Nick Compton eyeing Ashes `man of the series` medal named after grandfather

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2013, 13:57 PM IST

London: England opener Nick Compton has already set his eyes on winning the man of the series award in this year`s Ashes series, which is named after his legendary grandfather, Dennis Compton.

Compton dreams of continuing his family`s fairytale connection with the Ashes and back-to-back centuries against New Zealand have virtually secured the opener`s place against Australia this summer.

That would mark a famous cricket anniversary, 60 years since Nick`s grandfather, the legendary Denis Compton, hit the winning runs in England`s Coronation-year Ashes triumph of 1953.

His name is linked so closely with the Ashes that the man-of-the-series award is called the Compton-Miller Medal after Denis and the brilliant Aussie all-rounder Keith Miller.

Compton cannot resist an occasional thought about the summer, saying it would be nice to win that medal, adding if you asked anyone in this room, they would all like to play in the Ashes and he feels the same way.

Compton added when he was a young kid, he watched it, and he has seen the histrionics over the last decade or so, adding it goes without saying he would like to play in the Ashes but he is under no illusions since there is a lot of cricket before then.

Compton said he has learned that distractions are the biggest in Auckland obstacle you have as a batsman and the same goes in life, adding when it comes to looking ahead to the Ashes, part of the discipline is to try to block it out.