India) but if it is not then the state government should restore it well while making it a heritage hotel," she added.


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