MS Dhoni to attend press conference only if India loses, says Team India manager

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: During the ICC World T20 2014, Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni will attend a post match press conference only if India loses, and in case of a victory the Man of the Match will attend the conference, Team India media manager Dr R N Baba informed on Thursday.

Dr Baba clarified that Dhoni "will from now on be available if India loses any match or else the man of the match will be coming to attend the customary press meets."

Interestingly, India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who as skipper of Chennai Super Kings and a vice-president of India Cements has direct connection with the fiasco, was conspicious by his absence from the mandatory media conference.

Dr R N Baba also issued a gag order on the media, stating that questions will be entertained "only on ICC World Twenty20".

Once Dr Baba came into the press conference arena with Rohit Sharma as captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni again stayed away, he first announced that questions should only be based on "India team and the World Twenty20".

However, a senior scribe among the Indian media contingent promptly retorted, saying Dr Baba need not state the obvious as the journalists know that Rohit is not in a position to answer the questions pertaining to the IPL controversy.

Yet, there were two journalists from the Western media, who asked Rohit in a roundabout manner about whether the incidents (Supreme Court proceedings) back home has affected the team.

Rohit handled both questions admirably without trying to duck for cover.

"It`s important for us to focus as we have a big job in our hands right now. When we came here, we were determined to win the tournament. We have won two out of two matches, which is a good sign and tomorrow is another crucial game for us. At the moment, our focus is on tomorrow`s game which is important for us to win," he said.

When another scribe asked the same question with a pointer that whether players have spoken about it among themselves, pat came the reply, "No, not at all. As I said, before, the focus is on World T20, it`s an important tournament for us. We have a big job to do tomorrow and we are focussed on that."