Modi questions Chennai jurisdiction on complaint

New Delhi: Former IPL commissioner Lalit Modi questioned the jurisdiction of Chennai Police to entertain the criminal complaint filed by the Cricket Board accusing him of financial irregularities in the running of the Twenty20 League.

In a statement issued by his lawyer Mehmood Abdi, Modi said he has not seen a copy of such a complaint and was not in a position to comment on it but went on to question the jurisdiction of Chennai police to register an FIR.

"As far as filing of a complaint at Chennai by Mr Srinivasan is concerned, we have not seen a copy of such complaint therefore we are not in a position to comment upon the same except the following: Does the Chennai Police have the territorial jurisdiction to entertain such a complaint and register an FIR and investigate the matter?" Modi has questioned through his lawyer.

"If the BCCI General Body on 3rd July 2010, has resolved and authorised President Shashank Manohar to take legal action both civil and criminal only on basis of facts ascertained. Why has Srinivasan rushed and filed a complaint at Chennai especially when in view of following no facts are ascertained as of today:

"Disciplinary Committee Order dated 14th October 2010 categorically records that `No member of the Disciplinary Committee has been consulted or has expressed any opinion on issues which may arise in relation to the present proceedings` i.e. the proceedings against Mr Lalit Modi," the statement added.

It said "the disputes between WSG, Sony and BCCI are still sub judice various forums including proceedings before the Hon`ble Bombay High Court."

Abdi also said that "no case has been registered against Modi under Prevention of Money Laundering Act."

"We reiterate that we have complete faith in the process of law and we are ready and willing to render all co-operation to any investigating agency whatsoever," he said.