Natwest T20: England vs West Indies – As it happened…

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2012, 00:22 AM IST

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Trent Bridge: West Indies managed to make it worth a contest but it was Hales’ innings which didn’t let the visitors dominate the game. Hales fell one run short of becoming the only England player to score a T20I ton but these are his early days and his team would be very very proud of that knock!


19.4over: 173/3 England need 4 runs off the last six ball. Samuels comes to bowl it. He begins with a dot ball and Bopara scored a couple off the next. Samuels pitches a fuller length ball and Bopara aims for the big hit, hits it high in the air and Bopara is OUT! Game on! 2 needed from three balls. Morgan gets a full-toss, he hits it towards mid-off where a misfield from Dwayne Bravo gives the winning runs! ENGLAND WIN BY 7 WICKETS!

RS Bopara c Edwards b Samuels 59 (44b)

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19th over: 169/2 Rampaul to bowl the crucial penultimate over. Rampaul was in his stride and Bopara wasn’t ready. The first ball is a fuller length ball and Bopara clears the gap at deep midwicket for a boundary, that also brings his fifty off 39 balls! A very well composed innings. Rampaul bowls short, and Bopara makes room for himself and clears the gap at long leg for second boundary. A single taken by Bopara. Hales scores a couple, moves to 97. Hales scores a couple off the next ball, moves to 99. The crowd is on their feet. And Rampaul stuns all of them! WALES IS BOWLED FOR 99! Hales departs to a standing ovation from the crowd. A superb innings comes to an end.

AD Hales b Rampaul 99 (68b)

England need 17 from the last two overs. West Indies need plenty of wickets.

18th over: 156/1 Narine to bowl his last over. Sammy drops Bopara! Bopara was looking to pull the ball and Sammy mistimed his jump. Just six runs from the over.

17th over: 150/1 Edwards to continue. He begins with a waist-high no ball that goes for a boundary! Not a free hit, signals the umpire. 12 runs from the over.

16th over: 138/1 Samuels comes into the attack. Bopara goes inside out over extra-cover for a much-needed boundary. And then Bopara shimmies down the track and hits the ball towards vacant deep-midwicket area for his first SIX! Both these batsmen have accelerated now, Windies need a wicket to break the rhythm.

15th over: 127/1 West Indies need wickets which is why Edwards comes back into the attack. A huge appeal for lbw first ball, turned down by the umpire. Edwards bowls a short ball, not well directed and Hales smashes that over the fielder at fine leg, for a Six! Hales moves to 89.

Ravi Bopara 29*(26b) Alex Hales 90*(58b)

14th over: 116/1 Sammy to continue. He gives some room to Hales who uses the pace and guides the ball to third-man for a boundary. Ten runs from the over.

13th over: 106/1 Narine comes back into the attack. Bopara hits one high in the air and it lands safe between three fielders! Bopara takes a single and it’s 100 up for England! Hales comes down the wicket, gets a bottom edge that beats Ramdin and goes for a boundary. Ten runs from the over.

12th over: 96/ Sammy to continue. Sammy offers a little width and Hales opens the face of the bat at the last moment and clears the gap at deep point for a boundary. Nine runs from the over.

11th over: 87/1 Pollard comes into the attack. Hales pulls a short ball towards deep midwicket where a misfield from Dwayne Smith produces a boundary! Pollard bowls a slower one and Bopara gets under it and heaves it for a Six over deep-midwicket! Good over for the hosts, 15 runs from it.

10th over: 72/1 Just four runs from the over bowled by Sammy.

9th over: 68/1 Bravo to continue. Hales smashes one over long-on for a SIX and that also brings his 50 off just 33 balls! 11 runs from the over.

Alex Hales 50*(34b)

8th over: 57/1 Narine to continue. Five runs from the over. The batsmen are not at all trying to take any chances for big hits at the moment.

7th over: 52/1 Dwayne Bravo comes into the attack. He begins with a low full-toss and Hales hits that towards the vacant deep-midwicket area for a boundary. Bopara scores a single off the fifth ball and its 50 up for West Indies.

6th over: 42/1 Sunil Narine comes into the attack. And he is greeted with a boundary, first ball. He offered some width and Hales cleared the gap at covers. Seven runs from the over.

5th over: 35/1 Rampaul to continue. He bowls a short ball and Hales pulls it for his second SIX! A new ball was asked for but someone managed to find the ball. Nine runs from the over.

4th over: 26/1 Edwards to continue. Six runs from it.

3rd over: 20/1 Rampaul to continue. And he dismisses Kieswetter! It was pitched on the leg-side and the batsman mistimed a pull shot and was caught at deep square leg. Rampaul bowls a short ball and Hales pulls it for a Six!

C Kieswetter c Smith b Rampaul 3 (7b)

2nd over: 10/0 Fidel Edwards comes into the attack. And it’s a no-ball from Edwards, Hales to face the free-hit! Edwards bowls a terrific short ball and Hales somehow managed to get away from the line. Hales flicks the fourth ball towards deep-midwicket for three runs.

1st over: 5/0 Good start from Rampaul just 5 runs from the first over.

Kieswetter and Alex Hales to open for England, Ravi Rampaul will bowl the first over.

