Mumbai to kick off Ranji defence against Saurashtra

Mumbai: Champions Mumbai would commence their bid to clinch the Ranji Trophy for the 40th time at home against Saurashtra in the Group A Elite Division tie scheduled from November 1-4.

The 39-time winners have been grouped with Tamil Nadu, Railways, Delhi, Saurashtra, Bengal, Gujarat and Assam while Group B comprises Karnataka, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Baroda, Orissa, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, as per the domestic cricket calendar released on Wednesday by the BCCI.

In Plate division league, demoted Hyderabad have been placed in Group A along with Tripura, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and Goa and MP while Maharashtra, Andhra, Vidarbha, Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala and Services are in Group B.

The complete Ranji Trophy schedule:

Elite Division:

1st round: Nov 1-4: Mumbai v Saurashtra, Mumbai; TN v Assam, Chennai; Railways v Gujarat, Delhi; Delhi v Bengal. Delhi; UP v Punjab, UP; HP v Haryana, Dharamshala; Orissa v Baroda, Cuttack

2nd round: Nov 10-13: Bengal v Mumbai, Kolkata; TN v Delhi, Chennai; Railways v Assam, Delhi; Gujarat v Saurashtra, Ahmedabad; UP v Orissa, UP; Punjab v Karnataka, Punjab; Haryan v Baroda, Haryana.

3rd round: Nov 17-20: Mumbai-Railways (Mumbai)l TN v Saurashtra, Rajkot; Delhi v Gujarat, Delhi; Assam v Bengal, Kolkata; Baroda v UP, Baroda; Haryana v Karnataka, Haryana; Punjab V HP, Dharamshala

4th round: Nov 24-27: Assam v Mumbai, Mumbai; TN v Railways, Chennai; Orissa v Karnataka, Bangalore; Delhi v Saurashtra, Rajkot; Gujarat v Bengal, Ahmedabad; HP v UP, UP; Punjab v Baroda, Baroda

5th round: Dec 1-4: Mumbai v Gujarat, Ahmedabad; TN v Bengal, Chennai; Railways v Saurashtra, Rajkot; Delhi v Assam, Delhi; Punjab v Orissa, Cuttack; UP v Haryana, UP, HP v Karnataka, Dharamshala

6th round: Dec 8-11: TN v Mumbai, Chennai; Railways v Delhi, Delhi; Saurashtra v Bengal, Rajkot; Orissa v HP, Cuttack; Haryana v Punjab, Haryana; Karnataka v Baroda, Bangalore; Assam v Gujarat, Guwahati

7th round: Dec 15-18: Railways v Bengal, Delhi; Mumbai v Delhi, Delhi; TN v Gujarat, Chennai); Saurashtra v Assam, Rajkot; Haryana v Orissa, Haryana, UP v Karnataka, UP; HP v Baroda, Baroda.

Plate Division:

1st round: Nov 1-4: Rajasthan v Hyderabad, Rajasthan; Goa v MP, Indore; Tripura v Jharkhand, Agartala; J and K v Maharashtra, J and K; Services v Kerala, Delhi; Vidarbha v Andhra, Nagpur.

2nd round: Nov 10-13: Jharkhand v Hyderabad, Jharkhand; MP v Tripura, Indore; Rajasthan v Goa, Rajasthan; Vidarbha v Maharashtra, Maharashtra; Services v Andhra, Andhra; Kerala v J and K, Kerala

3rd round: Nov 17-20: Hyderabad v Tripura, Hyderabad; Goa v Jharkhand, Goa; Rajasthan v MP, Rajasthan; Maharashtra v Andhra, Andhra; Kerala v Vidarbha, Kerala; J and K v Services; Delhi

4th round: Dec 1-4: Hyderabad v Goa, Hyderabad; MP v Jharkhand, Indore; Rajasthan v Tripura, Rajasthan; Kerala v Maharashtra, Kerala; Services v Vidarbha, Nagpur; J and K v Andhra, J and K

5th round: Dec 8-11: Hyderabad v MP, Hyderabad; Goa v Tripura, Goa; Rajasthan v Jharkhand, Rajasthan; Services v Maharashtra, Delhi; Andhra v Kerala, Andhra; J and K v Vidarbha, J and K

Dec 15-18: Plate league semi-finals

Dec 24-27: Ranji Trophy quarterfinals; Jan 3-6: Ranji Trophy semifinals; Jan 11-15: final.



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