It has been a great fightback from the Windies batsman. 63 runs came off the last 4 overs! The defending T20 champs are under `some sort of pressure.`

20th over: 172/4 Dernbach to bowl the last over. Bravo scores a boundary off the first ball. Dernbach bowls a slower ball and Bravo times that over long-on for a SIX! 10 runs score from the first two balls. Broad is forced to make some fielding changes. It a Wide, Dernbach is under huge pressure now! Bravo takes a single off the next ball that brings his 50 off just 34 balls! Three balls to go, Pollard on strike. Pollard fails to connect with the next ball and runs for a bye, Kieswetter this time hits the stumps, but Bravo is not-out! A length ball and Bravo again goes inside out but for a single this time. 14 runs have come off 5 balls in this over. Last ball to go Pollard on strike and it’s another wide, make that 15 from 5The last ball produces three runs. 19 runs from the last over!

Dwayne Smith 54*(36b)Kieron Pollard 23*(13b)

19th over: 153/4 The skipper is back into the attack. Pollard takes a single off the first ball. Bravo fails to score off a slower bouncer. Bravo plays the next ball to deep of long-off for a couple. Comedy of errors for England. Bravo failed to score as the ball went to Kieswetter and the batsmen went for a run. The wicketkeeper missed the stumps and so did Broad! Broad bowls another short ball, Pollard was expecting it and he smokes it towards deep square leg for a SIX! Pollard scores a double off the last ball. 12 runs from the over.

18th over: 141/4 Dernbach comes into the attack. He attempts a slower ball and ends up with a juicy full-toss and now Bravo joins the party with a SIX! Dernbach bowls a fuller length ball, Bravo goes inside out for his second SIX! Dernbach bowls another slower ball and Bravo works it towards point for a single. Excellent over for the West Indies, 18 runs from it.

17th over: 123/4 Patel to bowl his last over. Bravo takes a single to bring Pollard on strike. Patle bowls a loosener and Pollard hits it over the bowler for a boundary! Patel bowls a length ball, Pollard makes some room and powers it straight down the ground for his first SIX! 14 runs from the over.

16th over: 109/4 Finn to bowl his last over. He begins with a short ball and Smith was ready for it! He clobbers that over deep midwicket for HIS FIFTH SIX! But Finn has the last laugh as he dismisses Smith off the next ball. It was length delivery outside the off-stump and Smith went for it but he managed just a nick to the wicketkeeper. End of an entertaining innings, Eng will be relieved! Pollard is the new batsman. 8 runs from the over.

DR Smith c Kieswetter b Finn 70 (54b)

15th over: 101/3 Patel comes back into the attack. Smith beats the fielder at point for another boundary! 100 up for West Indies!

14th over: 93/3 Broad to continue. He bowls one short to Smith and he smashes that over deep midwicket for a HUGE SIX! That shot brings his 50 off just 46 balls! England would like to dismiss him as soon as possible. Another fuller length ball and Smith drills it down the ground, once against straight for a well timed SIX! 16 runs from the over, courtesy Smith!

Dwayne Smith 58*(49b)

13th over: 77/3 Swann to continue. He pitches a fuller length and Smith again goes straight down the ground for another HALF A DOZEN! 12 runs from the over.

Swann: 4-0-32-1

12th over: 65/3 Broad comes back into the attack. Another good over from the skipper, just two runs from it.

11th over: 63/3 Swann to continue. Six runs from the over.

10th over: 57/3 Patel to continue. And this time Smith times the ball straight down the ground for a SIX! 8 runs from that over. Smith is now looking dangerous!

9th over: 49/3 Swann to continue. Smith gets one right under his bat, clobbers it towards long-on for a boundary! 11 runs from that over. Good one for the Windies.

8th over: 38/3 Samit Patel comes into the attack. Five runs from that over.

7th over: 33/3 Swann comes into the attack and like he has done on several occasions in the past, STRIKES FIRST BALL! Samuels is OUT! Four runs and a wicket for Swann in his first over.

MN Samuels c Kieswetter b Swann 4 (4b)

6th over: 29/2 Broad comes into the attack and strikes first ball! It was a short ball and Simmons immediately went for the pull but Bairstow at deep-midwicket took an excellent catch to his left. Samuels scores a boundary off a lovely cover drive! Five runs from that over.

LMP Simmons c Bairstow b Broad 6 (5b)

5th over: 24/1 Finn to continue. Simmons hit a cracking boundary in that over.

4th over: / Dernbach to continue. Smith pulls the first ball for a boundary. Five runs from the over.

3rd over: 13/1 Finn to continue. And he gets the BIG FISH! GAYLE IS OUT! It was a short ball and Gayle didn’t time it well as the fielder at fine leg took a good catch.
CH Gayle c Bairstow b Finn 2 (13m)

2nd over: 10/0 Jade Dernbach to bowl from the other end. Smith pulls a short ball over midwicket for the first boundary of the innings. Five runs from the over. Gayle has had a quiet start so far.

1st over: 5/0 Finn to bowl the first over, Gayle and Dwayne Smith to open the innings for West Indies. Good start by Finn just 5 runs from the over.

West Indies have won the toss and they have decided to bat first.

Hello and welcome to our coverage of the only T20 international match between West Indies and England. After a poor show in the Test series, West Indies would like to bring something to cheer for their fans in this match.

West Indies squad: 1 Chris Gayle, 2 Lendl Simmons, 3 Dwayne Smith, 4 Marlon Samuels, 5 Kieron Pollard, 6 Dwayne Bravo, 7 Denesh Ramdin (wk), 8 Darren Sammy (capt), 9 Sunil Narine, 10 Ravi Rampaul, 11 Fidel Edwards.

England squad: 1 Alex Hales, 2 Craig Kieswetter (wk), 3 Ravi Bopara, 4 Eoin Morgan, 5 Jonny Bairstow, 6 Jos Buttler, 7 Samit Patel, 8 Graeme Swann, 9 Stuart Broad (capt), 10 Jade Dernbach, 11 Steven Finn.